Day Nine – Russell MB (0 km)

We stayed in Russell MB today.

Russell is a very friendly, very engaging town and we enjoyed this day as much as any other. Besides, it felt like the right time to stop.

The hotel we're staying in…funny enough…'The Russell Inn'…is so great. Everyone is super friendly and efficient, like the gas attendant at the co-op yesterday…also in Russell…hmm we're seeing a trend here.

The hotel moved us out of our already great room into a suite because there was a big wedding tonight. Beauteous. The hotel is huge (and I do mean huge…it's one floor only and it has to be a half kilometre long in every direction. Our last room was so far away that it received no Wi-Fi signal. It was too far away from the desk area…I kid you not. To move rooms, I had to push all of our stuff down a kilometre of hall in a laundry TUB (it had great wheels). Wendy got to drive the car around to the new room and was waiting with a big smile on her face as I brought the TUB into port.

The suite is awesome. We're closer to the front desk now so we have Wi-Fi again. We are able to answer e-mails again, so we spent some time getting in touch.

One really cool thing, our suite is so big that we have room to do some yoga. If you're thinking…oh, two chuckleheads from Oakville doing yoga in a small town Manitoba hotel…than my friend, you are not yet acquainted with the incredible relief you feel from twisting and stretching the cramps and kinks out (the ones you get from driving long distances and sleeping on the ground). Wendy put on some Yoga video and the woman started twisting like a mad person. We both stopped her and just did some stuff on our own. When we were finished we felt younger…and able to stand up straight.

Wendy spent some of the day re-sorting every piece of gear we own. We are traveling the Prairies like settlers in a Conestoga Wagon (which is very cool). The Honda is our 'wagon' and it holds all the belongings (including the frying pan and wash basin) we have available until at least mid-September. We're still learning how to pack and re-pack all of those belongings, including camping gear, in a way that affords easy access to everyday necessities. It's proving to be an intriguing puzzle. We learn something new everyday. Wendle is excited that her newly devised system holds the key.

I did some blogging and then we selected photos together and posted the results. We had three days of backlog because we need the Internet to post.

Everything is ready to go for tomorrow. We've decided that our next destination is Drumheller and the Royal Tyrell Museum. We're going looking for dinosaur bones…ooh baby. That road leads straight across the Prairies via Yorkton and Saskatoon. It'll be a little longer drive but we feel good, we've had a great dinner and we'll stretch out again tomorrow before leaving. Head West young man…head West

You have a great weekend, wherever you find yourself

Moose and Wendle



3 thoughts on “Day Nine – Russell MB (0 km)

  1. Crazy Kids ..Sounds like so much Fun …Stay Safe ….Feels like I’m there traveling with you guys.
    Best Wishes to You Both …Coop

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