Ladies Do Lunch

The History of every major Galactic Civilization tends to pass through three distinct and recognizable phases, those of Survival, Inquiry and Sophistication, otherwise known as the How, Why, and Where phases. For instance, the first phase is characterized by the question 'How can we eat?' the second by the question 'Why do we eat?' and the third by the question 'Where shall we have lunch?”

― Douglas Adams, 'The Restaurant at the End of the Universe'


Today is Tuesday…right? I think so. The reason I'm so confused is because this Post will be a two-parter. In Part One, Today…we will actually be discussing Yesterday's news and that's because we used yesterday to…well, never mind (clear as a bell so far). Anyway…

Part One

Monday September 16

Before we delve too deeply into the happenings of today, let's first pop into…

'The Mail Room'

Our first letter is from Teresa, in (or within a hundred miles of) Guelph, ON (nailed it)

Teresa writes about the medieval armour (September 10 Post)…

“Nice medieval duds! Just for reference purposes, the full length mail coat weighs in at 35 pounds, the spangenhelm at 15 pounds, and a real live sword like Excalibur, at another 15 pounds. Yep, I've worn all three, and been bopped on the spangenhelm with a “killing blow” from a wooden sword (if its a killing blow, you see stars, anything less is just a “glancing blow”), and if you don't wear a padded jacket under your chain mail, you get ring shaped bruises which are really hard to explain to your GP.”


Hi Teresa,

Thanks, that was awesome, we love to learn new stuff (yea, verily that was most cool)

By the way, You Are Our Hero…so few girls would admit to putting on an extra sixty-five pounds (maybe it was the bop on the head)

Moose and Wendle


Our next letter is from our buddy Adam…you remember Adam, he is the 'Senseii'' at Crawford Lake Conservation Area (and secret Ninja Academy).


Adam last wrote to us in our August 1 Post

(August First!!…dude, you need to write more often)

Adam sends a photo update on construction of the new longhouse…


and writes…

Hey Hey,

Thought you might be interested in how the longhouse was coming along. Here’s a pic of the foundation.

Lovin’ the blog! Keep it coming (although an actual shot of Wendy’s hair would be nice). Those kayak surfer guys were awesome!


Dear Adam,

Holy mackerel…from August 1st until now and all there is to show for it…is a hole?

Heads will roll!

Seriously, who's in charge there?

Well, I guess that's how you build a longhouse in 2013 (whoa, deja vu…again)…(whoa, deja vu). One step at a time. Speaking of which, we're tremendously curious to see how this modern foundation will transform into a prehistoric home for up to eighty people

Thanks and please keep sending us regular updates big guy, so we can watch it as it happens (say…filming the construction might be a cool video for CH guests)

P.S. A pic of Wendy's hair is being 'processed' as we speak

Moose and Wendle


Here's a cool letter from our pal Ali in Rosetwon SK. We met Ali on our drive West (July 13 & 14 Posts) and he's been gracious enough to invite us back to each month's 'Wine and Cheese Night'

Ali writes…


This is Ali from Highwayhost Family Restaurant. Wine & Cheese night will be on Sept 20th at 7pm.

I do have a special wine this month for you to try.


Onion Bhaji (Appetizer)

Lamb Chop (Appetizer)


Lamb Shank

(if you dont like lamb please let me know ill make Chicken for you)

Please let me as soon as you can if you can make it….Have a cheerful day.




Dear Ali,

Unfortunately we won't be able to make it on the twentieth (we might, if we leave right now).

Thank you for inviting us…and please keep us on your mailing list. It is our intention to attend one of your Wine and Cheese Nights..they sound absolutely delicious.

Best wishes to you, your family and to Rosetown…may you have a blast on the 20th

Moose and Wendle


Our last letter is from Baz in Mississauga, ON. Baz writes…

Hi Moose

I guess you guys are not coming back anytime soon. reading your blog, you guys seems to be having a great time.



Hi Baz,

That is a great question. We've been asked it several times now. Possibly because we havent discussed it at all.

We ponder this question every day.

What next?

