Halfmoon Bay – The Ferryman

“My soul is full of longing

for the secret of the sea,

and the heart of the great ocean

sends a thrilling pulse through me.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


We've had several interesting days. Some deep inner longing has drawn us repeatedly to the beach. There is stillness at water's edge.


Wednesday August 21

We spent the day sitting on the beach at 'Sargeant Bay Provincial Park' (after yoga). Long enough to watch the slowly rising return of high tide. The first sign of which is the migration of small dingies and rowboats carrying beach goers away from the shrinking shoreline and back to their homes aboard the sloops and powerboats anchored several hundred yards offshore.


The beach begins to recede…foot by foot…yard by yard (what is that in metric?)

Tiny waves, mimicking the patterns of their larger Pacific brothers, crash onto the shore in miniature displays of power ('surf's up' for ants). Sand bugs race landward as if escaping a tsunami.

As the rocky beach is flooded, driftwood logs are re-floated by the sea that first deposited them here. They start to bob…as if preparing to get under way


The inexorable advance of water continues until it's splashing against the bigger driftwood logs, lying higher up on the beach…where we are sitting. Exotic and currently unidentified bugs scatter out of the wood and run for safety looking every bit like rats deserting a ship. Sand Fleas by the handful, hop onto the top of the logs and then take the long jump off…onto the dry sand below.

That's close enough…time to go


After dinner a discovery…this silicone lettuce container makes a mighty attractive and very colourful pork pie hat (eat your heart out Popeye Doyle)


Thursday August 22

' Don't pay the Ferryman

Don't even fix a price.

Don't pay the ferryman;

Until he gets you to the other side'

– Chris De Burgh


To the beach again. 'Cooper's Green' today. It's much busier than on our previous visit. Families are lounging on the pebbly shore, wading into the surf or poking through the mounds of 'musselcular' flotsam that covers the rocks and parts of the beach


A girl drifts by on a wakeboard…standing still and upright…carried along by the power of her one extremely long paddle. Kayaks glide by passing the frogmen…frogmen? What the heck? Oh, that's right, we've just recently read that some of the world's most ancient reefs are along this coastline

'Glass sponge reefs, originally thought to have gone extinct about 30 million years ago, only appear in a few locations in the world, all near B.C’s coastline.'



Unaware of the sharp life teeming just underfoot, Wendy walks into the surf and promptly loses both of her flip flops.

The first one is pulled off by the current…just as she steps onto the barnacle encrusted mussels that line the bottom. The second flies off in the cascade of frenzied hopping that ensues as barnacles meet skin (man, that woman can really dance).

After several shaky and highly entertaining attempts, Wendy successfully corrals both sandals and places them onto her feet. (did you get that on camera?)

Dang! I didn't get that on camera…Wendy has it down near the shore

Wendle looks a little sheepish as she walks back up the beach towards me. 'No need to my dear'…no one else is looking, they're all watching…

'The Barge Man'

The Barge Man, last seen moving building supplies and windows (August 20 post), returns today for a new load. He drops the barge landing ramp onto the concrete boat ramp and, holding his boat steady, waits…


Suddenly, the roar of an engine coming to life. A large moving truck drives into view as it moves slowly down the concrete incline towards the barge ramp. 'The Move Man' is driving his truck and crew onto the barge.

Wow, these dudes 'will move anywhere' (great slogan…you should copywrite it now)


And then tragicomedy strikes. The truck rear bumper grinds into the concrete, lifting the still spinning back wheels off of the ground. The Move Man is now suspended immobile over the water…hung up by its front wheels and bumper.


Barge Man and The Move Man crew scurry around, positing various arguments and calculations on how best to recover. Barge Man's idea wins out (he is after all…the barge expert)

He ties one end of a towline to the front axle of the truck. He hooks the other end of that line to his boat, which is at least fifty feet away…at the other end of the barge.


His plan is to use his boat to tow the truck onto the barge. And the barge is no longer even attached to the boat.

Everyone on the beach (everyone but the actual stakeholders) knows, with unalterable certainty, that this can only end in disaster…

This is Awesome! (did anyone bring popcorn?)

Wendy wanders towards the action…camera rolling and muttering something about YouTube

The boat takes the slack…dragging the truck seaward. The free floating barge drifts off to starboard and away from the truck. Screams from the truck driver…”Stop! Stop!” (please tell me you're getting all this on film)

The Move Man owner runs over to Wendy, asking for a copy of the video (it'll help to show the insurance company just how the truck did end up on the bottom of the ocean). Still in good humour, he says, “Send it to the News”…and, as he runs back to his amphibitruck, he turns and yells, “We move anywhere” (i told you to copywrite it)


A woman, one of the local denizens of the beach, goes over to Wendy and offers her unwarranted engineering advice. This is right around the time that Barge Man stuffs 'moving blankets' under the back wheels of the truck (yes…that should provide plenty of traction)

'Give 'Er!'' he yells (well he might have yelled it)


A whir of spinning wheels and water and the blankets squirt out behind the truck like…well…'sh– from a goose'

Twenty minutes and several equally goofy and unsuccessful attempts later, the truck is finally hauled aboard…to the cheers of everyone on the beach (simmer people…we didn't exactly save Willie here)

Alright, so this beach is not an oasis of stillness…but that was definitely some high quality entertainment

If you'd like to watch some of the action…check out Wendy's video 'Dont pay the Ferryman' at


It's time to go

Back to Sargeant Bay




Once again we stay until the tide forces us to retreat to drier ground.


Tonight Wendy and I meet two great new people…Andrew and Molly. Andrew arrives for dinner, alone. He proclaims himself to be the son of actual hippies. Andrew is not a hippie. Nor is he a fan of hippies…and he has plenty of hilarious anecdotal evidence to back up his dissent. He is however a proud member of the Halfmoon Bay Volunteer Fire Department.

Molly arrives later and she is flat out gorgeous. She has just come from her Roller Derby practice. The sport appears to be very popular out here and Molly is apparently very good. We hope to see her in action very soon.

Here are pictures of both Andrew and Molly (no..not really…but there are some similarities)



Another gorgeous day on the coast. No answers as yet…but then again, maybe our questions are still too vague and unclear. No biggie…we'll continue to enjoy each moment as it comes and we'll trust the rest to…

It's all good

Goodnight All

Moose and Wendle



'News Update'

– Item One

Liz and Andy have found and returned Wendy's missing moccasin (whew!)

– Item Two

Teddy (the five year old) was carving his name into the wooden dinner table.

Colin asked him, “What are ya doing?”

Teddy, “I'm carving my name into the table.”

Colin, “But that won't come off, it's permanent”

Teddy, “I know. I sit here all the time”







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