Labour Day Weekend – Day One

“Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have not been changed to protect the innocent”

< Fade In >

(just kidding)


Hope everyone had a great weekend with beautiful weather.


You did?


Here's the thing…we had a really great weekend. As a result, we're quite behind on our blog writing.

At first there was very little to write about and then we got so busy, that there was little time to write about it.

So much happened that it's going to take several days to recount all of it. That's good because it will also take several days to weave the threads of experiences and synchronicities into a tale that's worth reading

The story has it's beginnings long before the events it recounts but for our purposes, it begins on…

Friday August 30

The morning is beautiful and overcast. It feels like Fall. A very mellow day. We decide to eat breakfast at the Gumboot restaurant, in Roberts Creek.

A wasp or two are flying around the outdoor patio where we sit and above us…on the plexiglass roof…a raven struts confidently, scanning the tables and people below…''hey buddy, are you really going to eat ALL of that sandwich?'

As we're leaving the restaurant, Wendy discovers a couple of old bicycles that are being reclaimed by nature


We head down to the beach at Roberts Creek.

There is a really hot car in the parking lot.


Every year the Creek's residents participate in the creation of a Mandala, down by this beach.

We stop to look.

Individual art and images blend together in a tapestry of colour and community.



To be honest, being down at the beach feels exactly right…this is just the wrong beach to be down with. Sargeant Bay is where we oughta be so, like the Clampetts, we loaded up the truck and we head to Beverly…Tidal pools. Moving stars


The same Pacific Great Blue Heron we saw the other day (August 27 Post) returns. It flies low over the water and perches once again on the boat buoy. I get out the binoculars so we can watch.

We also spot a Common Loon that is swimming around. The loon keeps peeking underwater as it swims…looking for fish I guess. It reminds us of the time Kirk was looking for the bracelet he had lost, up at Liz and Andy's (just sayin)


Suddenly someone gives a little 'boo' behind us…it's Brian and Renee, friends we met through Colin. They live close to this beach, which they can see from their hillside home. It's great to see them.

We're discussing the heron when Brian mentions that there are actually several tree nests nearby. He points in the general direction and gives detailed directions. I'm still a little hazy on the exact whereabouts, 'somewhere behind the beach road, in the trees near, behind or in the swamp'. I should probably ask him to repeat them…

(WHAT? Guy Rule number 3, clearly states: No guy shall ask for directions and 3[a] Even if not asking means missing out on something wonderful)

…I don't ask.

(not a problem, we'll find them)

The heron gets spooked by a woman who's out in her row boat. The great bird flies off towards the safety of the rocky shore to our left.

It flies low over the water…like a shadow passing. Stealthy. Ancient.

Wendy says it reminds her of a pterodactyl. She's right.

During our conversation, Renee invites us to dinner tomorrow evening with Brian, herself and her dad, J.J.


We immediately agree and set a time…around six-thirty. Renee had previously mentioned to us that she thinks we'd get along great with her pops. We are fully jazzed to meet him.

Around eight-thirty, after the sun has set behind the trees, and Brian, Renee and everyone else has left the beach, we begin to head home. We decide to check out the area of the swamp where Brian says the heron nests are.

Wendy stops…she's been sidetracked by a really cool kids fort. The main structure is a huge uprooted tree stump. Roots and all. It's actually the largest piece of driftwood either of us has ever seen. If you had a truly enormous living room…this would be it's centrepiece. Someone has been adding to it…an old door here, some driftwood slats and loose lumber there


As Wendy is examining it, she's says aloud “This is awesome!”

A young boy, one of two ten-year-old boys who have ridden up behind her on their bicycles says, “Yeah isn't it!…We've been building it all day”

He then proceeds to give Wendle the full tour.

I keep walking along the beach road…looking for heron nests and enjoying the swamp and the dragonflies that dart and weave about, like mini Apache helicopters.

I can't find the heron nests…I guess I should have asked Brian to repeat the instructions

I head down into the swamp for a closer look.

Wendy meanwhile has finished her tour of the fortress (multiple rooms and an observation deck above…with a view of the ocean). Not seeing me, she heads down another trail into the swamp.

We meet back on the road. Neither of us have seen the heron nests

We hop into the car and head home.

We have two social events planned for tomorrow…tea with Ellen and Don in Gibsons and dinner with Brian, Renee and J.J. We'll pick up our story then.

In the meantime have a great day…and for all of you younger kids out there, who are starting back to school today, just remember this…

I never have to go to school again…EVER. Ha ha!

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle






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