Yes, we absolutely love it here. We also loved it back East…and in Wawa, Russell, Rosetown, Canmore, Revelstoke…there are people and experiences that we cherish deeply…in every locale. It's probably the same wherever you travel or settle. And that's one part of the 'What Next' question…Travel or Settle?

Another one is…Where and how can we be of use?

As yet, we have no answer.

We are here now.

That's all we got.

As you can see, it's a subtle question…for which, as yet, we have no words (or direction)

We promise to get back to you on it

Thank you (and everyone else) for asking it.


And thanks to everyone for the mail (and phone calls). It's good.

Today is the day that Wendy and Ellen get together for lunch. Wendle will tell you all about it in…3, 2 , 1 ,


One Saturday afternoon back in August, I'm reading the Coast Reporter article that Steve has slipped under my nose saying, “hey, check this out”. It was an article about the upcoming Writers Festival and a book titled 'An Indian Sojourn' by Ellen Besso, who lives out here on the Sunshine Coast.

It turns out Ellen is also involved in the Tibetan Resettlement Project here on the Coast and Steve and I had just recently learned about this and were interested to find out more.

The thing is…before we made plans to drive across the country, we were toying with the idea of going to Nepal to teach English to Buddhist Monks…so we both found this intriguing.

If you read the August 17 Post, you will know that we met Ellen at the Festival of the Written Arts and made plans to get together.

From the moment Ellen and I met, it seemed we already knew each other and were simply reconnecting. Steve and I have since spent two afternoons and one evening with Ellen and her husband Don. At the end of the evening of The Garden Party' (September 7 Post), Ellen and I decided a girls lunch is required to really get acquainted… one on one… So, long story short, we planned to meet at the Gumboot in Roberts Creek on Monday (today) after yoga. (which… we didn't end up going to – don’t judge).

I leave in time to bring Steve's flute to the post office (yes, i left him at home…all alone) It will take 26 bucks and 5-6 days to reach its destination.

The cool thing about driving on the coast (damn driving a standard would be sweet!) is that there is nary a level or non-bendy road to be found. We're driving our automatic. I've been getting tips from my brother about how to save gas by coasting down hills and how to save the brakes by gearing down on steep hills. So I'm pretty stoked when I turn down Roberts Creek Road toward the Gumboot, and I coast for just about a kilometer at 45km/hr in 2nd gear and the tac is only at 2500 rpm!

As I round the corner enjoying my “Top Gear” moment…I see Luke. I pull over and put down the passenger window. Luke says “hey… you're everywhere!” Haha…seems that way! Anyhoo, we chat for a minute and then I'm off to meet Ellen. I love that we have only been here for a month and a half and already we are running into people we know. It really is the perfect sized community.

I walk into the Gumboot, it is raining so it’s inside for us. I see Ellen at the corner table and join her. I find women seem to bond by talking… and talk we did. The conversation volleyed back and forth from subject to subject like two new – old friends. Organically and with ease. We talked about myriad of topics. From food to hair to Ellen’s book (which I am just over half way through – who has time to read when there’s so much beach and forest!) to painting (Ellen and Don just finished painting their rental house with the help of a friend…exhausting!)

We share our mutual experience of our mothers passing. Mine a year and a half ago and Ellen's 2 years ago. It is cathartic for both of us. I am grateful to have a female friend to be able to just blab with. Being without my Mom has been the most emotionally challenging time of my life. I must mention here that Moose has been a friggin rock of support…but if you know him, which if you’re reading this blog you just might, you would assume that of him.

After what seems like an hour but is actually 3, we decide we must be on our way. Hugs are exchanged, promises to do this again… and we are off. I leave feeling relieved of a burden I did not know I had even been carrying.

P.S. Check out Ellen's book at…


Tomorrow will be probably the most wonderous, the most monumental (oh, it may get mental alright) day in history for tomorrow is…(as you were forewarned in our September 15 Post) another haircut day for Wendy. If everything works out as hoped for (yeah, what could possibly go wrong), we will have a photo of Wendle's hair in the near future.

Until tomorrow then

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle







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