Halfmoon Bay – Friends Helping Friends

“I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.”

– Henry David Thoreau


Friday August 23


Gooood Morning Vietnam! (oops, wrong movie)

Today is Friday which means it's once again time for Wendy and I to put on our visors and sleeve garters, muscle up our sales pitch and help Kirk out at his store


We're hoping we can top our previous efforts of a week ago ($30.00 in sales). We have what we believe is a great plan…bring a sandwich, pick up a Starbucks coffee (wendy orders a tall-decaf-soy-one pump-no whip-mocha) and then go to the store and wing it.

Walking into Kirk's store is like stepping into William Randolph Hearst's warehouse…there is interesting stuff everywhere.

Furniture made from slices of various trees, natural driftwood and recycled parts


I love this guy. I call him 'Julius Ceasar Crucified' He's a lamp…'Lamp Art'


Here's some more lamp-arts…the lampshade on the right is made from strips of driftwood


Some of the art qualifies as oddities. The tub on the right is from a giant tree burl


Wendy and I love this piece. It's very large slice from a red cedar tree. It's gorgeous as it is and would also make a beautiful table top


One of the items that really gets a lot of attention is this three string electric guitar made from an old Havana cigar box. Everyone stops to look…some plunk away at it…others just lean in for a serious close inspection. They don't want to play it…they just stare at it. It is a working instrument. A blues guitarist came in the store last week and played it for Wendy (how did i miss that?)


And of course there is 'the chair'….my throne, into which I immediately plunk myself. Ahhh…


Kirk tells us to 'go ahead and have a big sale' and leaves to do some errands.

I'm ready. Wendy's ready. Let the dance begin.

People come and go.

Some compliment us on 'our' store. Wendy and I explain that we're just store sitting for Kirk

Some ask questions about the merchandise


Someone compliments me on my throne. “Is it for sale?”

“Absolutely. You can purchase it two minutes after the store closes and I'm done sitting in it”

Kirk returns around two-thirty and although we have zero sales to report…the store does look a whole lot cleaner

(who is that masked woman?)

The boss says it's time to close up so Wendle and I grab our packs and follow Kirk out.

He still has some errands to do…do we want to go along? Absolutely. We head out of the mall and over to Kirk's jeep.

'Hey Fender Bender (Kirk's dog)…how are you doing buddy?” Fender has apparently called shotgun on the front seat and he doesn't really look like he wants to give it up. He does though, because he has his own seat in the back…and because he's a gentleman.

Our first stop is in the North end of Sechelt…Jim's place


We get out of the car and walk through a very natural yard, sneak through a path, duck under some trees and into Jim's outdoor workshop. It's fantastic. The blended scents of fresh cut wood and the surrounding flora is intoxicating.

Jim leads us to a cozy sitting area that sits at the edge of a small pond and under a natural umbrella of plants and trees. Jim is awesome. A former logging man, he knows the forest and loves working with wood. Jim describes himself as someone who likes to be productive. I should say so…Kirk says that he and Jim can discuss an idea for furniture one afternoon and Jim will have it finished by the next day.

Jim also has some experience with Bigfoot. One time, he was working a stand of trees up in the mountains and heard Sam (Samsquanch) call from a ledge, high above the tree line. He tells Wendy and I that we can accompany him up the mountain and look for Bigfoot later this fall…if we're still around. Wendy says “I'm all over that” (i guess Jim has passed Wendy's comfortability test). Fanfreakintastic!

We leave Jim's and drive North…up the Sechelt Inlet Road…past Porpoise Bay Provincial Park…past Sandy Hook and beyond. Actually, I'm no longer sure where we are. The road is steeply angled (both up and down) with an amazing series of twists and turns added in for a little extra challenge.

(up somewhere around the blue dot)

We finally pull off the road into a beautiful forested area into which Kirk's friend Brian has placed his home. It's a good fit.

Brian's comes out and greets Kirk with a big hug. Wendy and I get a firm and welcoming handshake. Brian bears a slight resemblance to Matthew McConaughey

(a slight resemblance to this guy)

A former stockbroker, Brian says he lives the life of a hermit. We ask him what that's like. He immediately becomes jazzed as he talks about living so closely with nature…barred owls in his yard…a bear and her cub that nest nearby…a doe and her fawn curled up together, asleep…the squirrel that throws pine cones down at him whenever he comes within range…a large cougar. He tells us how he walked out his door once and surprised a lynx that was sitting there, back turned, just feet away. Brian says that the lynx looked over its shoulder at him and then slowly got up and strolled away…with attitude (middle claw raised).

He also tells us about the loggers who came out to take down a tall fir for him. Forty five minutes was all it took. They hooked up their harnesses…clambered up on their spiked boots…swung several times from tree top to tree top and…plop, plop, plop…large chunks of trunk began falling to the ground as easy as if being sliced from a roll of Pillsbury dough.

All of that excitement on one acre of forested bush land. Awesome!

Pete is visiting Brian from England. Pete used to live on the coast and has returned for both pleasure and business. Eight or ten years ago (i forget which), Pete was in on the accidental discovery of some petrified wood. Subsequent analysis of the pieces he found points to the possibility that the wood is around 300 million years old. And, there may be a whole forest of it still waiting to be uncovered. Pete has several samples with him (he's taking them back to England for additional testing).

One small fragment has been polished to a shine and Wendy and I are bewitched by the ancient tree rings still visible within. Pete tells us that the piece is so hard, it took Brian forty days, using a rock tumbler, to achieve the effect we see today.

Note: Not one of Pete's pieces (Wendy and i were too mesmerized to remember to take pictures)


This is definitely Discovery channel stuff and we ask Pete to keep us posted.

After saying goodbye, we hop back into the jeep and star the rollicking run back down the mountain to Sechelt.

We say goodbye to Kirk for tonight…he's going to Japanese friends for sushi. He's not sure whether he's totally invited but since he speaks no Japanese, he figures he can avoid getting chucked out by feigning ignorance and shrugging a lot.


Colin meets up with us at Clayton's Market. He has bought some steaks and we have fresh Swiss chard…potatoes wait for us at home. Dinner looks like it's going to be primo.

Tomorrow looks interesting too…Wendy is pretty jazzed about going to Gibsons for The 'Synchronicity Festival'. We haven't returned to Gibsons since we got off the ferry so, we'll have an opportunity to visit while we're there for the festival (what a coincidence)

Hey, hopefully we'll see you there…if not, don't worry about it, we'll tell you all about it on our next post

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Wendy sent a link for her new film 'Don't Pay The Ferryman' to 'The Move Man'. She got a very appreciative response from Ian, the owner (did we mention that 'they move anywhere')







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