Halfmoon Bay – The Early Days

Hold the freakin presses…Someone has correctly answered yesterday's riddle. That is amazing. Here is a picture of today's winner


What did she win Wendy? A New Car!



Well it's still amazing…congratulations!

“Riddle Me This”

Q: When's a donkey spelled with one letter?

A: When it's 'U'

By the way Sandra, you could have asked a question…but you didn't (bummer)

Someone else answered the riddle…someone calling himself 'Robin' (again, we are not making this up) and he did remember to ask a question. You'll see it, at the bottom of the blog, as today's…

'Riddle Me This'

Nobody here seems to watch television and so, we make do with wonderful conversations. Here are some great things that we have heard;

“Be Impeccable With Your Word” Don Miguel

“Tonight is so much better than tomorrow”

“Just tell me how to do it the way I used to do it” Colin was poking fun at Wendy, who was frustrated at her Windows 8…not being her Windows 7 (which she is able to operate)

One thing we discussed is humans and our use of space. In the city, personal space is very limited and so, we squeeze much into that smaller size space. Here the personal space is very large…and a sizeable portion of each property consists of a fairly healthy natural environment. It's like living on a campsite. But signs of human expansion are everywhere. Instead of keeping all activities within the smaller space, humans have begun to claim more and more of the natural land for their personal uses…a work shed here, a swing set there. ('Go ahead, talk amongst yourselves')

Today Wendy and I practiced our bushcraft skills in the large natural area on Colin's property (that is so weird, we were just talking about that). Wendy made a good red cedar bundle and then filmed me making a bowdrill fire set and attempting to get an ember. It is in no way an instructional video.

With my old fire set (made for me by the Ishi Master) I could get flame lickety split. I thought I was pretty good. Wrong. I learned a lot today and got a blister on my hand to help me remember it. Wendy had a blast watching me bumble around. It's all good, I've fixed the spindle and the board (here in it's previous existence) and I'm eager for daylight.. I also have my best man on it (“Ishi…Help,”)


We had some feedback today on the search for Samsquanch. It has been recommended to us by one of our readers that we check locally to see who is searching for Sammy and pitch in (hmmm…I like it but will Wendy?…hold on I'll ask)

Yes, she's in 100%. Alright!! (is that what it means when she says “I'm not saying no”?). Also, apparently Bigfoot reaches heights of 14' (I did not know that). My take on it is this, we want to go into the bush anyway, why not do it with the local Bigfoot expert (Wendy's concern IS the local Bigfoot expert…whoever they are). We'll keep you posted on this one.

One of our other readers, Adam (from Rocktown…Rockvilla…Rockpaperscissors, ON) sent us a link to a quiz which would help us rate our capacity to enjoy (survive) an amorous Samsquanch encounter. I scored 19% (oh my gawd I have a chance) and Wendy scored only 13%. Apparently she has some reservations that I do not share.

Another great dinner tonight. A pasta creation of sun-dried tomato chicken sausage, mushrooms, red pepper, onion, olive tapenade (did I spell that right?) black olives, garlic and crumbled goat (and sheep) feta cheese on top. Wow…it was a dish that kissed one's tastebuds in the most delicate and yet delightful way.

Well, so much for the great review…I'm on clean up crew again. I'm sensing a pattern here (yes, you're globally delayed in the kitchen). I do clean well

Colin went to Victoria yesterday afternoon. Tomorrow he returns…with the kids. It will be, yet again, an entirely new and dynamically different atmosphere when they come home (Agents of Destruction…oh sorry, I thought that covered all kids). It'll be enjoyable and it will require another adjustment. No matter what, we'll be getting to sleep a whole lot sooner.

Now it's time for Robin's version of

Riddle Me This”

Q: I know a word of letters three. Add two, and fewer there will be

A: ____________________

Remember to leave a question.

And remember also, to listen to the stillness…

It is the other 99%

Moose and Wendle



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