You’ve Got Mail

We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept

– JFK (Rice Stadium) September 12 1962


Thursday September 12

Guess what sportsfans….

…it's time for…

'The Mail Room'


Let's see…hmmm…

Here's one from Amy in Campbellville, ON

Amy writes in response to 'Echo', the Eastern Screech Owl, whom I mistakenly referred to as a one-eyed, male screech (September 11 Post)

“Echo is quite offended that you got her confused with Otus, our dearly-missed one-eyed screech who passed away last year. Echo would like you to know that she has two perfectly good eyes, thank you very much, and is a 'she', not a 'he', and also that her reason for a captive life is human imprinting due to her nest tree being cut down.

Echo wishes you a pleasant day”

Dear Amy

Otus is gone?


Note: You can check out all of Mountsberg's fabulous bird of prey at


Our next letter is from Karen in…I believe…Hamilton, ON (i could be 0 for 2 by the end of the day)

Where is the picture of the new haircut? It sounds as though you are missing Mountsberg as I am sure they are missing you too. My family is going on a bison ride this Sunday and it won't be the same without either you or Brian”

Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I promise there will be a picture of the new haircut at the end of this post.

As for the bison rides…I know you'll have fun no matter who is interpreting, and if you sit at the front of the wagon, do ask questions of Bob…Brian and I learned a heckuva lot from him (like…'how not to get stomped by an angry boss cow'…and…'how to get a child to stop climbing on your tractor')

Note: Karen refers to the 'Bison Rides' at Mountsberg Conservation Area (you're in a fenced compound, on an open wagon, accompanied by two knowledgeable park staffers and surrounded by a herd of wild bison. it is truly awesome. we highly recommend it)


Hey, here's a letter from Sandra (aka Falcon Lady..but keep that to yourselves)

“Love you guys. Tried to send you a photo of “Steve” but my phone wouldn't send it. He told me to say Hi to Moose and tell him that he wishes he was there to teach the public all about him.”

Hi Sandra,

We were just talking about you.

We love you too. Please say hi to Steve and plant a big wet kiss from Moose, on his big black nose…ah what the heck, plant one on Bob's nose too.

Don't worry about the pic…Steve's fan club has a few of them

Note: 'Steve' is the most beautiful bison ever and the Mountsberg herd's dominant male (great job if you can get it). He's named after St. Stephen of Oakville, patron saint of bison and of the abruptly honest


Our next letter is from Don in North Vancouver, BC

“Hey Steve and Wendy,

Nice picture. We did stay at porpoise bay campground and it is beautiful. The weather was amazing! Tried to email you but lost your address. It was fun the garden party. Best wishes,


Hi Don,

We have sent off our e-mail addresses to you. Sorry we missed you guys though. We'll get together the next time we're both on the same side of the coast.


Well that looks to be all the mail for today. Thanks for writing guys…we love the letters, right Wendy?


Okay. Moving on


We started off the day by going to Yoga. While we were in Sechelt we figured it was a great time to get my hair cut. We asked a local where the barber shop was and he directed us to the 'Sechelt Barber Shop' (5553 Wharf)


The shop has been operated by the two Lachance boys for thirty years and besides a great haircut there is plenty of excellent reading material…when was the last time you found actual hardcover books on a barber's waiting table


Albert, one of the brothers, breezes in to take over for the afternoon shift. He's a huge Baseball aficionado. There's great memorabilia everywhere and lots of good Baseball chatter. They should call the shop 'The Dugout' (the only thing missing are the seeds and the smell of fresh chaw)

This is a Stargell Star


Back in the late seventies, HOF Willie 'Pops' Stargell used to hand them out to teammates

'When a teammate distinguished himself with a clutch hit, heads-up move on the base-paths, or fielding gem, “Pops” Stargell marked the occasion with a gold star ceremony. Soon ballplayers earning $300,000 a year were putting out a little bit extra to get a gold “Stargell Star” and by the end of the season, the Pirates had the whole country singing “We Are Family,” earning enough gold stars to become World Champions'


Wendy and I had a blast and we'll be returning soon…even if it's just to talk ball with Albert and the guys


After the haircut, we went over to the Post Office. If you recall from our August 31 Post, the native flute I purchased at the Sechelt Craft Festival wasn't playing quite right (it sounds like it's leaking air). While we were at J.J.'s place we found out that he had one that was similarly flawed and will never play properly.

I had written to the flute maker and she wrote a lovely letter back telling me that she was returning the money for the flute. She also asked me to return the flute so she could see if it was fixable.

We showed the flute to the Post Office staffer, a lady bagpiper who fell completely in love with it. She gave us some great advice on what would be needed to ship it properly.

Next we went to a local florist and scored an immense box (used to ship roses). The Hemp Shop had a sign outside the store offering free packing wrap and from them we received a ton of bubble wrap and packaging materials.

We went home, ate breakfast and then Wendy set to work on turning all of the fruit she got from Plum Guy, into 'Plum Chutney Preserves'. Now, she got these plums back on Labour Day…so it was either make chutney today or Slivovitz tomorrow

She'd already bought a bunch of jars at Clayton's and now she pitted and diced a bowl of plums. She says she has learned something new already…you want to dice your plums before the ones at the bottom of the box turn bad (oh, what a bitter lesson)


Next she covered the plums in onions and added seven herbs and spices (just like the colonel) and what looks to be raisins (that is exactly the recipe…as I heard it)


Now she has to cook it…

Okay, while it's cooking, I'll tell you what I've been doing…yes, making a box out of cardboard and packing the flute for shipment…hopefully tomorrow

Now that is a good looking homemade box



I really enjoyed the whole 'making stuff out of cardboard' thing. Wendy was still busy so…I played around a bit

(Oh no he didn't…no REALLY he didn't)

Nah, I didn't…but hats off to whoever did

It's very quiet in here…I wonder what Colin is up to? He's tidying up the yard. He's hoping to be in Victoria full-time by October 1st and that means finding someone to rent this house. A prospective renter is coming by today…hence the yard work.

While he's out there mowing the lawn, he spots something on the ground in front of him.

“I thought it was a rock”

It's not. His fingers sink deep into it's creamy wet gooshiness

“It felt like full on poo covered in icing sugar”

Check out his face at the 'moment of discovery'


Meanwhile Wendy's goop…I mean 'Plum Chutney Preserves' are finished cooking and all jarred up (as opposed to jarred loose)

Guess who will be cleaning pots…



Later in the afternoon, the potential renter drops by to see the house. She's a lovely young teacher who was hired suddenly and is looking for a good local home to rent. She's the perfect candidate for Colin and she appears to love the house. It looks promising

A pretty quiet day really but that's okay because even though it's Thursday night here…in your time zone it's Saturday morning (yeah, think about that for a second) and you have a ton of other things to do…although I can't think of anything right now

Have a great day, whatever time zone you're in

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Oh Karen…I promised you a picture of 'the haircut'








One thought on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. Okay, snazzy cut but you know I meant Wendy’s.
    Karen from Hamilton? Try 100 km northwest, the other side of Waterloo, St. Clements to be precise-just a good old country girl (Go light on the old-my big birthday is on Monday when I qualify for the govt to send me monthly checks!)

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