Halfmoon Bay, BC

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times'

We discovered that anyone can read the first few lines of each day's blog by examining the homepage (go ahead, peruse away, i'll wait here…

…told ya) So, I imagined that we might expand our readership by making our opening a tad more appealing to the intelligencia. I may be sui generis in this regard, but I do hypostulate that this first attempt has the potential for becoming a classic (just sayin)

What I really want to talk about might seem somewhat bizarre (only if they haven't been reading the blog) so I placed it safely down here…a few lines below where the casual browser can read it

I really want to talk about Batman and Robin…I know, I know…but you aren't intercepting their communications like we are. We received another one from 'Robin' today (really? how do you know it's from him?)

(well, everything appears to be authentic)

Here's what the communication said…

Robin: “Holy conflagration, Batman! “Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans.”

(you're fired)

Wow…that's the answer to…


'Riddle Me This'

Q: What is Joan of Arc made of?

A: Maid of Orleans


Then it sounded like Batman said something about 'a dolphin'. He also said, 'It's not carved in stone…for gawd's sake'

And then Robin said, “Holy hieroglyphics, here's another one” (another one what?)

Unfortunately, that part of the message is in code and we're still translating it (it's all Greek to me).

I'll keep typeing, hopefully the clue will be unraveled before I run out of ribbon.


It was a very interesting drive into Sechelt yesterday morning for Yoga. There was a wet mist hanging over the landscape…and Zohan is behind me in the back seat (did you check her for a shiv?)

The big topic of conversation at Yoga was today's absence of sunshine. The locals were more than a little concerned that summer was over and winter had arrived…it felt like we were in Winterfell (well, winter IS coming).


Zohan was with us because Colin took Teddy to a bro down and girls weren't allowed (bros only bro). Wow, that girl can really focus. An hour and fifteen minute Yoga program and not a peep out of her. She just did her workout. One word…Ninja Stealth. Guys, I'd recommend you re-think the whole exclusion thing


After Yoga Zohan, Wendy and I went for breakfast at 'Ricky's All Day Grill'. Wendy and I have been here twice now and we've yet to have our orders filled correctly. Food is delivered in fits and starts (it does extend your dining experience). Zohan was pretty pumped about it all…”My order got here first and there's nothing wrong with my order. My order is perfect.” Geez, kids are terrific.

We saw this neat ad in the paper. It looks incredibly interesting and we'd very much like to see this ancient forest. We'll follow up on it and get back to you


Today Wendy and I went to Sargent's Bay Provincial Park. It's just down Redrooffs Road, towards Sechelt. We brought our chairs and perched them on the rocky beach. Summer has returned and the day is warm and sunny (cancel the human sacrifice), the water is crystal clear and we thoroughly enjoy ourselves just watching the waves roll in (…and watch 'em roll away again)


We stroll the beach and hunt for treasure. Wendy finds some pretty mussel shells and a cool piece of driftwood (it looks like a whale who has had a stroke). In our excitement, we forget to take pictures of them.

I find some previously living crabs. They are about two inches long and equally wide…and their shells are a dark burgundy colour. We aren't sure how they died…possibly marooned at Low Tide. We see ten or so, lying about helter skelter, upright and upside down, as if positioned here by the ocean…which then abandoned them.


There are so many things lying dead on this beach, for want of the water that lies just inches from their tiny, desiccated bodies. It is at once, both beautiful and sobering.




And where water remains…life continues, unabated.


We have a great time and will return here again.

Back at home, the kids are eating dinner with Maude, their mom, and Colin. We had thought to give everyone some space as they have some scheduling to discuss. Colin is heading to Vancouver tomorrow to participate in the Ultimate Championships, Masters Division and he won't return until Saturday. Maude has the children until then and will be coming by the house to paint. We will await scheduling confirmation and then ponder our own.

Wendy and I decide to eat at The Lighthouse (Jul 26th Post) and when Kirk texts us to see what we are doing, we invite him along.

We meet up with Kirk and Fender Bender at their house. FB is on the lawn, waiting for us…and quickly ushers us in. The house is lovely. Kirk is truly an artist in wood. Dominating the living room is a coffee table made from a revolving slice of Maple trunk, perhaps five feet in diameter and three inches thick. An end table (or ottoman) is made from one solid piece of Arbutus, waxed to a deep lustre.

Kirk shows us a piece of wood that will be used to make an electric guitar. It looks like the top half of an alligator's head. Wendy and I get to apply olive oil to the piece, both by hand and with a toothbrush. It's very rewarding to participate in recycling this beautiful form.

Then the four of us pile into both cars (FB rides shotgun with Kirk) and head over to The Lighthouse, where we enjoy a meal that is truly superb.

When we arrive back at Colin's we get confirmation on tomorrow's schedule. As it stands now, Colin will leave around nine and Maude will arrive at the same time to paint. Wendy and I may require new lodgings for a few days. We'll adjust as events present themselves.

One cool thing…we've cracked the code in the last line of Robin's note…it appears to be a question


'Riddle Me This'

Q: What do you have to keep in order to part with it?

A: _______________


Moose and Wendle


There's something else written on the note…it looks like it's in the original Sanskrit…hmmm…almost there…Eureka!! Here it is…

Robin: “Holy contributing to the delinquency of minors”, enjoy!







4 thoughts on “Halfmoon Bay, BC

    • Hi Shawn,

      Actually, it’s a ‘Yahoo’…’a primitive creature obsessed with “pretty stones” they find by digging in mud’.

      Although…since Yahoos are legendary beings and frontiersman Daniel Boone did refer to a “a ten-foot, hairy giant” he shot and killed, as a Yahoo…I guess we could call this Yahoo a very tiny Bigfoot (probably a five-year-old)

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