Halfmoon Bay – A Work Day

“Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death they would be asked two questions and their answers would determine whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife. The first question was, 'Did you bring joy?' The second was, 'Did you find joy?”

Leo Buscaglia


Friday August 16

We've noticed that the blog dates do not show up on Wendy's IPhone. To avoid confusion for those using that device, we will add the date manually…at least until Schneider solves the problem

No…that's 'Snider'


No…but close


Yup, that's our Schneider (so, what's Schneider doing…looking for a wall plug?)


I assume we stumped everyone with our last riddle. Awesome! So, what was the answer? Well for that, let's go directly to…


'Riddle Me This'

Q: Which president wears the largest hat?

A: The one with the largest head


Wow, that sure was a tough one. We promise to make today's question easier.


We've been speaking to Kirk about helping him at his store, the 'Kirk Michael Gallery', which is at the 'Trail Centre' (just down the hall from 'Clayton's' supermarket). The store is only open Fridays and Saturdays (11.00a – 3.00p) and we thought it might be fun for us, and beneficial to Kirk, if Wendle and I volunteered our time so he can keep it open one more day per week. We confirmed those plans last night and today, we're meeting Kirk at the store, around noon, to begin our training.

After breakfast, we pick up a coffee and head right over to the store. After greetings, Kirk presents me with a throne and tells me to sit (so far, i love this job)


Then, Kirk says, “So, you guys are good here for a couple hours, I'm going to go eat”…and leaves

(What, What, What??)

He leaves us with two pieces of advice…”call me if someone wants to buy an expensive item” and…”it's not about the money, just have fun” (alrighty then…)

It's very busy…tons of people come in to browse and commend me on 'my store' (well you do occupy the throne). We have to tell everyone that no, we don't own the store…and no, we know nothing about any of the items…and no, we don't know how much that item is…and yes, it is a really comfortable chair (and no, you can't sit in it).

We meet a couple from Moose Jaw (SK) and hear all about last year's snowfall and the wheat board. In fact, we meet people from all over North America. What a blast

What's that…did we make any sales? Well of course we did…I mean after all, we did have five minutes of advanced sales training. Wendy sold a tin of Kirk's special wood wax and I sold a piece of a sea lion's jawbone to a young naturalist. Kirk wanted twenty dollars for it but I used all of my business wiles on this kid and got her down to fifteen (first day on the job and you're having your own 25% off sale…genius). Grand total of our combined sales…$30.00 (yeah baby)

Around two thirty, a fellow walks in and basically says that he has money and wants to spend a whack of it on a large wooden table for his condo. Something unique…something that 'speaks to him'…something expensive.

We call Kirk. 'Hello Kirk…haul your butt back to the store, we got us a live one'.

Within seven minutes Kirk wanders in and takes charge. Wendy and I, ramped up and eager to learn more about retail sales, lean in and listen intently…

Customer: “I have money and I want to spend a whack of it on a large wooden table for my condo. Something unique…something that speaks to me…something expensive” (i think that's called paraphrasing)

Kirk: 'You know what you can do…head down to the beach…find a piece you really like and bring it in” (very cool…the old 'soft sell')

Kirk: “Or, I can give you the number of a friend of mine…he should have what you're looking for” (HUH?)

Except for the phone number of Kirk's friend…the man leaves empty handed

I brighten Kirk up by telling him that I was able to sell the sea lion jawbone for five dollars less than he wanted…you can tell from the look on his face that he is greatly impressed by my shrewd sales acumen (i wish we could have taken a picture of that face)

“That's a good day” says Kirk. “Thirty bucks is exactly what I need” and with that, we leave the box of Kleenex on the table outside and lock the door.

If you're interested in beautiful and creative wood furniture and art, feel free to go to Kirk's website (or just find a log on the beach and bring it in)


Whew…all that time at work really pooped us out. Let's just get dinner and head home.

We arrive just in time to say so long to Maude and the kids, who are heading off to Victoria (BC). We get hugs and kisses from everyone and then stand out on the driveway…waving goodbye…for what seems like an eternity (and looking like Jed and Grannie Clampett). I know I've been kidding a lot that Zohan and Teddy are a handful and all but to tell you the gawd's honest truth, I'm really going to…LOVE having some Peace and Quiet!

Wendy and I have a quiet dinner and now it's off to bed…'cause we have plans for a big day tomorrow…


Okay, here's an easy one


'Riddle Me This'

Q: When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train?

A: _______________


Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle



First…some amazing driftwood art




Australian Health and Safety practices


And last…







One thought on “Halfmoon Bay – A Work Day

  1. Hey guys, can I get a copy of that sign for the farm I work on? We have a lot of f—wits trying to operate the paper towel dispenser in the washrooms that could use this warning.

    Teresa R

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