Halfmoon Bay – The Early Days

I bet you noticed the new layout of the blog…pretty snazzy eh? Not only that, Wendy has downloaded a new photography app called ‘645 Pro MK2’ (our friend in Winnipeg…Janice…turned us onto it). Wendle hasn’t totally figured it out yet, but she’s excited at the possibilities for more descriptive photography.

We plan on continuing with the blog. We are quite sure that two people (three max) are actually reading it and that’s okay, we enjoy doing it. It’s fun. Besides, it provides a creative outlet for the ramblings of my syphlittic mind.

So far, it’s been good to have a place to stop and rest. After a few days of feeling somewhat settled, the urge to get up and keep moving suddenly resurfaced. The impulse must be the response of some ancient DNA.

Wendy has been doing some cooking…although she forgot her apron and had to borrow Zoe’s (our eight-year-old niece). It sure is terrific to have some home cooked meals again. No matter how hard you try, road food can be most repetitive and not always the healthiest.

We’re still not sleeping in a bed yet…Wendle is on the couch and I’m on the floor, on my Therm-A-Rest and sleeping bag (oh my gawd…what a gentleman). It’s quite comfortable for both of us. All our gear is lying around the living room, opened and with contents spilling out like from some weird, overripe seed pod that has burst. I’m sure it’s very attractive and will almost certainly raise the value of Colin’s house.

Speaking of Colin, he’s been very busy with his work. He had a contract to fulfill for a handmade desk. It had to be delivered Friday so, there was lots to be done…finish the desk, load it onto a large dolly, rent a van, get the desk on the van, get the van (and desk) to Vancouver and then get the van returned by 2.00pm the next day. Throw in a garbage run for good measure. We’ve been supporting the cause any way we can. It must feel very gratifying to have completed the project…Colin appears very happy about it all.

We did Yoga on Friday with a local instructor named Sharon. We practiced on an outdoor, grass tennis court. Then we met Sharon’s Mom. A lovely lady. She wants to know if we want to rent her house from November until April. She’s the second of three rental possibilities that have been offered to us. Each home is a fantastic space. We will be keen observers of how that develops .

We have had the opportunity to hang out with two of Colin’s friends…Chris (upon arrival) and Kirk (the next evening). What a couple of great guys. We thoroughly enjoyed their company. We also miss all of our great friends and family. We did spend some time calling family yesterday. It was great to hear their voices. We’ll be making more calls in the coming days.

Tonight we decided to go out and sit outside at a local Sechelt establishment, ‘The Lighthouse Pub’…and Liquor Store. They have a large deck overlooking the entire harbour…we arrived at dusk. Wonderful. The airplane in the photo is from Harbour Air…they fly to Vancouver, Nanimo, Whistler and all of the small places up the coast, including Sechelt. It’s apparently a much preferred means of travel, particlarly in instances where the alternative is having to take several ferries. Next time you’re traveling this way…look up ‘Harbour Air’ http://www.harbour-air.com/index.php (hey, we’re still looking for blog sponsors…The Bay, Oakville Acura…are you listening?)

The pub also had a live band…they sounded like the Irish Rovers (are they still around?). We decided to have some pub grub and I had a really terrific Fish & Chips. Wendy had steak…and took more photos. As you can plainly see, I’m absolutely thrilled to be in more pictures. Dessert for both of us was blueberry oat crumble (mmmm…)

Tomorrow is Sunday. We’re going to go to Cliff Gilker Park, in Robert’s Creek. It was our favourite when we were here, five years ago. Must go now…I’m reading a terrific book I picked up in Fort MacLeod…’The Wild Ride’ by Charles Wilkins. It’s a history of the NWMP (you know…the Mounties) and the opening of the Canadian West.

See you tomorrow,

Moose and Wendle


8 thoughts on “Halfmoon Bay – The Early Days

  1. Hey there, Wendy and hubby … 🙂 … the new layout is awesome!!! I do read every new post. It sounds as if you are both so enthralled with your adventure. Something I know that I would love to do … just get up and go. Good for you. I know you had mentioned at the outset that you had put all your stuff in storage before you left on this trip. Are you planning on settling in BC? Wishing you both a most awesome day in your travels today.

    Much love to you and good energy too,

    Your cousin, Val


  2. of all the towns you’ve been to on this trip…where should I go to live? I like good bars and coffee houses and cool artistic linda people. Few hyahs.

  3. Love it you guys …..Ty & I were just in BC (June 29th) for a family wedding in Hope and managed to see the sites….absolutely beautiful.
    Make it 4 …..fun stories and nice dress Wendy !
    safe travels …big coop

  4. Hi Guys,

    Don’t worry, I have been keeping up with all your travels. Sounds like something I should plan on doing someday (although I may head east instead of west, who knows). Loved the dress, Wendy, and very jealous of all of the descriptions of great grub you have been enjoying. Teresa R

    • Hi Teresa. The food is great. We are also talking about going East. It sounds amazing all across the country and we’ve heard Newfoundland and Labrador are worth it…if you can affjord it (barroom boom)

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