The Journey Begins

Day One – Oakville, ON to Killarney Provincial Park (425.8 km)

Wendy and I are up at 8:30am and, after two days of moving and cleaning, finally have everything in storage and are ready to travel from Oakville, ON to Halfmoon Bay, Sunshine Coast, BC.

We start out with a protein drink, shower and then pack the car…in the rain (man, I hope it’s not going to rain up at Killarney). We say goodbye to my sister Rosemary and our good friend Jill. i missed saying bye to my nephew Will but Wendle did and got a great hug. We also say goodbye to Molly (the cool baby cat) and Mookie (who as you can tell from the photo will miss us horribly)


Alrighty then, it’s 11:00am and we are ready to go…right after we stop at the CIBC for some cash, Starbucks for a couple of coffees, Stoney’s (on Kerr Street, Oakville) for a peameal sandwich for me ($6.38, tax included…and full of juicy peameal…what a bargain) and for Wendle, just the juicy peameal. Wendy asserts that having peameal bacon makes Canadians superior to our Southern neighbours… She might have something there.

Then we stop at Organic garage for some chicken and potatoes (into the cooler they go), again to pick up a bottle of Genestra Oat Combination, which we have been assured by Tammy (our naturopath) will help me kick my addiction to nicotine gum (ah, my last remaining vice), and finally to gas up the old Honda Civic, the tire pressures checked by Wendy and the windshield cleaned. (My gawd, I’m already pooped and we haven’t even left Oakville)… But we are ready to go!


1:15pm and we are on the road.

Onto the 407 toll highway (my personal favourite) east from Oakville to the 400 highway north. Next thing you know, we’re on highway 69 to Sudbury. Wendy comments about how quick that trip was…and I offer up the fact that when you’re traveling 4,000 kilometres plus, the first 177 might seem very quick.

We stop for a bathroom break and a coffee about 15 minutes south of the highway 637 cutoff. I saw a cool little shotgun shell knife that was on sale and, in my brilliance, say “wow, what a cool little shotgun shell knife. The little lady behind the counter (channeling crocodile Dundee) says; “you think that’s a cool knife…I’ll show you a cool knife, and then proceeds to show me her lipstick knife, which she pulls out of her purse. She turns the handle of the lipstick and the business end of the knife comes out. A friend of hers from the US gave it to her and I have to admit, it’s very cool (still not as cool as peameal though). Apparently the wee lady used to work as security at the Atlanta airport and now gives me a lesson on how even though this knife is legal to bring onto a plane (as the blade is not as long as her palm is wide) she could still take someone out with it and then shows me how to do that with a very active demonstration of cutting someone’s throat with it. I comment that she should be very careful if she’s drunk and reaches for her lipstick.

Wendy comes up to the counter and I say “You should see this lady’s cool lipstick knife” and the lady says “Yeah!” and runs over grabs her purse so she can do the whole demonstration all over again. As the lady takes the knife out of her purse, i comment that she got it in the States, to which the lady replies “yeah, they’re not allowed in Canada…there’s a lot you can’t get here.” As I said, very cool.

On the way out we bump into a guy who is heading to Peterborough from BC. He’s going to surprise his Pop at his 70th birthday party. The Dude can barely move because of how long he’s been driving. He is driving a Ford Fusion and claims that he is getting 1,100 km per tank. Wow! He also mentions that there are massive construction delays between Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie and that we can avoid it if we go via the Iron Bridge to Wawa route.


At 6:21pm we arrive at Killarney Provincial Park, register for our site and pick up three bags of firewood. I see a bird, who is very interested in a green leaf stuck to the wall. The bird makes a couple of tentative pokes at the leaf and suddenly the darn leaf comes to life and flies…flutters more like…away to a denser area of green. It goes right by me and I have no idea what it is…so I just sit there and enjoy its flight. Even the bird stops in wonder.


Our campsite is number 47 and its quite pretty, nestling up to George Lake and surrounded by Maple trees. I empty the car and clean the fire pit which is filled to the brim with old ash, bottle caps and other detritus. The hardwood we bought is huge and slab like and there is no way it’ll fit into the tiny fire pits common to Ontario’s Provincial Parks…so, I baton them all into manageable pieces using my B.O.B. Fieldcraft knife (Caleb and Ishi Master would be proud).

Wendy begins making dinner and is interrupted by our neighbour who tells us that we have a raccoon going through our belongings (which are on the picnic table). I’m closest to him so I get to shoo him away. Apparently he knows the drill because he ambles away with only a couple of choice raccoon curse words.

