Halfmoon Bay – The Early Days

Hi guys. Wow, we are pooped. I hope you weren't expecting a daily blog.

Hey a shout out to our best friend Jill…it's her twenty-eighth birthday today. That means that in Wales, it's a two day, National Holiday filled with Joyous Celebration. Many more buddy! (don't tell her, but Wendy and I sent cards)

Our friend Adam, works at Crawford Lake Conservation Area in Campbellville, ON. Apparently he's like the top guy there…some kind of 'Ninja Teacher' (at least that what he tells us)…anyway, he sent us a note showing some archaeology work that is being done at the site this summer. Crawford Lake is a very special Meromictic lake, meaning it has layers of water that do not intermix. There are great hiking trails along the Niagara Escarpment (breathtaking in the Fall) and a reconstructed, fifteenth century, First Nation village. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crawford_Lake_Conservation_Area

The village had been discovered through analysis of pollen found within the undisturbed sediments of the special Meromictic lake. During recent construction of a third Iroquoian Longhouse, archaeologists made some amazing new discoveries…the most cool of which is another longhouse…which Adam says…well, why not let Adam tell it

“It was located right outside the front door of the Wolf Clan and underneath the barn foundation. The old barn was pretty interesting to see as well, we even found the foundation of a big silo no one knew was there. They think the longhouse was about the size of the Turtle Clan and may have been earlier than the other houses in that area. Quite a few ceramic pieces were found along with some bone and stone tools. We’re hoping to put some of this new stuff on display in the new building. I threw in a couple photos of the dig; all the white straws mark a post hole.

We also found quite a bit of stuff relating to the barn; China plates, car parts, old tools and chain, a pair of scissors and even a brown glass jar with the lid still intact – it’s got some funky looking liquid still inside it too. Very cool.”




If you've never been to Crawford Lake (or Mountsberg)…or haven't been in awhile, it's well worth going (multiple times). The staff is fantastic and very knowledgeable. Just say 'Steve and Wendy sent us'

So, the kids showed up this afternoon…around 4.30pm. The little girl, Zohan, is eight (i call her Zohan)…she's really sharp, I don't want to get into a debate with her ('You Don't Mess with the Zohan'). The little guy is Teddy…as in bear and ballgame. They're great, really…I love kids…but as Louis C. K. says “Honey, daddy is more bored than he loves you”.

We played together much of the afternoon and had a blast. Zohan bought herself a new iPod with money she has saved (hey, has anyone seen my wallet?), man was she jazzed. Then she found out that the store had given her the wrong device and it will have to be returned…tomorrow…unopened. If Wendy and I had modelled Zohan's response, we would have had much better service with The Bay and Oakville Acura

While she was off writing stern letters (including one to her MP), Teddy convinced me that we 'just had to' play a sword game on the iPad mini and then, he wielded my shield (i died a lot). Then he took pictures of his hands and toes (genius!). Oh…and one of the side of my head (i kinda like that one)




By Five o'clock, Colin, Wendy and I were worn out. The kids weren't…at all…so Wendy and I took them into Sechelt for groceries. They know we're 'The Newbies', so there was a lot of scamming going on. Zohan is the ringleader and Teddy the happy sidekick. They were happy to tell us what kind of stuff they are allowed to eat. What a weird diet. It doesn't include many foods with leaves. Sugar seems to be the key ingredient. We passed on most of it (hey, I wanted a cookie too). They also introduced us to a lot of people, we really were impressed.

We all had dinner together and then relaxed for a bit…remembering all the laughs we had earlier what with the whoopi cushion and the sock…upon which Uncle Steve almost killed himself (stop I can't breathe)


Another great moment was when we found out that Carrot (the outdoor cat) likes to drink from our water jug…Quelle Surprise (that's French)


The kids hadn't been in bed a mere ten minutes when we three adults started yawning. We stayed up awhile anyway…talking about kids, and parents, and environment, and honesty, and being true to one's self. And we spoke about Love. Children sure have a way of teaching us the most amazing lessons. I suppose that's why we keep feeding them.

With visions of an early rise dancing in our minds, we put out our sleeping bags and went to bed.

Moose and Wendle

P.S. OMG…in our daze we almost forgot…the answer to today's…

Riddle Me This”

Q: I know a word of letters three. Add two, and fewer there will be


Thanks Robin…that must have been a tough one (no one guessed it)



6 thoughts on “Halfmoon Bay – The Early Days

  1. Thanks for the Crawford shout out! Thanks too for the kind words – although I’m breathtakingly far from the top guy. I’m more like that Sherpa you meet at Base Camp 1…

    Good riddle too…keep em comin’ “we just loves riddles, don’t we precious…”

    • Who are you trying to kid…your Sherpa name is Wang Chu – ‘Power Holder’. You MUST be in charge. (or was it Wang Holder – ‘Power Chu’?)
      Simmer Wang, we will have more riddles, we were just too pooped yesterday to think of one

  2. Good to see that you guys made it there safely especially on those tires. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the blogs and the photos were fantastic. And yes I was expecting the daily blog to continue but once every few days will be fine for now. (need something to read on those long boring weekend shifts)
    Keep the adventure going!!

  3. happy to hear you are having so much fun on the sunshine coast with the kids!!!!!!! I just got in from Alaska, packing up pretty fast and then leaving for Quebec next week!!! Thinking lots about you two, keep the adventures and stories coming!

    • Thanks Kirsten. We were thinking of you too…Wendy was recounting the drive down Hwy. 101 you took together last year (heritage highway). Have fun in Quebec (and send photos for the blog)

      Moose and Wendle

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