Attention Here and Now

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”

– Buddha


Saturday September 28

We wake up fairly early and head into Up The Creek HQ to say hi to Martin. He's alone in the kitchen. We sit and chat. Martin asks where we're living…we tell him the story. He tells us that his friend Alun, here in the Creek (Roberts Creek), might have a spot for us. Alun and his wife Dana, rent their coach house to tourists during the summer but since it's the off-season, they might be interested in renting it to us for a couple of months. He offers to call them…we say sure, please do, that sounds great. Martin gives Alun a call.

That's cool

While we're at the hostel we meet Derek. He's a teacher from Sarnia, ON. He has a MA in Education but can't find a teaching job in Ontario…so he has traveled to the coast. He's looking for a place to rent. We tell him about Dave and Jeanette…they have a great spot in Sechelt, near the water, perfect for one person, great landlords…he says he'll check it out.

Leaving Martin's, we decide to go to the Gumboot for breakfast. Wendy has hooked us up to see a place in Bonniebrook (near Gibsons) at 12.30 this afternoon, so we have some time to eat. While we're there, she e-mails Jeanette to alert her to keep an eye out for Derek. Wendy also responds to Chris, who has suggested Sunday as a day to replace the shock absorbers on the Civic.


Just as we're leaving we bump into Adelie.

“Hey…Happy Birthday Adelie!” She asks how we knew…we tell her that we heard about it from J.J. last night. She asks where we're staying…we tell her the story.

Adelie actually lives in Bonniebrook…she says it is amazing. Beach, ocean, old cabins, long walks…it does sound wonderful. We're on our way there now so we say goodbye and hop into the Civic.

It's a thirty minute drive to Bonniebrook…Hwy 101 towards Gibson, right turn onto Veterans Rd., right onto Fitchett Rd., left on King Rd., right on Chaster Rd…continue onto Gower Point Rd., right onto Ocean Beach Esplanade, past the Bonniebrook Lodge and…Tah Dah…

Bonniebrook Beach

We make one more quick right and a quick left into the second driveway. It's lovely…I'd show you a picture but our intrepid cub reporter appears to have been distracted once again


Oh…wait a minute…here is the house on Google Earth (whew…dodged that one). It's the little one next to the little orange man


Inside we meet Jim and Barb (aka, 'Blondie') and they are awesome. After we get over how gorgeous the view is (the ocean is clearly visible, trees everywhere, bamboo plants) we tour the house and our hosts fill us in on the cabin's history (i sure hope i get this right)…

'built over a hundred years ago by some of the earliest settlers to this area…at a time when loggers from Vancouver were coming to the Sunshine Coast for fresh timber and, after logging all the trees standing near water, decided to stay and build cottages along that clearcut shoreline…the fireplace was built when the current owner's mom and siblings were just wee ones…they carried every stone up from the beach (which explains why all the fireplace stones are all small enough to have been carried by tiny little hands)'.

When Jim and Barb started living here the place was more than a little run down and infested with little varmints. You would not know it from being here now…Jim and Barb have done an amazing reno job. It's gorgeous and an absolutely perfect little home for two.

We drink tea and visit for about two hours. These people are fantastic and it looks very much like we would be able to sublet from them sometime in early December while Blondie is in Mexico and Jim is working in Whistler.

We commit wholeheartedly.

As we leave, we both realize that we have just committed to staying on the coast until spring.


What an odd feeling.

It just happened.

Feels good.

Our immediate priority now is to find somewhere to live for October and November. That's our next stop. As we're driving, Wendy gets a text from Renee, we've just been invited to Adelie's birthday party. Hmph. Well, that's really fantastic…we suppose there's no longer any reason not to stay at Renee and Brian's tonight…being as how we'll be there tomorrow anyway.

Very Cool

We'll have to stop and pick up some wine. Best not linger long at our next house.

We're checking out a place in Roberts Creek but out towards Gibsons and on the North, or landward side. It's a beautiful drive. The area back here is fully forested and the homes are deep into the woods. It's gorgeous.

We arrive at our address. The property is sprawling and there are three homes nestled into the undergrowth. William, the owner, comes out and greets us. He shows us a small cabin…it isn't right for us. He says that he has a bigger one to rent but it's $1,200.00 a month (way out of our budget). We say 'sure, let's see it…hey, you never know'.

It's unfurnished. That pretty much kills the deal right there. I will say though…if we're still here after the spring…I will get some furniture so we can live in that house. It's fricking awesome.