Word of advice here, if you are buying wood at the park…check the bag for snakes. We did not of course and Wendy is surprised to find one in our car. A little guy of unknown classification (hey, it’s hard to see a little dark snake underneath all the junk in the car). We try to get him out but he’s too fast and slithers into parts of the car as yet unknown. I’m sure he’ll pop out at some point…probably onto one of our heads while driving.

So…it’s dinner time. A roaring fire, great food, beautiful surroundings and as many skeeters as you would ever wish to have around you. We’re going to eat and kick back until bedtime.


Okay then, our raccoon friend has returned several times and seems sufficiently comfortable with humans to walk right up and beg for food (I guess some previously intrepid camper made the mistake of giving him food (great play Shakepeare).

Wendy and I clean up the campsite after dinner and take all the waste to the disposal site. The campsite is clean as a whistle and now we can relax to the point of letting the furball join us…if he wants to. And of course, he does. He noses around, finds nothing to filch and ambles off, without any interference from us. I said Good Day!

I’ll blog again tomorrow (hopefully). Wendy has been taking pictures like Austin Powers and we should continue to have some great shots to add to this…our first ever blog. She’s also the brains behind getting the blog up and going. We’re pretty sure we’ll have more to recount about our furry friend by morning. This raccoon reminds me of that old Hoyt Axton song; “the black raccoon by the light of the moon heard the music playing soft and low”… It’s a good song, look it up.


Moose over and out


8 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Be careful the snake dosent crawl up your pant leg steve or piss in your beer beside the fire. As wendy cooks that 5 course meal for you and mr coon.

  2. Hahaha Moose this is AWESOME! Miss you and Wendel already ๐Ÿ™‚ Take lots of pics, keep blogging, nd for gosh sakes pick me up some one of those lipstick knives! ๐Ÿ˜€ Love and hugs!

  3. Hope all is well for your journey and you are keeping dry! Its one of thoes nights that sleep is not happening as planned.wendy you will be happy to hear its a good thing you were not working in toronto today! As a retired gal you missed the 6 hour rain storm that hovered over TO at the dinner hour and flooded the down town core, flooded and stopped the sub way, cars submerged on streets as well as a via train left TO at 5:30 richmond hill bound. The main level was flooded and everyone moved to the upper level. Extreme heat and humidity, no water…6 hours later firemen started helping the 1400+ people off the flooded and stranded train. It just makes me wonder if you would have been stranded in the sewage mixed water on the subway, TO streets, or your car floating through a down town street light! Hundreds of thousands with out hydro and sanity I’m sure! And what will your road trek bring you today? Dry roads and skys I hope! So steven how did you make out with the snake the other night? Did he find your beer? How lucky you are to encounter such wild life! Ps take it from 1st. Hand experience and bears! Nothing in tent with you that you ate in, or cooked in! No gum, candy, shampoo, chap stick… Remember they can smell food that is in a cooler, in a car, in a garage 7 miles away! That’s my 20years of guiding , wilderness expeditions and a few bumps in the road! Sleep tight… Miss ya’s. You too mr moose

  4. Good morning bandits! All is well back home with humidity in the high 30’s mainly 40ish. Hot hot mama! Interesting journey you are on! I traveled the roads you travel on 19 years ago with 6 teenage girl guides and 2 other leaders! We took 22 days to trek to BC and back! The dinasour,bison,campsites and endless long roads remind me of the best memories ever! I must add that the prarie dogs were entertaining, the ice fields is a must to stop at as well as the tram in jasper national park were you can hike up top if the thin air allows you to breath! The animal shots and stories are great, as well as mooses meal shots! Ps the wild life gets friendler as you go! I have elks teeth marks in one of my rubber made boxes as a souvineer from jasper! Oh ya! And the story I shared with you when us girl guides were hiking and we came across a bear cub!!! Hustled our buns back to the van sining girl guide songs louder than ever! Too find ma ma comming out of the forest as we got to the van! Talk about I’m bare assed and scared shitless as she came to the van and walked right beside it! Her back on all 4rs was level with the dam windows!!! 6 teens freeked out! 3 leaders hearts pounding out of our chests, we carried on and did some white water rafting the next day…… But that’s another story! From ythis point on mabey use sentless hair and body products and no BO juice! Have fun, the best is yet to be scene! Every corner brings a new adventure! Stop and smell the droppings!He He!

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