Halfmoon Bay – The Dog Days

Sandra from Mountsberg…who now wishes to be known as 'HawkWoman' (Hawk's Woman?)

…No, not Hawk's Woman (i don't know why not…Hawk does resemble a young Fabio)


Hawk…Woman (ohh, HawkWoman)


Yes. Anyway, HawkWoman…answered the riddle


'Riddle Me This'

Q: A man has a bucket that weighs ten pounds. He puts something into it, and afterwards it weighs less than ten pounds. What did he put into it?

A: A HO_ _


Robin: “Batman…Wait…HawkWoman didn't leave a question”

Batman: Nothing? Drat and double drat. Foiled again by that feathered, feckless, felonious female.

Robin: “It looks bad, Batman. This brassy bird has us buffaloed”

Batman: No Robin. You know this one…think…for the love of kitsch, think!

Robin: “Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods, Batman! It's a hole that makes his bucket lighter”

Batman: That's right Robin…'A Hole makes his bucket lighter'..by gawd man, you've saved us from HawkWoman's evil talons.

Phew. That was close. Luckily Robin sent a question, in the form of a new Riddle…and it's at the bottom of today's post


Wendy and I have had a blast the past two days. On Thursday, we discovered a great Yoga studio in Sechelt. It's called 'Blissful Yoga' and it's owned by Princess Buttercup. She's apparently still on the lam from Prince Humperdink and she's using an alias…'Georgia'. She didn't fool us though (we've seen 'Princess Bride' too many times). We had a great workout and we're thinking about enrolling for a month. (we'll keep you posted)


After Yoga, we drove into Roberts Creek to visit new friends at 'Up The Creek', Martin's hostel (Aug. 3rd Post). Unfortunately, Martin was very busy and didn't have a lot of time to chat. Luckily, Luke and Albert (bruddas from anudda mudda) were free and took up the slack. We had a great time (we also kept them from doing anything useful for Martin)

Luke and Albert

As a young student, Luke's passion for adventure was ignited by another intrepid sailor (Jesse Martin) an Aussie who, in 1999, became the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe, solo, non-stop and unassisted.

'Jesse chronicled his adventures in the book Lionheart: A Journey of the Human Spirit, and his story was made into a documentary, Lionheart: The Jesse Martin Story'

Luke's goal (besides reaching shore safely) is to inspire others by sailing solo, non-stop and unassisted from Sechelt to Australia. He has recently taken ownership of his boat 'Willow' and there's much still to be done. Hull cleaning, sea trials, gear to purchase and install. He also has to arrange communications with the many school children who will follow his crossing (via the internet) both here and in Australia. It's a worthy goal and Wendy and I are totally supportive of it.

One thing Luke (and all those children) could really use…is Corporate Sponsorship. This expedition would be a gift for any company who wishes to very publicly support adventure and education. Especially when for a very low expenditure, their company logo would be splashed across the mainsail and on every child's mind…in at least two countries (are you listening AXE?)

If anyone out there is interested…you can let us know…and we will introduce you to a good man who is doing it right.

Speaking of nautical seafarers, we've tracked down the jellyfish that visited us at Liz and Andy's…it's a Lion Mane's Jellyfish and it is the world's largest

The largest recorded specimen found, washed up on the shore of Massachusets in 1870, had a bell (body) with a diameter of 7 feet 6 inches (2.29 m) and tentacles over 120 feet (37 m) long



Thursday afternoon Wendle and I took a ride up the coast highway to Pender Harbour. Kirk told us that the barber there was great, so I decided to get a haircut. He was right…'The Harbour Barber' gave me a fantastic haircut (boss asks me if i lost weight). What he forgot to tell us was how beautiful the barbershop was…


Friday morning Wendy and I took Zohan and Teddy to the Gumboot Cafe for a slice of pizza and a fruit smoothie. We enjoyed a window seat.


The kids seem to be training hard for something. Teddy was doing stretches at the restaurant and when we got home, Zohan started doing some kind of Jean Claude Van Fat move


Do you remember when you could bend like that? (no)

Friday night Wendle and I went over to Chris' house to watch the super popular 'Sleepy Hollow Rod Run'. It's an annual event and part of an entire weekend of car mania known locally as 'The Festival of the Rolling Arts'. The Rod Run starts in Sechelt goes to Halfmoon Bay, and back…via Hwy. 101 and Redrooffs Rd (where Chris has his house). This year they're expecting over 300 cars…one of which will be Colin's 1979 Honda Civic. The kids will be riding shotgun so it should be a ton of fun.

Chris gave us a tour of his fruit trees, a Kiwi plant, Grape vines and Bamboo. Fantastic





Fuzzy Peach Plums




(and i have no idea what this is…but Wow!)

Then we grabbed a brewski and parked our lawn chairs by the side of the road (like everyone else in the neighbourhood)…'Let the Games Begin'

There was every type of car…and truck. Muscle cars, hot rods, Model T's, roadsters, station wagons, even a Detroit Electric






Colin's car drove past near the end…just before the electric cars (including the Mayor of Sechelt in his Tesla)


We waved like crazy to everybody…four hundred and thirty eight cars…in both directions. I'm thinking of running for mayor now (as soon as i can lift my arm again)

The biggest cheers were for people who just happened to get stuck in this parade of oldies…people driving new Caravans or Hyundais. We got an equally hearty wave back from them. It sure looked like they were having a blast. So did we…and just imagine the hallucinations we are to endure after sucking exhaust from nine hundred pre-catalytic converter tailpipes (what is this green and blue hair growing out of my arm?)

Colin sure was stoked


After the Rod Run, we had dinner and Zohan caught and ate a live Iguana (you are the biggest fibber…that's not even an iguana)


Another great couple of days on the coast. We hope you're having a blast too, wherever you happen to find yourself, right now


'Riddle Me This'

Q: You're flying a plane over Chicago. There are 10 passengers: Bob, Larry, Jim, Cary, Hans, Tim, Jordan, Bill, Richard and Fred. They are wearing blue, green, yellow, purple and tye-dye shirts. What is the name of the pilot?

A: ________________


Thanks Robin.

Goodnight everyone

Moose and Wendle


Robin also sent this crazy video of Batman communicating with one of nature's giant predators (the link works…but you might have to copy and paste it into YouTube)

And speaking of Nature's giants…Wendy and I have been actively searching for a local Samsquanch expert. We have a name but as yet no sightings (he's more elusive than Bigfoot). Then we saw this disturbing 'news' story from Russia…Yikes!

'Russian Yetis Start War With Bears' (Colbert will be thrilled to have an ally)


(watch out little Yeti…he's right behind that tree!)






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