Day Four – Wawa, Ontario

One thing about tenting in the rain, sleep comes easy and goes deep.Waking up fully refreshed, and to the sound of continuing rain, Wendy and I decided that today, Sunday (we believe), would be a day of rest. We were very close to Wawa and we both really wanted to go into town and check it out. We had our rain gear, the temperature was warm and it wasn't raining hard enough to prevent us from hiking…besides you could almost smell bacon cooking and we meant to find some…so we left everything at the campsite and drove the thirty or so kilometres into town.

What a ride. Leaving the park was easy, hang a left back onto Hwy. 70. and drive through some of the most incredibly beautiful terrain until you hit town. We were blessed, there was a mist hanging just off the top of the peaks and the effect pulls you out of your seat. Neither words, nor pictures can describe the beauty of it. You really just have to see it for yourselves.

1 Lake Sup to Wawa

2 Lake Sup to Wawa

3 Lake Sup to Wawa

5 - going to wawa

4 - welcome

Wawa was great…if unseasonably cold (probably around 40 degrees) and we were forced to put on our rain gear for warmth. We asked a couple of locals where the best place to eat was and they were unanimous in their recommendations, “The Embassy, right on the main street”.

It was a small town restaurant, full of friends, family and churchgoers, just arriving after Sunday worship. We had only just sat down when a lively crew (Wendy thought they may have been the church choir) came in and took seats at a table next to us. Leading the charge was an older woman who obviously knew everyone in town because she came right over to us and said “Hello, Welcome to Wawa”. After that we were part of the family and were treated so very well by every single person we met, all day, in every venue.

For breakfast, I had a bacon cheeseburger and it was really good (apparently it is a much sought after menu item) and Wendle had bacon and eggs. With our lust for pork satiated and feeling like a Wawanonian…Wawanite…Wawa…a part of this wonderful community, we decided that we'd book a room at a local hotel and stay the night.

wawa inn

After registering at the Wawa Motor Inn, we drove back to the park, packed everything into the car and drove out to the campground office to report back to our young staffer (who was now on day two of her Ontario Parks career). Here is our report; If camping at Lake Superior Provincial Park, Rabbit Blanket Lake is the only place to be (if you're tenting) and the best sites (in order of preference) are #41, #36 and #43 (and if those are already taken…#39).

We then drove back to town, went to our hotel room and brought every piece of gear inside. We hung our wet tent and fly, off of the shower curtain rod, in the hope that it would dry before morning

Once our gear was secured, we went across the street and visited Young's General Store (be careful of the renegade moose when entering), which offers an incredible cornucopia of gifts for the most discerning shopper. Whomever you are buying for (from Grammas to Goths), you will find it at Young's. One note to the proprietors…the coating on your popcorn is so salty that it scorched my tongue (now I know what Carthage felt like). Other than that, we had a blast.

Moose and moose

primitave tools

Next we went over to the information center and took a closer look at the famous Wawa goose (c'mon…of course you've heard of it…it's huge) which watches over town like…well…a mother goose. The place was packed with tourists all wanting their picture taken with the goose.


Next stop…the First United Church of Wawa. We didn't go inside to worship but we were enraptured by the creative use of solar panels.

6 church

We popped into the Valu Mart to buy some provisions and were excited to see a really good selection of fresh meat and vegetables. We were also very happy to bump into Debbie Doppelgänger (as we had taken to calling her), the staffer we had met yesterday at Lake Superior Provincial Park. She is one really neat person and we had another great chat with her. Just three old friends talking in aisle four of the old Wawa Valu Mart. After stocking up on water, food and the latest gossip…we headed out of the market and returned to our room at the inn.

Grocery shopping

We used this time to repack our gear and catch a bit of the Giants and Dodgers on TV (hey, you gotta get your Baseball fix in).

At 7.30pm, we returned to The Embassy for dinner. We'd been looking forward to it after noticing earlier that they served fresh Trout from Lake Superior. Our hostess was a beautiful lady named Tina. She was vastly overworked and loved every minute of it. Tina had come over from Greece a number of years ago and had spent the last 18 years in Wawa. She was so friendly and told us that we had to come back to see her on our return trip. Oh, and the Trout was really good.

After dinner was spent working on the blog…which is way more time consuming then either of us first imagined (man, people who blog must have a lot of idle time on their hands). Part of the problem has been the incredible difficulty in getting any photos to post on the blog site. I know it's been really frustrating for Wendy but it's been equally enjoyable to listen to the string of curses as she works at it. That girl can really cuss.

Another fine day concluded, it was time to take advantage of sleeping on a fluffy mattress and under some clean crisp sheets.

Moose and Wendle signing off.

Wawa Weekly 1

Wawa Weekly 2



2 thoughts on “Day Four – Wawa, Ontario

  1. Wendy cursing?????? Can’t imagine!!! 😉 Love the solar panels on the church, GOD WOULD BE PLEASED WE ARE USING ALL OF HIS PRECIOUS RESOURCES IN A HOLY WAY!!!!!! LOL!! Happy trails you two, take care of each other and make a wish upon a star. A xoxo

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