Mexico, Salmon and the Grizzly Bear

And the fire I feel for the woman I love is drivin' me insane

Knowin' she's waitin' and I can't get there

God only knows that I wracked my brain to try and find a way

To reach that woman in old Mexico”

– Hoyt Axton, Evangelina


Saturday September 21

What a great week that was. We don't remember much of it of course. Heck, we weren't even there for some of our best moments…we just know we enjoyed them. Some experiences really stood out for us though and today we'll write about those.

On Friday we went to a 'Yin Yoga' class at 'Blissful Yoga', in Sechelt. Andre was the instructor so it was 'Yinner with Andre' (barroom boom). You may be wondering…what the heck is a Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures or asanas that are held for comparatively long periods of time–five minutes or longer per pose is typical

Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

Apparently by holding the pose longer…and right at the edge of the first sign of tension…you help massage the fascia (at least that's what Andre tells us). Wendy had done a full class before and I tried it at the Blissful Yoga Open House a couple of weeks ago. It's a fantastic stretch and a good meditation. It's not our favourite form of Yoga but Wendy and I highly recommend it.


After Yoga, we stopped in at the Trail Bay Centre to see Kirk. He's usually in the store on Friday…we're close…so let's drop in and say hi.

Kirk is there. Very cool. He asks us if we want to cover the store for him…he's kidding of course…I'm in shorts and a wolf tee-shirt and Wendle is wearing purple Yoga pants (no photo available). We ask him if he wants a coffee and he says no but he'd love a banana. No problem…we have to pick up dinner anyway.

Back at the store, we chat with Kirk until he gets busy with a client. Wendy and I browse and enjoy some of the new stock. My Gawd this stuff is fantastic!



I call this one…'The Soccer Player'



Friday night we have dinner at J.J.'s place (August 31 Post). We are supposed to pick up some wine and some corn from 'Jean's Organic Food Club' and be at J.J.'s by 5.30p.

We're en route, driving through Roberts Creek, when we spot Luke walking along the road. He is once again house sitting the home we visited him at for our BBQ and fire (September 10 Post). Luke tells us that the homeowners returned and then decided to leave again. While we're talking we discuss the concept of having a get-together of everyone we've met on the coast. What a capitol idea…we'll get back to you on that one.

We arrive at J.J.'s and greet our friend Renee (J.J.'s daughter), her daughter Adelie, J.J.'s son Daniel and J.J.'s friends from Mexico…Don, his partner Maude and their fourteen month old daughter Yosha.

Don, Maude and Yosha live in Yelapa in the State of Jalisco. To get there, you fly to Puerto Vallarta and then take a water taxi to Yelapa (120 Pesos one way…baggage is extra)

(water taxis)

According to everyone, Yelapa is a paradise of sun, waterfalls, beach and serenity…and the cost of living is about half of what it is in Canada. Wendy and I are encouraged to go. Other than the scorpions (Don has been stung five times and Maude twice) it does seem pretty awesome.

Our dinner is accompanied by great stories, music, much laughter and of course, fantastic food. Tonight is another wonderful gift.

During dinner we discover that Daniel has been fishing for salmon and he invites us to join him tomorrow at four p.m. Absolutely!

Saturday afternoon we drive down to the address we've been given (on the Inlet Road), park the car and wait for everyone else (oh my gawd…we're early. what a novel experience this is). Renee arrives and right behind her is Daniel, his wife Lise and their pup…Grizzly Bear. Wendy asks why they named her Grizzly Bear. Daniel says, “When we go to the beach, and it's crowded, I yell…'Grizzly Bear'…and then the beach is empty.”

Daniel asks if we're ready for a hike…oh yeah.

Off we go down the lane…down to the large buildings (downhill all the way) and then onto a skinny forest trail that goes uphill and down, climbing over rocks and descending down steep ledges, past the gelatinous remains of a fish spine, and finally to the shore.



It's gorgeous and I can see only two problems…there are very few spots to sit and it'll be uphill all the way back.

Renee, Wendy and I find large rocks to sit on and leave the small, level area to our intrepid salmon catchers.


It's just so enjoyable to sit and watch Daniel and Lise fish. The water is calm and the skies are a pure sunny blue


Grizzly is pestering everyone to play ball with her.


Of course, neither Daniel nor Lise want her in the water (it'll scare the fish) so Lise takes the Grizz's ball away and pockets it. Ahh…poor Grizzly Bear

The pup will not be deterred…she plunges into the water, dives her face in (like a Loon), digs noisily with her snout….her shaggy butt upended and wiggling…and pulls out a good sized rock. She runs around on the rocks huffing, puffing…her gleeful squealing muted by the seaweed covered boulder in her mouth. When she gets to a safe spot…where we can't grab her treasure…she drops the thing. It falls to ground with a mighty THUNK. Wow, that is a really big rock

The fish aren't biting…in fact, there only seems to be one fish in the entire ocean. Lise catches the same small Rock Cod twice and throws it back both times. Daniel loses both of his lures and decides to stop. With no fish to startle, Lise gives Grizzly back her ball. She brings it over to me and as I reach to pick it up for a throw..Lise says' “You'll be sorry”. Probably, but I want to see Grizzly up close and playing ball is the only thing she's interested in.

Man, Grizzly Bear is absolutely gorgeous…luxurious brown hair and a face that almost looks…well, grizzlie-ish. Having a mitt full of dog slobber is a small price to pay to visit with this beauty (remind me to wash these pants tomorrow)


All too soon, we have to go. The grocery store closes in forty five minutes and it's a fair drive away. Besides, we still have a climbing hike to do just to get back to the car.


A great week…a wonderful weekend. Hope yours was too.

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


We did receive a very interesting letter from Robin which we'll discuss tomorrow…but we felt it was right to pass the following alert along ASAP (as the life you save may be my own).







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