Halfmoon Bay – The Dog Days

Robin's reaction to someone answering his riddle…”Holy fuzzy owl pellets Batman!”

'Riddle Me This'

Q: Forward I am heavy, but backwards I am not. What am I?

A: A Ton

Thanks to little Amy F. (Campbellville, ON), who correctly answered the riddle. Amy, we had no idea what the answer was…'not' a clue…so, we're thrilled that you could finish it. And if you look at the bottom of today's blog…you will see the riddle you sent us (and for everyone else, we've also included a much bigger picture of Amy)

And now…the exciting conclusion of…

'The Island'

We had promised to conclude yesterday but we fibbed (gawd, i feel so cheap). The story is too big…there's just too much adventure to fit all of it onto only two blog pages.

If you recall…we land on 'The Island', climb to the top of the volcano (he is totally making that up), take a tour, move furniture (one table), eat a scrumptious dinner, make pilgrimage to a holy site of 'Beachcomberdom', and tell stories until the wee hours of the morning. And…

…the next morning we wake up and climb down the hill to the beach. Sitting just above it is a huge Prospector's tent (with a queen sized bed) and the new outhouses. Wendy and I inspect the facilities (the view from the throne is breathtaking), then head back up to the house for breakfast.

After, we help clean everything up. We use the outside sink and the new water line…which is connected to a well on Nelson Island by 200' of hose.


This well water will soon be redirected to a huge tank under the house, where another huge tank will collect rain water (the well, hose and tanks were all installed by Liz and Andy)

Using energy sustainably is hugely important to them both, so they have installed solar panels wherever possible and are in the process of adding a wind turbine generator (good thing too because they are off the grid). Their house is designed to capture sunlight and retain heat. It's all truly amazing and we're eager to learn more from them.

Andy and Liz had told us that because it gets so hot after the noon hour, they prefer to do all their heavy work in the early morning. Today's temperatures confirm that schedule. It's almost noon and it is HOT. It's so hot that Andy says “I need a swim”…and so, we head back down to the dock.

Andy, Kirk and Liz jump right in…so does Wendy (no photo available). Even Bender and Nina join in…using the new skid platform that Kirk has hooked up for them. Apparently, the water is very cold.


(hey, how did this pic sneak past the censors?)

Then Kirk takes the dinghy, a mask and snorkel and begins searching for a necklace he had previously lost. He points out some large starfish and sunstars living under the dock



No sooner is everyone out of the water than we are visited by a very large jellyfish. Wendy and I wave to it and unbelievably, it turns to face us and opens itself fully. It is a masterpiece of delicately fluttering, luminescent frills.



Kirk has some stops to make on the way home and Wendle and I are babysitting tonight at 6.30 (what? we are? who volunteered us for that?) so all too soon, it's time to pack up and leave this heavenly hilltop home. We promise to hook up again soon and then we haul everything back down to the dock and the little grey boat that will carry us back to Egmont.

Andy is driving the boat this time and the rest of us have nothing to do except enjoy the ride…



and stare (as long as possible) at the ever receding outline of Liz and Andy's shiny island home




As we get into the main channel, we are joined by other boat traffic


Directly across from Egmont, we get a close up view of some hillside clearcut damage. It's on land that was apparently purchased by the Courtnall brothers (Russ and Geoff). Whatever their original plan, the result is scarred and ugly and has introduced the use of a new word amongst residents of the Sunshine Coast…

'Courtnalled' – adj. v. (in a sentence please) “I wanted a good haircut but the barber Courtnalled me and now I look like a mutated chicken”



Back on Highway 101 and, tires squealing, we are zipping around the tight turns. Kirk has many friends along the coast highway and we stop to visit several of them

Hmmm…no one home a this place…


That's Joni's place? Ah man…I think we missed it


Wow, Ray sure has a beautiful Arbutus tree


What a great view!



Cool driftwood bird houses at the Micheal home

One of the many great things that Kirk does is to pick up food (from those who have much) and redistribute it to those who have less. He knows we're babysitting tonight and that there's no food at Colin's so, Kirk gives us a container of handmade quesadillas to bring home…thanks big guy, you're a lifesaver. I can't imagine what Zohan might do if she were starving (can you say 'Donner Party')

We arrive just in time to see that one of the kids has received a new 'Gat' in the mail. Thank gawd we have the quesadillas (quick, throw them some grub)


Once we're home, Wendy also notices that she has forgotten one of her moccasins on 'The Island' (Andy and Liz, if you happen to find it…)


We had a total blast with Kirk, Andy, Liz, Bender and Nina. What a gift. Thank you all.

And thank you Zohan and Teddy for a lovely evening

Before we end today's blog…let's check in with Amy's riddle

'Riddle Me This'

Q: A man has a bucket that weighs ten pounds. He puts something into it, and afterwards it weighs less than ten pounds. What did he put into it?

A: __________________

And as promised…here's a bigger picture of Amy

(wow Amy, you have gorgeous eyes)

Goodnight all…

Moose and Wendle


And now for another instalment of…

'Weird, Whacky World'

This true story is from Chris and Colin (Halfmoon Bay, BC)

Carrot (the cat) has a cousin, who used to live downstairs. His name is Zohan (that's too bizarro to be made up).

One day, Zohan (the cat) climbed to the very top of a skinny, sixty foot pine tree that's in behind Colin's house.

Then he couldn't get down

He stayed up there crying, for three cold, wet days.

On the night of the third day, Chris and Colin were outside and using flashlight to check up on Zohan. Suddenly they saw four sets of glowing red eyes heading up the tree. Raccoons

Colin and Chris were afraid for Zohan, so they started throwing rocks at the raccoons (one guy says they hit one and knocked it off the tree and the other guy says they missed altogether)

Then Chris hit one of the raccoons and knocked it off the tree (that is a better story)

But the other three kept climbing right up to the top…where Zohan was hissing wildly.

The raccoons got very close to Zohan. He's hissing and clawing at them and they're hissing and clawing right back at him. Mayhem!

Then the raccoons realized that they weren't going to win, so they retreated back down the tree. Zohan was saved

The next day, Zohan's owner finally decides to call in the volunteer fire department. They arrive and hook up a very long ladder…some rope harnesses…and actually get a fireman right up to where Zohan is stuck.

The fireman gets really, really close to Zohan and he reaches out…and then he reaches a little further…

and Zohan falls out of the tree.

He drops sixty feet down and lands…on all four feet.

And runs away!

The best part is, the owner saw an ad from the the BC SPCA (http://www.spca.bc.ca/) for a found cat matching Zohan's description. He went down to the shelter…and it WAS Zohan. And he had to re-adopt him.





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