Day Nineteen – Revelstoke BC (0km)

Well, we know what we are doing today…nuttin honey. Ha!

Woke up and we went downtown for breakfast. We ate at the little coffee shop we had gone to last evening…’Conversations Coffee House’ (West side of MacKenzie Street)…good breakfast, very good coffee, great art and excellent service.

Man, everyone here is so hip…there are seniors walking around flip flopping (I’m talking about shoes…sheesh). A lot of these crazy kids (the older ones) are riding around on ‘Vespas’…Vespa is Italian for ‘Wasp’ (perfect, ’cause that’s who’s riding them)

I feel some remorse that we have been falling further and further behind on the blog site (internet and phone service have been rare). Not that it truly matters, except the blog is also the record of the trip and we have wanted it to remain a daily log so…I am going to do my best to catch up by blogging most of the day

‘Well’, you ask ‘What is Wendy going to do while you sit and write in the air conditioned room?

Won’t she be bored?

Won’t she be lonely?’

Ha! Wendy is going shopping, in town…and if we are any judge of a town’s shopping potential (and we should be after passing through a hundred of them) she will definitely NOT be bored here in Revelstoke (and she’s pretty friendly so she shouldn’t be lonely). See you in about four hours…

She’s back… Here is Wendy’s shopping report

It’s not often a girl gets a free pass to roam the streets of a new town all on her own. With Steve fed, watered, air conditioned, hooked up electronically…and on a mission to write, there is nothing left of me but a cloud of dust as I exit the hotel room (keys, coffee, wallet and sunglasses in hand)

Mission one, hook us up for some yoga this evening. I have left messages at both studios but have decided that since the town is so small I can pop by and ask personally. Both studios are closed, so I decide to wait for a return phone call.

Next up, find a parking spot that will allow me some quality shopping time. This morning we had to fit breakfast into an hour because we were in a 1hr parking zone. I drive into the downtown and while scoping out which shops I want to peruse, I discover a 2 hr parking spot… sweet!

I decide to take ten and yack with by brother (by phone) while I finish my coffee (I want to be unencumbered so I can fondle every item that catches my attention). The yoga instructor calls back and I arrange for yoga at 7pm. Soooooo looking forward to some yoga. Right, purse, wallet, sunglasses, car locked…keys in purse. Off I go.

I visit a few shops which host an array of the regular touristy things, post cards, jewelry etc. but what I really, really, really want to find is a summer dress. The kind you can only find when you are far enough away from home. The kind that when you go back home, people say, OMG I love your dress! Where’d you get it? Oh and I am also on a mission from Steve to find a pair of men’s sandals that do not contain neoprene (he is allergic to it) and that aren’t Birkenstocks (as he has a fairly severe case of Birk-o-phobia).

First stop an overpriced little place selling “outdoor wear”. They do have a pair of sandals without neoprene but I’m pretty sure he won’t go for them. They also have a bathing suit I really, really like. Not having had a proper bathing suit in years I’m a little intimidated and quite leery of subjecting myself to the change room lighting with that much skin showing! Lucky for me, all they have left are XL’s. However, I do discover that a clothing brand that makes clothes that actually fit me properly, ‘Lola’ makes bathing suits and they might just work! Note to self…net stalk Lola bathing suits.

I saunter out of the store and begin to leisurely wander the streets again. What a liberating feeling. Shopping with no list and no time limit!

What’s this I see… a kitchen store! I didn’t see this earlier… Chantilly Kitchen Bed N Bath. There is nothing I love more than kitchen stuff! I say hello to the sales woman, who is very nice, and begin to peruse. I’m not in the store more than 2 minutes and I hit gold! Twenty five years ago when I moved in with Steve…he had, in his kitchen, a hard melamine plastic spoon. Best spoon in the world for cooking. It has had a chip out of it and has been scratching pots for about 3 years now because we still love it and could not find a replacement anywhere. Well let me tell you… they have these spoons in all shapes and in a ton of colours! Unfortunately they only have yellow and orange left in the one I’ve been hunting (and that is fine with me). I buy a cooking spoon like the one I had (in orange) and a green one in a different style (because the sales woman tells me how much she likes it and I’m all giddy with the excitement). Besides, they’re only 5 bucks each… what a deal! Sure hope these are environmentally friendly! I’ll have to check into that before I buy another one.

I visit a few other stores with nothing to report. Then I come across this little dress shop. Many of the clothes are by ‘Papillon’ (which I’ve never heard of)…they have many cute dresses. I’ve never been good at clothes shopping. If something looks really good, I can tell. That’s about it. I’ll see something on the rack that makes me coo with excitement and it rarely suits me when it’s on. I have nothing but time so I pile about 10 dresses over my arm and enter the dreaded change room. Five minutes later I exit… nothing in hand. I think one of the dresses looks pretty good but I just don’t trust my eye on this one…I think I’ll wait and get a second opinion from my fashion assistant (Moose). Say, did I mention 30 percent off?

I am not phased by this as I am still glowing from my spoon purchase and very much looking forward to yoga.

On my way back to the hotel I purchase a much needed portable hair dryer. I just can’t take it anymore. I need a haircut and air drying is not doing me any favours. After that I stop to get water and notice a shoe store next door. It is, bar none, the best shoe store I have ever been in. The most knowledgably friendly staff and an incredible selection. It’s like walking on a cloud (on steroids). They are all sold out of the sandals that would work for Steve and can only offer him the dreaded Birks. I dig around for a bit and then decide I’d better go before I talk myself into buying something.

When I get back to the Monashee Lodge, I casually mention to Steve that I had tried on some dresses but told the clerk that I would need his opinion. And I leave it at that. One must nurse these things. The male shopper is a fickle beast and it requires a gentle approach.

‘The Dreaded Birks’

While Wendy did her report…I fell asleep (hey, I’m a guy…and she is talking shopping). Here is a picture of me sleeping (yeah so, I like to cuddle)

While she was out and about, Wendy checked out a yoga place. She liked it so we’re going to yoga at seven. Fantastic

Oh yeah…that was good. Diane, our instructor, is a registered RMT, Acupuncturist and the owner of the ‘Welwinds Therapeutic Spa’ (, where we worked out. She’s also a dynamite yoga instructor and all five of us had a great stretch

Now we feel like we’ve accomplished something…and we’ve showered…and we’ve done laundry. That’s a pretty good day. Alright…let’s eat.

Dinner is at Zala’s Steakhouse (1601 Victoria Road). The reason we’re mentioning their address is just in case you are looking for a darn good Caesar salad…the dressing is handmade and top notch (it’s hard to find a good Caesar salad). The food and service were great too.

It’s unanimous…tomorrow, we are going to eat, gas up the car and drive all the way to Halfmoon Bay. Its a long drive (over six hundred kilometres) but we’re refreshed and feeling an itch to get there. We’ll get to sleep early and hit the road.

Ciao for Now

Moose and Wendle


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