Halfmoon Bay – The Early Days

Alright, we've had a lot of requests…but we're going to do it anyway…here is…

'Riddle Me This'

Q: What suit of cards lays eggs?

A: ______________________


Big day today…if we could just get out of bed. The kids manage just fine. They are up early. We have to commend the great job they do of playing quietly on their own. Letting us sleep in a bit. It lulls us into a false sense of security. We open our eyes and immediately it's…'say Steve, what do you think about playing that sword game?'

Colin rides to the rescue and corrals the little ones (like 'Callaghan', he's really quick at roping their little ankles). He's gearing up to go to his workout and the kids are accompanying him to be judges or work the scoreboard (I'm too tired to remember what). We'll try and hook up around lunch. Hmmm…'Callaghan'…I wonder if he has any pearls for dealing with little desperadoes? None come to mind. Good idea though. I need all the help I can get…I think Zohan is planning on looking up 'knife fighting' just as soon as she gets that iPod replaced.

It started raining yesterday evening and it has continued into today. It's cold too. A great change of pace and much needed water for the plants. The rain isn't bothering Wendy one bit, she has big indoor plans for today…she's going to a hairdressers (i think I will literally swoon from excitement). Ivan (pronounced Yvonne) is Colin's Spanish friend and reportedly, a very good hair cutter (someone who actually cuts hair well).

Wendy, is entering phase two of her current haircut odyssey…Homer wrote about it (no, not Simpson). Phase one began a month ago, when she loved her new cut. Now (Phase 2), she hates it and is looking to rehab it. These two phases regenerate themselves ad infinitum. I find it endlessly entertaining. The appointment is for 11.30am in Davis Bay, which is a lovely little seaside town (the beach runs alongside the Sunshine Coast Highway). I decide to go along. I've wanted to scout that place out and watch the ocean (remember to bring the binoculars)

Davis Bay is a very cool place. One side of the highway is beach and ocean. The other side is lined with motels, little shops, open market stalls, restaurants and…tucked behind all of those, houses. Ivan's place is one of them. We arrive on time but Ivan is still busy with a previous client. “No problem” says Wendy, “we'll go and get a coffee.” On the way out, she leans in and whispers “Good. If he's taking his time, than he's an artist”.

We use a short cut to the beach; crossing Ivan's patio, passing through a couple of swinging wooden gates, walking alongside a thirty metre hedge of ripening blackberries and out onto the sidewalk. Very nice.

Coffee is at the 'Pier 17 Market'. Across the street is a pier (pier 17 no doubt). I see a bench nestled into a little cove of trees…that's where I will plant my flag later


While Wendy is getting her coiff-fewered, I sit on the little bench sipping coffee…and watching the sea traffic. There are two tiny tugboats towing barges that are filled with sand or gravel. They putter along slowly and surely. That seems like a pleasant job (except maybe in high seas). On the pier (Pier 17) a knot of people are fishing, chatting and pointing at something in the near distance (probably the fog that hangs over the islands). What really has my interest though, are the two military ships lying just at the edge of eyesight. Luckily, I have the binoculars out and I'm watching them the way Malcolm used to watch for U-Boats in the Atlantic. I wonder if anyone aboard is watching back? The ships are numbered 705 & 706 and I'm guessing that they're Canadian (either that or a two ship foreign navy has taken over the Sunshine Coast).

It turns out that they are indeed Royal Canadian Navy warships…Kingston-class coastal defence vessels, the Whitehorse (705) and the Yellowknife (706). Dang, I wish I had the camera with me…it's currently on duty at Ivan's, documenting Wendy's hair story (lord of the ringlets).




