Halfmoon Bay – The Dog Days

Just wanted to see if anyone noticed. Besides, we are all in 'The Dog Days' of August, particularly…your Toronto Blue Jays


“Riddle Me This”

Q: When does a painter use a trigger instead of a brush?

A: When he's a stick-up artist


Yesterday was really weird. We got up and when we didn't hear from Kirk (who is out of contact on the island), we left him a message and then headed out to hike the summit trail overlooking Sechelt.

En route, Kirk left us a text reply that said 'be at the Back Eddy Pub, in Egmont, between four and five'. We scrubbed the rest of the hike, bought some groceries and then headed home to lunch and pack.

We left in plenty of time and drove 55km up the Sunshine Coast Highway, past Joni Mitchell's house (that's right I said it), past Pender Harbour, and Skookumchuck Narrows – 'Skookumchuck Narrows is the largest and most powerful of the British Columbia Coast's saltwater rapids, on the province's Sunshine Coast, where the narrow mouth of Sechelt Inlet spills out that fjord's contents into Jervis Inlet'

The entire route is an exciting series of fearsomely tight turns. If you are a distracted driver…do not drive this road. It's also gorgeous. We would have more pictures but our cameraman was 'attention diverted' by the ride


The Back Eddy Pub overlooks the marina, which was important because when we arrived, Kirk wasn't in the parking lot or the pub…but we could watch for him from the outdoor deck. So, we watched…



…for two hours we watched. We tried texting Kirk but neither he nor we, had any service. We ordered food…and the pub kitchen conked out (i had spinach dip and Wendle had a Ceasar…bloody). So we had fun anyway…and then we gave up on it and headed home.

An hour plus back…up and down the twisty-turney highway, past Skookumchuk, past Pender Harbour and past Joni Mtchell's house (which one is it Wendy?) and back to Colin's.

We arrived just in time for Wendy to take the little ones in for a bath (OMG, no freakin way).

She must be really good at this child wrangling thing because although it sounded like someone was trying to wash a truckload of cats, the two kids came out looking fresh and clean (so that's what they look like)

Now that the ordeal was over, Teddy just had to show off how clean his toes were (what happened to the potatoes that were growing there earlier?)


Carrot (the cat) must have noticed someone in 'his' yard because he suddenly jumped down and ran outside. Colin's shout of “There are three young bucks in the yard” mobilized everybody else


Carrot was obvioulsy planning on rousting them. He approached fast…and got close enough to get the attention of all three males. Then he stopped, reassessed his position and wisely decided that he really didn't want to tangle with them after all (who me? I'm just lookin at these flowers)


The deer went back to browsing on Colin's tomato plants


While Wild Animal Kingdom was in progress, Wendy got a text from Kirk…she translated for me while she replied

Wendy: “Kirk says he was sorry to have missed us.”

“He says, he waited too but on another deck above the parking lot.”

(well what the heck…how did we miss each other?)

Wendy: “He says, We can go tomorrow”

(no, i don't want to do all of that again without better communication)

Wendy: “He says he can drive”

(absolutely…count me in)

Wendy types 'Absolutely. Do we need food?'

And that is how we ended up on this little metal runabout, one day later, heading out to 'The Island'


Liz is driving the boat…and she has laser focus (good thing too 'cause…)

BAM!! (…we just hit something)

Liz turns to us and asks if we saw anything…we all shake our heads 'No' (hey, are we taking on water?)



We're heading up current and heaving ho to the Portside (ahoy Capt. Highliner). The air is fresh and salty (briney sounds much more nautical). 'Fender Bender', Kirk's dog, climbs atop the motor housing at the back of the ship (my gawd dude…it's the aft of the boat)


Slowing suddenly we begin to edge in towards the dock. The next thing I know, Kirk is handing me a rope and telling me to do something with it 'square off the yardarm' or some such a thing (dude, you ARE totally globally delayed). Liz saves the day by taking the rope and squaring off the yardarm for me. What a gal!

Liz's dog 'Nina', runs on board and then tries to get off the boat at the same time as Kirk..somewhat fouling his lines (barroom-boom)

There is another boat docked…it's a thing of beauty and Wendy and I are calling it 'The African Queen'.

Carrying our gear, we follow Liz across the amazing dock and begin the ascent.

Ascending a steep metal gangway…

…ascending a long boardwalk (how did I end up with so much gear?)

…ascending a trail of packed mud and hard rock (gawd, i am so out of shape)

…still ascending (i'm coming elizabeth)

and then completely out of breath…we reach the summit, where Liz and Andrew are building their home


Tomorrow, the exciting conclusion of…'The Island' (and we thought only TV could be this annoying)

Moose and Wendle



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