Halfmoon Bay – The Birth Days

Hear Ye…Hear Ye…The biggest event of the year is today, August 11th. It's Emily's Birthday (hey emily, it's your birthday). Emily is my beautiful daughter. Today, she is officially two years older than me (don't ask, it's new math). She's also Wendy's younger sister (by marriage). Her birth is one of the great events of my life. Wendy and I adore her and she continues to inspire us (hey emmer, you know this was your present, right?)

Emily's 1st Birthday


I think I have my first case of writer's block. I can't think of much we've seen or done in the past two days, that anyone else would consider interesting. What do you write about then? It's a good question. I've been pondering it for those two days. And I have no clear answer. Most people would probably consider their own daily lives to be very uninteresting, no matter where they are. Even all-time, superstar, sports heroes would find their daily routine boring…wake, eat, practice, eat, play, answer stupid questions, eat and sleep in a hotel room. I wonder if anyone is just super fascinated with themselves? (james bond maybe…oh, and 'the most interesting man in the world'). Probably.

Hey, one thing everyone finds interesting…riddles


'Riddle Me This'

Q: You're flying a plane over Chicago. There are 10 passengers: Bob, Larry, Jim, Cary, Hans, Tim, Jordan, Bill, Richard and Fred. They are wearing blue, green, yellow, purple and tye-dye shirts. What is the name of the pilot?

A: 'Your Name Here'


Wow, that Robin is a tricky Dicky (oh, i get it…'dick' grayson). Well, no one answered the riddle so we're going right to the source for today's melon buster. Take it away Riddler…


'Riddle Me This'

Q: What is Joan of Arc made of?

A: _______________


Wendy and I took care of the kids today. That was fun. Zohan decided to practice her black ops by throwing her sleeping bag over her head and walking around the house. She walked into a wall. It was really funny (if only an adult had been around to warn her)



We played games (little kids cheat). That's about all I can remember…it's still kind of a blur (i think Zohan slipped you a Micky Finn). Tomorrow Wendy and I are taking Zohan to Yoga with us, apparently she is an old pro and Princess Buttercup is cool with it.

Wendy and I did do Yoga Saturday morning. Although it was a different instructor, she was also very good. We signed up for a month.

Wow…that's literally all we can think of. We had two wonderful days. We just can't recall any more of it. Ah well, we promised to blog…we didn't guarantee that it would be entertaining. We will continue to keep you up to date on all of our future non-events.

Have a great and wonderful day. Enjoy the journey and if you can't remember what you did two minutes ago…don't sweat it…just enjoy this moment

'Stay Thirsty My Friends'

Moose and Wendle









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