Halfmoon Bay, BC

'It was a dark and stormy night.'


Nailed it!

Good morning. Hmmm…what to do first…I know, let's see who's writing us now. Quick, to Wendle in…

'The Mail Room'


Cool, we got another letter from 'HawkWoman'…who now wishes to be called 'Falcon Lady' (Falcon's Lady?)

…No, not Falcon's Lady (i don't know why not…Falcon did 'brand her with unbridled love')


Falcon…Lady (alright Falcon Lady…whoa, déjà vu)

I for one think we should respect her wishes and call her by her preferred name…


Apparently she can't wait to give 'Ratzis a good pounding' (that's what she said)

By the way Myrna…who's 'Hugh'? (if anyone know who's who, it's Myrna)

We also received mail from a young fella from Mississauga, Ontario named 'Baz' (well that just sounds completely made up). Baz, you did it big guy…you successfully answered the skill testing riddle in

'Riddle Me This'

Q: What do you have to keep in order to part with it?

A: A Comb

Nicely done Baz…but you forgot to ask your question. Remember guys, if you answer the riddle, you can ask us a question.

Our last letter is from Shawn (Peterborough, ON) and Shawn does have a question…

Q: 'Is the last picture that of a “Sasquatch ” foraging on the beach?'

A: Hi Shawn,

Actually, it’s a ‘Yahoo’…’a primitive creature obsessed with “pretty stones” they find by digging in mud’.

Although…since Yahoos are legendary beings and frontiersman Daniel Boone did refer to a “a ten-foot, hairy giant” he shot and killed, as a Yahoo…I guess we could call this Yahoo a very tiny Bigfoot (probably a five-year-old)


That's all the mail we received today. Awesome guys. Keep those cards and letters coming

Yesterday morning (August 14th) was spent hanging out with Zohan and Teddy. Maude started painting the bedrooms and hallway and we thought we could help out by playing with the goobers (don't get riled now, 'goobers' is southern speak for…peanuts).

The kids and I have been watching old Batman shows over the Internet (so who actually is Robin?). The kids love the show. They walk around singing the theme song. Teddy IS Batman. He wants a costume and a car…Immediately. That's all he talks about…his parents are thrilled

This is the car Teddy wants (who's the lucky stiff driving?)


Of course after watching Batman, all the little ones want to do is play fight (BAM..KAPOW!!). I've been obliging them as much as I can. These guys are really tough…I have to use couch cushions to protect myself (that's just sad).

Here they are assembling some sort of homemade explosive device


Yesterday afternoon Wendle and I hiked the 'Triangle Lake' trail (Redrooffs Road directly across from the entrance to Sargent's Bay Provincial Park Beach).


It's only 3.3km long and yet we didn't even make it to the lake. We were completly distracted by the absolute beauty of this forest and ended up at the summit lookout, sitting meditatively for quite awhile. This is another very special place. Giant firs and cedars, bubbling brooks cascading down stony outcrops, branches covered in moss so thick and green it looks like it was appliquéd. A large Heron, spooked by our soft footseps, launches itself through thick branches that snap, crackle and pop as its heavy body takes flight. Scents so succulent and sweet that your heart aches as you inhale them…and breaks as they dissipate. The ephemeralness of this poweful olfactory experience is confirmation that Life is only ever this breath…this moment















Later, we stop at the beach again to hunt for sea treasure.


Walking on the rocky beach is challenging even though the stones seem to pack together as snugly as if positioned by a master mason.


Wendy discovers pieces of what might have been a salmon. The trail of body parts ends at what would have been dinner for some lucky bear, coyote or raccoon.


At water's edge, we discover an oyster…sealed tight and covered in barnacles…waiting patiently for the ocean tide that will bring it home.



Today (Aug. 15), we woke up and went to Yoga. After the workout we went home, showered, ate breakfast and visited with the kids while Maude continued painting.

In the afternoon, Kirk dropped by and he, Wendy and I went to visit Stephanie (Aug. 2nd Post)

As previoulsy mentioned, Stephanie's property is one of complete delight and particularly enchanting is the largest of Stephanie's plants. It's enormous leaves are paper thin, dry and as rough as sandpaper. A massive cluster of seeds nestle at the base of the plant, protected by hard, thick leaf stems armoured in spikes. It reminds me of Audrey, from 'Little Shop Of Horrors', and when Wendy asks me to stand next to it for a photo, I resist, telling her that I'm a little worried that this thing will eat me (feed me…feed me)
This Brazilan native is the 'Gunnera Manicata'

Gunnera are the only known angiosperms to have a symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria, a relationship that gives G. manicata plants the ability to fulfil their own nitrogen needs. This may contribute to its invasiveness.

Fruit is abundant, with each seedhead producing an excess of 80,000 seeds.

Wind pollinated

Local dispersal methods – Consumption / Excretion: Gunnera Manicata fruit are consumed by birds that disperse them

For ornamental purposes






Wendy and I are 'kidded out' so we greatfully accept Kirk's offer to eat dinner at his place. The food is superb. We start with some wonderfully textured Italian olives. For the entree, Wendy and Kirk enjoy Salmon…while I gnaw on a pork schnitzel. Potatoes and an amazing salad complete the feast



Kirk participates in an intriguing 'Food Share' program. Wendy and I are learning of its benefits by eating some of the very tasty dishes that have been prepared and shared by some of the other participants. Tonight's salad, which includes chunks of blue cheese, beets and candied walnuts, is such a treat (i drool just thinking about it). We promise to give a full report on how this program works (it will require much more additional tasti…i mean testing)

Well that's how life is here on the Sunshine Coast. We're expecting rain for the next three or four days and we are fairly certain it won't dampen our spirits (barroom boom). Before we head off to sleep, we'd like to leave you with this thought…and may it nestle deeply into your mind and occupy your dreams…


'Riddle Me This'

Q: Which president wears the largest hat?

A: _______________


Goodnight all


Speaking of absolute beauty…here's a photo of Crawford Lake (Crawford Lake Conservation Area, Campbellville, ON) taken by our good friend Dana. Great pic buddy!


And here is the former manager of that little slice of heaven. We'd heard he'd moved out to Vancouver for the fish…but apparently he's become a Playboy bunny (i say, if you got it…flaunt it)








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