Halfmoon Bay – Lazy Days of Summer

“The time will come when winter will ask you what you were doing all summer”

– Henry Clay.

Henry, you are 100% correct…winter is coming. There are probably a ton of things we could be doing, chopping wood, salting meat, making jam…but we're feeling a bit lazy. How lazy? Well, in the words of the immortal 'anonymous writer'…

” I feel lazy. In fact, I'm feeling lazier than the guy who drew the Japanese flag.”

Lucky for us, just doing nothing is highly commendable

“To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual”

– Oscar Wilde


Sunday August 18

Hello Sportsfans

Wow, last night sure was a late one. We could just lay around but we didn't want to waste the day so we got up bright and early and went to yoga. The workout was great and we left feeling all revved up and ready to go.

We grabbed a Starbucks, got home, ate breakfast, sat down and…that was pretty much it.

A family of mule deer showed up. Two beautiful stags came into the yard to munch on Colin's tomatoes ('munch on his tomatoes'…is that what the kids are calling it now?)


We were outside watching the bucks when Wendy spotted a baby and doe in the next yard over


Around three I practiced the flute and it just wasn't sounding very good at all. Instead of crisp, clean notes, it sounded like a leak in an air mattress. Wendy said, “Karolyne will be at the craft fair for another twenty minutes…do you want to ask her for help?” (Karolyne is the flute lady from 'Mending Heart Flutes')

'Yes I do. Outstanding idea Wendle.'

So, we packed up and drove to Sechelt. The fair was over by the time we got there and booths were being dismantled for transportation. Karolyne was also busy but she still made time to answer my questions and show me how beautiful my flute can sound…when a pro is playing it. Wow! She also mentioned that sometimes, the flute just won't sing. If it's cold or if it's soaked inside from a novice who's been overdoing it. Good to know

Very Cool!! We just picked up our first Sunshine Coast hitchhiker.

We stopped to get some groceries and were on our way home when we saw a tired looking older gent standing by the side of the highway with his thumb out. We stopped and he sort of crumbled into the back seat of the car. His name is 'Perry' (spoiler alert – his name isn't really Perry, we're using an alias to protect Perry's identity…Doh!)

Perry didn't say much. We tried to initiate conversation and the answer to every question was the same…”Yuh.” “Yuh.” “Yuh.” The only time Perry offered a full sentence was when Wendy asked him, 'Are you just coming from work?'

Perry, “Nah, I was at the bar all day long”

We dropped Perry off in front of his house. The view from up there was outstanding. We could actually see a cruise ship heading towards the fjords. (nice rhyme Longfellow…'good lord, the hoard aboard could afford to be bored')


After dropping Perry off, we went home, ate and shared a quiet evening with Colin. While we were out, he'd returned from his Ultimate tournament where his team won Silver…nicely done, second best in Canada. He was pretty jazzed about that…and about the goal he scored (Colin is in blue)


Colin's Team


Monday August 19

Wendy went to Yoga this morning…but not me. I read my new book 'VLAD', an historical novel by C. C. Humphreys. I picked it up in 'The Big Tent' at the Festival of the Written Arts on Saturday. It's very good and there is not one bloodsucking vampire in the entire book (what…no Wesley Snipes?)

Upon der Schmengle's return we had breakfast and hung out some more. I practiced my flute and blogged and Wendy read her book 'An Indian Sojourn'. It was a pretty sweet way to spend a Monday.

Around five, Colin's friends, Brian and RRRenée arrived.. RRRenée is French and her name is pronounced with three RRR's. We'd met them previously and they're great.

Then Chris showed up. The six of us ate, drank Colin's homemade wine, talked and laughed until around two in the morning. What an enjoyable evening. Thank gawd we were well rested

Hey, we completely forgot to cover all the important stuff. Let's rectify that right now…


'Riddle Me This'

Q: When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train?

A: When it's two to two

Man, that was really easy. Gotta say, we were pretty surprised that no one answered it. Hmmm…is it possible that we could find an even simpler riddle that someone might decipher?

Here try this one…

Q: What has yellow skin and writes?

A: _______________


And Now…It's Time For…

'The Mail Room'


Our first letter is from Liz in Sechelt, BC

Liz writes…

'Woke up with the WORST red wine hangover, and just when i thought it couldn't get any worse, i looked in the mirror, then i smiled, and to my utter horror, all my teeth were red wine red. It was not a good look for me'


I don't know Liz, I think those red wine red teeth make you look kind of exotic. However, if you're dead-red set on getting rid of those stains, why not try…

'Wine Wipes'

(they really really work)

And Liz…please be careful never to mix red wine and breast feeding


Our second letter is from Teresa R. in Campbellville, ON

Teresa writes…

'Hey guys, can I get a copy of that sign for the farm I work on? We have a lot of f—wits trying to operate the paper towel dispenser in the washrooms that could use this warning.'

Absolutely Teresa. We know how frustrating F—wits can be so…we are going to send you the original sign you requested plus…at no additional charge, you'll get our complete F—wit Bathroom Package (that's right you get all of this for just $29.99…that's right…it's a steal at just $29.99)

It includes this 50's Classic


And this gem works for any bathroom yer in


Act now and we'll also send you this Festive Christmas Bathroom Sign (guaranteed to jingle their holly berries)


And if you order before midnight tonight…we'll throw in this artistic wall display. It's titled…'The Dispenser of Last Report'


Well that's all the mail we have today. Wendy and I sure have a blast answering your letters so…grab a pen and write (your grandmother would want you to)

We'll see you all tomorrow right here at…

Moose and Wendle









One thought on “Halfmoon Bay – Lazy Days of Summer

  1. hell’s teeth! i bet dan didnt look this bad? ah well…big ups to my sister for the box of wine, we done you proud annie. so…it seems that retail sales throne worked its wonders, how much for the wipes? and dont send me down to the beach for a piece of driftwood.

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