Halfmoon Bay – The Early Days

Sooo…no one answered the riddle. Does that say more about interest in riddles or disinterest in asking questions? That's okay…man…we're laid back out here on the Sunshine Coast

Okay…so…here is the answer to yesterday's riddle

“Riddle Me This”

Q: What is Yellow and Very Dangerous?

A: Shark Infested Custard

Ooh, that Riddler.

There are a lot of deer, here on Fawn Road. We've had several visits from a doe and fawn Mule Deer. Just like the ones we saw at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. They come by to relax on the lawn, munch some grass and try to get at Colin's tomatoes (which are caged in chicken wire). Colin doesn't seem to mind them around and Wendy and I really enjoy it. I look through the binoculars and Wendle takes pics (hey, they're not our tomatoes). Today, the doe was so busy trying to reach the plants, that she completely ignored her fawn, who promptly went and stood in the street. Wendy chased mom out so she would take care of her baby




We also had a buck visit us today. That was one handsome dude. He seemed much more present than the doe and fawn. His body was simultaneously fully relaxed and completely aware. It was as if a still photo breathed.


Seeing the buck reminded us that two cougars were recently seen frolicking in the local schoolyard. The people in this region are facing the same question as folks back home in metropolis…how much space do we actually need and can we share it with the other 99% of life. Carrot, Colin's cat, has similar concerns…how to get along with cougars. He's a big Tom and he outright owns this property (with battle scars to prove it). He is one tough hombre…and also the sweetest, most gentle man (there is definitely something to be learned from our animal friends)


While we were watching the deer we heard someone shouting a name. Colin went to check because his neighbours are very old. We followed and had the opportunity to meet Malcolm and Bernice. Mal is ninety-five and is a former sonar man who hunted U-Boats in the Atlantic. Bernice is a gorgeous ninety-two and has some sight issues…that's how she missed seeing Malcolm, who was asleep right under her nose. She is adorable. Malcolm told Wendy and I that he no longer drives…he misses it a lot. He's adorable too (and we're also glad he doesn't drive). We let Mal and Bernice know that the Civic is pleased to chauffeur them around (driving miss Bernice)

We went and picked up some supplements in Sechelt. The town has a very good selection of stores and services and it's location (between Robert's Creek and Halfmoon Bay) means it's a hub of activity for the entire region. Even so…the pace is much more relaxed. Everyone here seems very laid back…no one tailgates (hallefreakinlujah). We're still getting used to how relieving it feels to have people actually share the road.

Speaking of which, there are really wide bike lanes here…and they appear to extend along the entire length of The Sunshine Coast Highway (but Toronto can't manage Jarvis Street). The lanes are wide enough to keep bikes well away from traffic…in the GTA we have many spandex coated men (usually middle-aged) who are apparently being forced (by some madman) to ride four abreast on every roadway, no matter how unsafe it is to do so

We checked out Robert's Creek Provincial Park Campgrounds today. Fantastic. Every campsite featured the same flat ground, slopes for easy drainage, awesome picnic table and a perfect fire pit. Each was set up so as provide a good outdoor experience while drastically reducing the impact on the surrounding forest, which was beautiful and lush. The whole place felt really good and Wendy and I will spend some time there soon.

We are also excited to meet another of Colin's neighbours. Richard, who lives downstairs, was formerly a top guy with Scouts Canada. Colin told us that Richard had somehow attempted to get girls into the Boy Scouts and was run out of town for it (I don't think he was tarred and feathered…but I'll check and get back to you on it). We will introduce ourselves tomorrow

I almost forgot to tell you about lunch. If you turn off Hwy. 101 North onto Roberts Creek Rd., you will discover a food truck that serves little pieces of heaven. I had a 'Samurai Snack' and Wendle had a 'Saigon Sub' (sans bread). We ate it sitting under a tree that shades the board and batten town hall. Across the road was the volunteer firehall (we had our finger directly on the pulse…and it was slow and easy) https://www.facebook.com/fauxrealfoodtruck





For dinner, Wendle whipped up bison steak stir fry with udon noodles for me (tofu noodles for her)…wow, the bison was tender and everything was so fresh and tasty. I did dishes (I thank you)


There is some question as to how gentlemanly it was of me to have Wendle sleep on the couch…apparently they're not all as big as this one (its huge) and, if Wendy needed to, the back cushions come off for even more room (believe me…she would only settle for the most comfortable spot)


I spoke to my daughter Emily today (she is just fine and thank you for asking..what's that…yes, her and Ryan ARE moving into an apartment at Eglinton and Yonge and they're really jazzed about it..aren't you sweet for asking). Emmer told me about an interview FOX News had with Reza Azlan. Mr. Azlan is a scholar with a new book titled 'Zealot' and FOX News is…well, it's FOX News. Interesting video and the first bite of 'news' Wendy and I have heard in almost a month…have the Jays won? (since we left)

http://youtu.be/u3524tTVAcY (Worst Interview Ever?! Fox News Embarrassed)

I actually saw the video via the Huffington Post but what really caught my eye was this bad boy

http://youtu.be/yeQ_c0DqQjY (Sasquatch spotted in the remote mountains of Mission BC!)

Mission BC is quite near…hmmm…samsquanch, we might just come a lookin fer ye

Lastly…and we know you've been waiting for it…

Riddle Me This”

This one from Robin (we are not making this up)

Q: When's a donkey spelled with one letter?

A: _____________________

Remember, if you don't have a permanent marker, a ballpoint works just as well

Have a great day and remember, this moment is all we have

Moose and Wendle



6 thoughts on “Halfmoon Bay – The Early Days

  1. Cool Sasquatch video. At first I figured it was just Moose, but his legs are much more smooth and supple and the sun would have likely glinted off his white knees…Glad to hear you’re both having so much fun!

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