Halfmoon Bay – The Early Days

Wow, we have twice the readership we thought we had…move over Tom Friedman (honey, make room on the shelf, our Pulitzer is on the way)

Thomas L. Friedman

We could not have been more jazzed than to wake up this morning and find a whack of blog comments (is that the correct term?) from friends and family. What a boost. Thanks guys. To show our appreciation, we are introducing a whole new segment to the blog…it is a space where Wendy and I will answer any (and we do mean any) of your questions providing, you 'try' to answer a riddle from…'The Riddler'

“Riddle Me This”

Q: What is Yellow and Very Dangerous? (remember, it's a family blog)

Write your Answer below (in permanent marker)…then ask your question…and in tomorrow's blog, you'll have our response. Note: Your answer doesnt have to be correct, it just has to be creative (good ja?)

A: ____________________________

Meanwhile, to answer this morning's questions…

Joe K. (Burbank, CA) asks…

“Of all the towns you've been to on this trip…where should I go to live? I like good bars and coffee houses and cool artistic kinda people. Few Hyahs.”

A: Great question Joe. For you we'd probably recommend Sakafreakintoon. It has a vibrant art community, awesomely cool people, great coffee houses and a ton of bars. Like Windsor (ON) it's a great place to leave…I mean live. For anyone else…we'd recommend Calgary or Canmore (AB) and Revelstoke or Roberts Creek (BC)…basically, anywhere but Saskatoon or Windsor (thhnaaap!)

P.S. For those who are not prairie folk…these two are 'Hyahs'


Valerie E. (Ontario, Canada) writes…

I know you had mentioned that you put all your stuff in storage before you left on this trip. Are you planning on settling in BC?

A: Hi Val. As yet, we have no plans to settle anywhere. For now, we'll hang out in Halfmoon Bay, keep our eyes open and the car packed.

Well that's all the questions we have for today (or any day since we began the blog). Hopefully we'll have more for you tomorrow.

Sunday was another perfect day out here on the coast. Twenty-six degrees, sunny, with no humidity or bugs and a cool breeze off the ocean. We got up, ate a hearty, home cooked breakfast and enjoyed looking at some of Wendy's 'modelling shots'. Colin took them when he was thirteen and Wendle was seventeen. Here is her most dramatic one (no, it's not Al Yankovic)


Then Wendy and I piled into the Civic and headed down the road to Cliff Gilker Regional Park. Cliff Gilker is a well maintained tract of protected land with seven kilometres of some of the most beautiful hiking trails you could possibly wish for. We were enthralled by it when we were here in 2007 and we thoroughly enjoyed it again today.

Rippling creeks, a beautiful waterfall, giant red cedars, ferns up to your armpits (or my waist), fantastic boardwalks and an indescribable aromatic melange of forest fragrances. What a treat!






I fully expected that a Dromaeosaurus would burst through the ferns and snatch Wendy to feed her young (that's why I let her walk ahead of me)


Ohh, they got her!

After our hike, we went home to a Sunday pot roast…roast beef, taters, carrots and green beans. Chris (Colin's friend) joined us for dinner and, after Colin bailed on us (something about a woman), Chris taught us how to play cribbage. That was really great (and now we can totally fit in at any Legion).

One other interesting tidbit…

I had ordered a new sheath for my B.O.B. Fieldcraft knife and it arrived here. It was made by Robert Jones (http://www.handsewnleather.com/) and it is really sweet (the tassels are made with Buffalo strips and beads gifted to me by our brother, Brian)


Wherever you are…we wish you a wonderful and fulfilling moment, right…NOW

Moose and Wendle

P.S. Does anyone else think that 'Captain Haddock' (Tin Tin) looks like 'Riker' from Next Generation? (just sayin)



2 thoughts on “Halfmoon Bay – The Early Days

  1. I know I’m two years too late – but I found this blog by accident when I was looking for a review for the Countryside Manor in Kenora… and I CAN’T STOP READING! You two are so much fun to follow.

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