Garden Party

'I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends

A chance to share old memories and play our songs again

When I got to the garden party, they all knew my name

No one recognized me, I didn't look the same'

Garden Party – Ricky Nelson



We had a very peaceful week. Luckily, you don't have to travel anywhere to enjoy the coast. Anywhere and everywhere you are is beautiful.

A couple of notable events though…

Wendy and I were driving North on Redrooffs Road when we spotted a large black bear poking around in someone's yard. The bear pushed through a thick hedge and the only image that remains is the sight of a large, hairy, black butt squishing through the shrubbery (it wasn't pretty). There is a lot of fruit still on the trees here and hungry bears are out looking for as much food as they can find before they hibernate. Local homeowners are being asked to help out by ridding their trees of fruit and bear proofing their yards. We hope everyone does their part, it would be a shame for us to be responsible for the loss of one of these beauties.

A couple of young drifters stopped by Colin's place for lunch. Frank and Tess. Until recently, Frank had been working building houses. While at work, he would look up at the mountains and wonder if he might be happier…up there…enjoying nature. So he quit his job. Now, he drives where he wants to and does independent carpentry and handiwork as he needs to.

Tess was tagging along with Frank…or was it vice-versa.

Tess is originally fom Sweden. She travels at her whim and fancy. She was in New Zealand for several years and now she's here. She tells us that she doesn't pay for food or shelter and she only expects the best. Apparently, people are very generous because on a daily basis, that's exactly what she receives. Good for her.

I read a couple of the books that Chris had lent me…'Bloodline' was the first one. I am certainly not a trained literary critic but…the book sucked. Wendy asked me why I kept reading it. Hmm… Well, when I was a kid, I used to clench my teeth really hard together. I did it because it felt so incredibly good when I stopped

The other book was a much more satisfying read…'Hells Corner' by David Baldacci. If you like Russian spies and Inter-Service intrigue, you'll enjoy this one.


We went the beach and meditated on the stillness.


Wendy explored again for beach glass and got a mitt full. She tells me that she is now officially a beach glass addict


On Saturday Wendle and I went to our first ever Garden Party.


It was in Gibsons and hosted by Don and Ellen. With our camera difficulties a thing of the past, we got several great pics of the event. We even got a picture of Ellen's house (finally)


We met a ton of wonderful people…Don & Heather, Klaus & Jolene, Brian & Billy, Al & Alya and Alya's cousin Richard (who had just sailed into town) and I think…Tibor & Dianne and Ellen's neighbour whose name we just cannot recall. Note; I may have messed up about ninety percent of those names (oops)

Don and Heather live in North Vancouver in a Cohousing setting. What is Cohousing…well, we're glad you asked

Cohousing includes all of the following characteristics:

  • Participatory process — residents participate in the planning and development so that the design directly meets their needs.
  • The physical design encourages a sense of community, providing opportunities for spontaneous connection as well as maintaining the option for privacy.
  • Non-hierarchical structure and decision-making.
  • Cohousing is based on private ownership of complete, self-contained homes centered around and focused on shared facilities such as children’s play spaces, adult meeting spaces, library, office, workshop, guest room, common kitchen and dining room, gardens, greenhouse and other features the members may choose. Although every home has its own complete kitchen, shared dinners are typically available a few days each week at the common house for those who wish to participate.

Cohousing neighbourhoods offer environmentally sensitive design with a pedestrian orientation and have documented lower vehicle use than conventional neighbourhoods.

Cohousing a place where people know their neighbours, a place where they can enjoy a rich sense of community and contribute to a more sustainable world.

For five years Don and Ellen lived in the same Cohousing complex as Heather and Don. Don plays and teaches classical guitar. He's good. He played throughout the party and people would join him to sing, dance and play along.


Tibor (gosh, I hope that's right) is from Hungary. He was an Olympic Pentathlete until 1956, when he became caught up in the spontaneous October uprising against Soviet control of his nation. He was wounded and that ended his athletic career. He was nineteen-years-old.

Tibor slowly made his way to Canada and has lived here since. He is involved with the local Water Polo team and asked if I wanted to join in. I am seriously thinking about it too…joints willing

Everyone was so generous with Wendle and I and made us feel right at home. The snacks were fantastic and the setting was perfect.


It was nine o'clock before everyone was ready to leave and then someone said something about being hungry…next thing you know, we're in downtown Gibsons having a late lamb souvlaki dinner at a wonderful Greek restaurant…'Leo's Tapas and Grill'

'Leo’s also hosts a Seafood Festival in January and a Greek Festival in February'


We finished eating and hustled out of Leo's, much to the relief of the gracious staff. Hugs all around and then it was time to drive back to Colin's place…which was empty because Colin had gone to the 'Apres Roller Derby Party' at The Lighthouse restaurant in Sechelt

The home team lost by one point

We hope you are having a great weekend of sun and fun

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle







One thought on “Garden Party

  1. Hey Steve and Wendy,
    Nice picture. We did stay at porpoise bay campground and it is beautiful. The weather was amazing! Tried to email you but lost your address. It was fun the garden party. Best wishes,

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