Now, we don't have pictures so I'm going from memory here but what I remember most is space. A massive open space. The house is made of logs…and everything; floor, walls, ceiling and trim are of the same wood. The ceiling is twenty feet high (higher) and there's a large sleeping loft nestled up there. Windows everywhere give the impression that you are outside and the overall feeling is one of living under the stars.

William is also awesome. He's a biologist who studies fungi and mosses and ferns in the coastal forests. He is passionate and articulate about the subject and we are all ears. He says he and his staff are always out hiking the forests to collect, chart and study the plants.

I ask him for a job.

William says that he will keep me in mind when he gets his new funding.


He tells us that he knows of someone in Gibsons who has a place for rent. As he describes the house, Wendy and I realize that we have already checked out the home. We know this woman…Christine. Another really cool person. She is a couple of exams away from becoming a Doctor of Korean medicine. Wendy and I had a great time chatting with Christine about health, meditation and her studies when we visited her rental unit.

William says that the space we checked out at her house was the downstairs…but we might be able to rent the upstairs. It's unfortunate that we have to go because Chrisitine is on her way to Williams place right now. He says he'll tell her about us and she'll contact us.

Great Ceasars Ghost…this sure is turning into a synchronistic day.

We have visited much longer than planned and now we have to hustle to get to the wine store, pick up a birthday card and get some groceries before everything closes (it shuts down pretty early here). I grab a card at Shoppers while Wendle gets a few items from Clayton's. We go to the wine store together.

Wendle asks the staffer about a velvety red we have tasted but don't know the name of. Either that or another red…the one he recommended before. He offers us two choices…an Australian and a Spanish. The Australian is the one we're looking for…Thomas Goss 2011 McLaren Vale Shiraz…it's good. We take one of each anyway…supposedly they are the stores two most popular wines.

I ask the cashier if they hire. Yes they do, starting in October as staff starts to travel and going into the holiday seasons they begin to hire part-time staff. Just drop off a resume with a cover letter.

Very Cool!

What a day…what a week!

The last hurdle is to get up that freakin hill again. You know the one…(September 8 Post)

I'm ready for it today. I know that the odds of surviving the flight up to Space Mountain are very good…I'm a veteran.

Good to Go

Roger that

Arriving at it's base, I pop the Civic into first and up we go (damn this thing is steep)

My body still rebels at the very odd feeling of driving from a prone position…but I know that we will make it. Knowing it does nothing for the dizzying fear but it does give me something positive to focus on.

There we made it.

Ha! I laugh at you hill.

Geez it's dark up here. I can't see a thing. Oh wait…there's Brian's SUV parked to our left…just avoid it…stay a bit to the right…CRUUNNNCH!

Oh shit…what was that. That did not sound good.

As soon as the car is parked we hop out to survey the damage. Damn it's dark up here.

We appear to have scraped the right side of the car against a large pile of dirt. Thank gawd! There's no damage visible on the car. Yeah baby…everything is good. Alright.

We head into the house.

Dinner is awesome. Some wine (a Thomas Goss i believe), great food, great company.

After dinner Wendle and I are introduced into the mysterious world of 'Super Tock'. It's a board game where you have to get your four markers (marbles) around a board and into your end zone while everyone else attacks you. Ah heck…it's much easier if you just check out the rules here (heh heh)

This is the actual board we used to play…I'm the Yellow marbles. Why are all the yellow marbles together? Well that would be because I won. Yeah baby!

Renee says it's beginners luck. (they all want to knock off the champ)


After Tock, I suggest we play Euchre. Brian and Renee look at me and say, “What's Euchre…a card game?”

“Oh man” I say, “Euchre is the best and it so happens that it takes four to play”

“Well, how do you play”, they say.

“”I'll show you”

And I do.

I have, this very evening, for perhaps the first time ever…quite literally put two people to sleep explaining Euchre. They listen attentively at first…then a tandem yawn…and then they stand up and go to bed.

Tough game.

(terrible instructor)

Well…everyone else seems to have gone to sleep, we might as well turn in too


We're still homeless and unemployed but we do have great friends…both here and back East. We love all of you.

We'll see you tomorrow for the continuation of this amazing weekend. Hope you'll join us (geez you're starting to sound like Don Messer)

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


We forgot…Emily and Ryan have sent pictures of their new kitten…I don't know her name yet (geez Louise)…but I'm working on it







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