Speaking of which, it feels like the right time to head back. A brisk walk (who am I kidding, it's a slow doddle) and I rewind past the blackberries, through the gates and re-enter the salon. Right on time. Wendy is just arising from the chair. Ivan is taking off her apron and making some last second fluffs and curls…I say; “So is this where I'm supposed to say 'Wow, what a great haircut'.” I get stink-eyes from both Wendy and Ivan…and in my head I hear Wendy say, 'My gawd, you're exhausting'

After the hairdo, Wendy and I contact Colin…he and the little ones are still busy getting Zohan's iPod…so we'll catch up with them back at the house. Wendle and I head to Starbucks and then on into Sechelt. We go to a health food store (look, actual 'hippie chips')


We stroll along both sides of the street. Wendy is looking for a blender and our sights are set on the two re-use stores. I'm walking through the aisles of the second one when what can only be considered a total act of god occurs…a beam of light breaks through the ceiling and splashes it's heavenly glow upon a table. I edge timidly closer…what can this mean? Is it?

It Is.

A Miracle!


As we head back to Colin's, I'm feeling much better about my future (surely 'Bowdrie' knows how to knife fight)

We arrive just in time for another treat. Our new friend Kirk has come over for dinner and he asks Wendy and I if we want to meet some cool people. “Yeah!”

Wendy and I pile into Kirk's diesel Jeep Liberty and travel up forested roads (with houses peeking through the trees) and down beach lanes (with trees peeking past the houses). The rain has stopped (ages ago) and the air smells sweet and refreshing. Kirk turns into a driveway that leads to the most amazing place we have yet seen on our travels. The entire property is a garden of human delights…really good sculptures of wood and stone, lanterns and lights, too much to register all at once. Lilies lend their spice to the air and it feels right to breathe very deeply. (and we would totally show you all the pics but Wendy left her camera at Colin's and we're using Kirk's and…well, the rest is a story for another day)

Addendum: Monday August 5th…we have pictures from Kirk





Kirk goes to the door, greets whomever is inside and then beckons us to enter. Inside is just as delightful as out…more sculptures, pictures, interesting 'stuff'. Stephanie is our host and she's fantastic. While we're all chatting, I notice a beautiful table made from a burnished slab of golden wood. Kirk leans over to tell me that it is a cut from an ancient yellow cedar that had fallen


Then I notice a really old harpoon that hangs over the entrance to the kitchen (the business end is at least a foot long piece of pure, hand worked ivory…Stephanie tells us that it was gifted to her great-grandfather by some arctic peoples. She wants to get it onto Antique Roadshow (it would bring the house down).



Wendy and I promise to return and spend a day chatting and blowing bubbles on the lawn. A bubble station is already set up out there (the hand points to it)


Our next stop is at Helen's. She lives right at the waterfront. She's also very open and friendly…it's a joy to meet her. She has graciously lent the beach portion of her property to two young visitors, Deus and Charity. They have a tent set up right next to the water. Helen's house is sandwiched between two very new and very expensive homes. One night, she was playing her African drum to greet the Full Moon (at it's closest proximity to the earth) and her new neighbour disapproved enough to have Helen arrested.

It's great to be driven around by someone who knows where everything is (and who everyone is). Kirk's a great tour guide. We will have to continue this another time though because dinner (back ribs) should be ready now. Power up the diesel Captain Kirk and order Warp Factor Four…it's chow time ('captun…I'm giving herrrr everything she's gott')

A couple of games of euchre and we're ready to call it a night. Tomorrow, Wendy and I are heading out to hike 'The Big Fir' (i hear Beavis and Butthead giggling in my head). In fact, everybody has plans for tomorrow…it's the long weekend. We hope you're having a great one,

Moose and Wendle


And now…for your late night entertainment

'Weird, Whacky World'

This true story is from Kirk (Sechelt, BC)

Kirk knows this lady.

She owns a chihuahua.

The lady went out and bought a rabbit.

When the lady introduced the rabbit to the dog…the chihuahua scared the rabbit so bad that the rabbit pooped.

The dog then proceeded to eat the rabbit poop. (no wait, it gets better)

Now, the dog follows the rabbit around and scares it on purpose (think PEZ dispenser). You could not make this stuff up



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