A Good Hair Day


Tuesday September 10

Today is Phase 1(a) of Wendy's pilgrimage to perfect plumage…aka…”I no longer like my hair and I want it off”. If you've been following along, we first discussed Wendle's Two Phase Hair Program in our August 2 post. Since then, a quiet dissatisfaction has been growing within Wendy and today, she plans to alleviate it…by once again getting more hair cut off.

As always, I thoroughly enjoy watching Wendle on the fringe, as she bobs, weaves and twists to ride the curl…only to bang up against the fall of her coiffured waves (wow, you really weave a good tail)

I decide to let her go unaccompanied.

Today, her hair appointment is in Gibsons…at 'Electric Hair'


After her haircut, Wendle is driving back onto Hwy. 101 when she spots a man carrying a large BBQ


No, not the meat…sheesh…an actual, heavy, BBQ oven


Close enough

Wendy had spotted sunlight glinting off metal and when she looked over, she recognized that it was our buddy Luke, carrying a BBQ. She turned the car and stopped in front of him. He gave her a 'geez lady, can't ya see I'm carrying something really heavy' look and then, with his head, motioned her to get moving. Then he recognized Wendle and gratefully accepted a ride

Luke said that he had been pondering whether to buy this BBQ and then he realized that he'd just missed his bus. He thought about it, “I wonder what it would be like to carry a barbie down the hill in Gibsons?” (a hill which is tremendously long and steep). He decided, 'screw it, I've already done the hill on two other occasions…once with a Jerry Can full of gas and the other with a full propane tank (neither substance being allowed on the bus) so..why not'

Once in the car, Luke gave Wendy one of his new cards (they're awesome Luke!)


On the back is information for one of Luke's Sponsors (although it seems everyone is being super supportive of Luke's quest)


En route back to Luke's boat Wendy said, “Hey, while you're still housesitting in Roberts Creek, we should get together for a BBQ”

To which Luke replied, “I'm having a BBQ tonight…why don't you guys come by”

Which is why we have driven to this beautiful home in Roberts Creek on this fine September evening.

The house Luke is caring for is very close to 'Up The Creek', the hostel where he lived before he shacked up with his true love, 'Willow' (simmer…Willow is Luke's boat…sheesh, so judgemental)

So, as Luke tells it, one day he's out and about and he spots a woman walking a horse. Luke used to work with horses in Peru so, he stops for a moment…you know, to get his horse on. He and the woman talked for awhile and over the course of the past three weeks a friendship has developed between Luke, the lady and her husband. That's how he has come to be house, dog and horse sitting in Roberts Creek.

He introduces us to Rea, a lovely tan female (who's not in the photo) and Wren, a huge and gentle Irish Wolfhound (who is).

Warning: Wren dines on a mix of tripe and dog kibble and his breath is a puckish melange of sour, putrid offal stew (or is it a pukeish melange of awful sour, putrid spew?). Whatever it is, trust me…avoid licks to your face

Xena is an absolutely beautiful quarter horse, with a sweet disposition.


Recently, and for no reason at all, Luke had woven a bit-less, natural training bridle. It turns out, it fits Xena like it was made for her. (coincidence…i think not)


The house is the perfect size. A large, cozy living room, a large kitchen, a sleeping loft (the size of a queen bed) and a bathroom.


The homeowner is into medieval arms and customs and has amassed a fine collection of period armour, including…

A full coat of actual chain mail


A Spangenhelm

'Spangen' – metal strips forming the framework

'Helm' – helmet.

The helmet of choice for over three hundred years, Spangenhelm sport bronze plates (connected to the framework), a nose protector (a 'nasal') and eye protection…this one in the form of metal eyebrows


And the piece de resistance…Excalibur! Okay, so it's not Excalibur…but it is a real sword


I notice a box of wine on a kitchen shelf..


…Luke calls it a 'bag of goon' (for obvious reasons)

(anonymous archival goonery)

Apparently, once you've finished emptying the bag, you can blow it up and use it to crash


Luke is drinking beer…at least I think…yes, that is definitely beer


Food in hand we head out to the backyard



After chopping some wood, Luke sets about making a fire. This is a huge deal for Wendy and I because we haven't been at a fire since we were in Alberta. Until recent rains allowed it to be rescinded, there had been a Province wide ban on all backyard and camp fires.

Tonight we are using our final fire bundle. Together with Luke, we'll light the bundle and celebrate friends who couldn't be with us, around this fire

We open the package and explain the genius of Kim's ingredients (Day Three, July 6 Post). Luke is really taken with the Milkweed seeds, he has never seen them before.


Dinner is bison burgers and sausages…which in Australia are called 'snags'


A glass of goon in one hand…and a snag in the other…we sit back and enjoy a really great fire

Good on'ya mate


Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


As we're leaving, Luke shares another Aussie goodie, “I'll see ya when I'm lookin at ya”



The other day we helped Chris into his house with a new terrarium for his pet 'Iguana' (August 9 Post)

Or was that a horned lizard?

Whatever it is, it's soon going to grow much, much larger

While we were there we got a chance to see Sterling in his bullet proof kevlar tactical jacket

(Sterling…sic balls)



Oh right…you want to know how Wendy's haircut turned out…

…I'll keep you posted








2 thoughts on “A Good Hair Day

  1. Nice medieval duds! Just for reference purposes, the full length mail coat weighs in at 35 pounds, the spangenhelm at 15 pounds, and a real live sword like Excalibur, at another 15 pounds. Yep, I’ve worn all three, and been bopped on the spangenhelm with a “killing blow” from a wooden sword (if its a killing blow, you see stars, anything less is just a “glancing blow”), and if you don’t wear a padded jacket under your chain mail, you get ring shaped bruises which are really hard to explain to your GP.


    • Hi Teresa,

      We love to learn new stuff and yea, that was verily cool.

      By the way, YOU are our hero…so few girls would admit to putting on an extra sixty-five pounds (it might have been the bop in the head)

      Moose and Wendle

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