Halfmoon Bay – A Day Of Culture

“Resist much. Obey little.”

Walt Whitman


Saturday August 17

There are events and festivals going on all up and down the coast. We were much tempted to go to the Baroque Festival in Pender Harbour but opted instead to go to the 26th Annual 'Summer Arts and Craft Fair' (at Hackett Park in Sechelt) and the 31st Annual 'Festival of the Written Arts', also in Sechelt.


The craft fair was fantastic. There are a lot of talented artists, craftspeople, photographers, musicians and jewellers on the coast and we met many of them today. We also met 'Sugar Nuts' (he was a bit testy, but oh so sweet). He sells…sugared nuts


We saw brilliant photographs…some of them printed onto canvas. We also tried peppered, smoked salmon jerkey (it leaves your breath smelling like you just ate cat food)


Wendy bought a gorgeous necklace from Robert Daniel Walton of 'Windy Tree Artisan' in Nanaimo, BC. Robert was great and showed us how he creates his works…he cuts a branch off a dead Arbutus tree, ages it for a year, slices it into medallions, cures those for another year and then, very slowly, carves an image into the piece using a very thin file. He told us that when he works, his focus becomes Zenlike


I bought a native flute from Karolyne S. Rogers of 'Mending Heart Flutes'


As we approached the booth, the clear, dulcet tones of Karolynes fluted breath brought dear friends to mind and Wendy to tears. 'Mending Hearts'…appropot.

Karolyne's flutes are 'a tribute to Robert Two Hawks' and 'each flute is handcrafted with ceremony, humility and gratitude for his gift'. Thank you Robert and Karolyne, your gifts are very much appreciated.

The flute is gorgeous and has a divine scent and voice.


We also bought this very stylish collar and tartan tie ensemble for a short, fluffy friend of ours. As we said…Mending Hearts

(who's a good girl Mattie)


After the craft fair, Wendle and I sashayed over to the Rockwood Centre for the 'Festival of the Written Arts'.


Wow…what a gorgeous venue





This is a book lovers paradise. 'The Big Tent', a large enclosed area, contains a gold mine of newly published offerings, most of which are signed by the authors.

(nice necklace…is it new?)


With unbridled enthusiasm readers plunge into newly purchased adventures. By the written word, tables, chairs and sun umbrellas are transformed into tropical island paradises and steamy jungles of torrid passion and lust (geez, what's the name of that book?)


On site caterers provide hot and hearty fare for particularly voracious readers.

Guest authors discuss their work before a lively audience. A sound system has been set up to appease the overflow crowd. Crowd noise makes listening difficult and you can identify the genuine enthusiasts by the way their bodies contort towards the loudspeakers.


Presentation concluded, the authors are whisked into 'The Big Tent', pursued by a coterie of wellwishers, hobknobbers and autograph seekers.

There is but one book on Wendle's radar…'An Indian Sojourn', by Ellen Besso. It was mentioned in a local news story and does sound fascinating…'This memoir takes the reader on a spiritual journey as Ellen and her partner tutor Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala and travel through the fascinating yet paradoxical country that is India'

Wendy is also hoping to meet Ellen, who resides on the coast and is a member of the 'Sunshine Coast Independent Writers'. Wendy disappears into the 'The Big Tent'. I do my best to appear mildly interesting…yet tantalizingly aloof. I think it works as no one approach me (that's cause you look like a rubby wearing a big hat)


She's gone quite a while and when she returns, Wendy tells me that she has found and bought the book…has met Ellen and had a great talk…and that plans are now in place for us to get together with Ellen and Don (Ellen's husband).


We also meet Jan Jensen, another of member of the Sunshine Coast Independent Writers and like Wendy, passionate about creating and sharing healthy, allergen free food ('Recipes for Loving The Body You’re In')

Speaking of food, I am starving…sorry…Ravenous. Wendy recommends Indian cuisine and in particular, fare from 'The Saffron', a much referred Sechelt restaurant. As we are considering our options, Wendy receives a text from Kirk…'Curry at Andy and Liz'

Well, friends and food together certainly sound like a great idea. Just to make sure our communications are rock solid, Wendy calls Kirk directly to make arrangements and get directions. All we have to do is pick up some additional Indian food and show up. Beauteous!

A quick stop at The Saffron ('The Trail Bay Centre' in Sechelt) and we are good to go.

It's fantastic to see Andy and Liz again. They have this home in Sechelt. It faces the Strait of Georgia and is right down at the water's edge. They used to live in this house but now that the island is their home, they rent this property to vacationers. It's perfect. From the front porch you can see and hear the water, feel the sea breezes and watch small boats that have anchored in this sheltered harbour to rest, or to escape bad weather



One Captain has been riding out today's bad weather on Liz and Andy's porch. His name is Dan. Dan is the man. He lives on his sailboat all summer. During our Canadian winter, Dan lives in Costa Rica. He's direct, funny, well read and a little salty. It's a really good mix. Oh…and there's a more than passing resemblance to Norman Jewison.

(dan looks like this guy)


Dinner is fantastic (kudos to The Saffron), the wine is excellent and the conversation is both intriguing and highly educational. Dan, Andy, Liz and Kirk's lives no longer conform to the classic nine to five existence. To varying degrees, they are 'off the grid'. Hearing unabashed accounts of what it actually means to live in this way offers Wendy and I incredible insight. It's not for everyone. Wendle and I aren't even sure yet if it's for us but it sure is great to learn what it will take from these four amazing adventurers.

It's early morning before we say our goodbyes and return to Halfmoon Bay. Some days are just really great. Today, we were blessed with one of those. As Dan said, “We are the privileged'


Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Actually one person at the Writer's Festival did approach me and ask if I was Hemingway

I asked 'What's a Hemingway?

And they said…'Oh, about five pounds (barroom-boom)









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