Halfmoon Bay – The Dog Days

Wow…once again 'Robin' has answered the riddle, unfortunately he did it after we went to press (which means…after we hit Enter)

No matter, he has sent along a picture of himself and a new riddle (but no answer)



'Riddle Me This'

Q: Forward I am heavy, but backwards I am not. What am I?

A: ____________________


And Now…

The exciting Part Two of…

'The Island'

(I know we said it would be the conclusion…well…we lied)

In yesterday's thrilling episode…Wendle, Kirk, Fender Bender and I had come ashore and climbed to Liz and Andy's house at the island's summit

Interesting non sequitur: Fender Bender got his name after being personally involved in three of them

Fender Bender and Kirk

Here's a great adventure story…

Liz and Andy are from Britain. Andy was a teacher in England (i'm not sure what Liz was doing) and then Liz was offered an opportunity to work in Vancouver (in the solar power industry). So they moved. That was nine years ago.

They got tired of Vancouver so they moved out to the Sunshine Coast and Liz began commuting to work from Sechelt.

They also bought a boat and began to cruise around the coast.

On one trip they saw, and fell in love with, this little island.

One day, Liz decided that her commuting days were over and she left her job

Then, the little island they loved came up for sale.

And now they own it…Liz is a bit embarrassed at how that sounds but Wendy and I love it…'I OWN the whole Island'.

They decided to build a house…one big enough to share with any fellow adventurers who might wish to stay and explore the coast for a day…or week.

'Yes' you ask, 'but what does that have to do with a book?' (they're probably asking that because no book was mentioned)

Patience grasshopper…Patience

The dock was the first structure to be completed and while they built it, Andy and Liz lived on their boat…The African Queen (we are unofficially rechristening her)


Then they built their house. All of the building materials were brought in by barge and the two of them…by their lonesome…hauled every bit of it to the top of the island. Since then they've continued working very hard to make their dream a reality.

And just like the movie 'Field Of Dreams'…people started showing up. Volunteers who, with common purpose, contributed their own joyous effort, wild creativity…and abundant laughter.

Today…Liz and Andy's home sits atop their island and provides a panoramic view in every direction




The house is really cool. From the outside, it looks like a Yurt but with a shiny metal roof. At the back, there's a mud room and that's where we drop our bags. That room leads into a spacious and beautifully sunlit living area. The five big windows at the front of the room open onto the majestic view.


The ceiling resembles a very large Tipi…right up to the hole on top (covered in a removable plexiglass bubble which keeps bugs and bad weather out)


This vast room is home to the office, living room, dining area and kitchen (oh…Wendy loves the kitchen).



All that openness allows plenty of room for cooks to cook and never bump into those who are 'culinarily challenged'.

Andy made this table…and it's gorgeous. It's a 'picnic table' style with ingenious pop off legs for easy transportation in or out of doors (where the 'culinarily challenged' are currently moving it)


People really appreciate wood here. Everywhere we go we see beautiful creations made of wood. Much of the material used is from dead trees and driftwood…it really is amazing. Kirk, who is an artist in wood, also owns a gallery of wooden treasures called 'Slo Design Gallery', in Sechelt. On this trip he has carried with him a large log of Yew and although we have no idea why, we are enraptured by it's smooth, deep burgundy lustre. He has also brought three tins of various wax with him. Apparently, it's good for your wood (says so right on the tin)


Tour over…it's time to eat.

Tonight's appetizer is Halloumi cheese, BBQ'd and served with watermelon…in fact, Liz pretty much orders me to eat it with the watermelon.

She's right…oh my gawd, it's amazing!…and we heartily recommend it to all of our future dinner hosts


The main course is chicken legs a la fresh blueberries, potatoes fried up in a cast iron pan and arugula salad (Wendy is calling me a Mook)

After dinner, we clean up but leave the table outside for tomorrow's breakfast. Then we clamber back down the cliff to check out the land bridge between 'The Island' and 'Nelson Island'.

It doesn't look like much, in fact the only reason we see dirt at all is because it's Low Tide.


Despite it's minuscule makeup, it is a very famous chunk of dirt. It was used in the 1975 intro for Canada's famous TV show…'The Beachcombers'


It's the part where the boat goes flying over

(See, this is exactly what that other dirt looks like)

While Wendy is looking for Relic[s], we notice a weird plume of smoke on the horizon, it looks like a large rocket taking off (cool, our first UFO)


This is rugged, beautiful country


Fender Bender and Nina go in for a swim. It's salt water…from the Jervis Inlet


We watch, seated on some old, massive timber that has drifted onto the beach. During it's time at sea, the wood was host to some form of marine life that has peppered it with tunnels and hard calcium-like tubes


Back up at the summit (i think i'm getting in better shape already) we head inside, snuggle up in front of the big windows…


…and tell stories (until 2.30am)

Here's one. Let's call it 'The Book' (oh, i get it now…the book)

Liz and Andy read one book and it changed their lives. It's called 'The Curve Of Time' by M. Wylie Blanchet.


Following her husband's death, this Montreal native began taking annual cruises of the BC coast with her five children.

it is just an account of many long summer months, when the children were young enough and old enough to take on camping holidays up the coast of British Columbia. Time did not exist; or if it did it did not matter, and perhaps it was not always sunny.”

Inspired by those tales of adventure, Andy and Liz committed to curving time for themselves.


Moose and Wendle

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” ~ Martin Buber





6 thoughts on “Halfmoon Bay – The Dog Days

  1. Ooh! When you put it like that, it does all sound pretty crazy. It was great to meet you guys, a couple of real life nomads! right on. yeah, the ‘ownership’ thing does kind of embarrass me *blush*, how bout the island owns us? or everyone who comes here has a lil piece (must think more about passports), oh, and as for me…i worked in energy efficiency and renewable energy…make sense now? The round house, solar energy, wind, rainwater collection. And maybe i should leave you guys with the african queen….but i cant help myself….he’s called Dennis. 😉 hopefully see ya soon, xo

    • Hi Liz (and Andy), if your story sounds crazy…then Wendy and I want to get mad as hatters. It is one awesome adventure tale.

      Thank you for inspiring us all.

      We’re also looking forward to seeing you guys again soon.

      Moose and Wendle

      P.S. Dennis? (hmmm) I bet there is another great story there

      • Be awesome to hook up again soon, we’ll have a few days in the big city in a couple of weeks, or if you want to come and scale the hill again give us a shout – promise we wont leave you sat in the Backeddy for two hours (although i can think of worse places…i’ve stolen your bracket thang)….believe it or not…wait for it…me and andy were actually in the pub completely unawares while you were on the deck! mmm, not the best communicator our Kirk…but we loves him! xo

      • That is so awesome. We actually discussed there being someone in the pub who knew Kirk. The next day, when we returned to the marina, Kirk met a friend of his…and she had been our waitress.

        I love the that you’ve copied the bracket thang (‘thang’, that’s hill people dialect, right?)

        See you soon


  2. The answer to the riddle is ‘TON’!

    A man has a bucket that weighs ten pounds. He puts something into it, and afterwards it weighs less than ten pounds. What did he put into it?

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