Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.”

Arthur Brisbane to the Syracuse Advertising Men’s Club, March 1911

Before going to dinner, we're going to visit with Richard (our buddy and Colin's neighbour). We arrive around four. Richard is good and Deva is her beautiful and aloof self. As usual we have a great discussion. All too soon it's almost six o'clock and time to head out to Ellen and Don's.

Funny thing, even though the distance from Richard's in Halfmoon Bay to Don and Ellen's place in Gibsons (36 km) is roughly the same as from Oakville to Toronto (38.6km), the experience is vastly different in every other way.

And of course, it is the same I experiencing both. Whoa.

I'm letting Wendy drive…(i'm a bit puck shy)..it's why I have time to ponder the universe.

We arrive at Ellen's and park the car. Besides using their driveways, people in Gibsons park in unpaved spaces along the side of the road. We take one close to Ellen's. Just as we're getting out of the car, a Jeep pulls up, and in a manner that somehow appears possessive (if that's even possible). I ask the driver if we're in their spot…”We can move it”. The woman laughs and says, “Wow, Oakville, Ontario, that's a long way. You deserve a rest.”

As we sit down to dinner, I notice a wrapped up present on my plate. Cool, I love presents. Everyone is waiting for me to open it up and when I do, I discover an old pair of Don's long johns. I had mentioned forgetting mine in Oakville and I was determined to do without until we got back for them. These are great…I hope they fit (bubblebutt)

Dinner is great and Wendy loved it. (that's all i'm allowed to say)

We have a wonderful visit and then it's time for bed. Wendy and I are in a very cozy room. It's Ellen's sanctuary and it has a great feel to it. Our bed is a mattress on the floor, which I really like. Ellen says, “there's a t.v. if you want to watch”


Baseball…gimme Baseball.

There are no games but we do watch the wrap up on a sports show. The Jays final game of the season was today. ('nuff said)

You know, we don't really miss watching t.v. Occasionally we'll think, 'oh, we're missing Newsroom' or some such, but on the whole the thought of it just doesn't cross our minds. One positive from quitting, we happened to see a snippet of a news show a week or so ago. The news stories were exactly the same as they had been when we last watched in July…exactly the same. I think someone is peddling us some Kusottarre here.

Monday September 30

We wake up at 8.30 this morning. Ellen and Don are just heading out, Don to work and Ellen for a walk.

Ellen asks if we're staying over again tonight. We don't know. If we find a place then we'd like to get everything out of Colin's. If not, then we'll appreciate the room again. We add that we'll be here for dinner, no matter what.

Ellen says she has yoga and will be home around four-thirty or five this afternoon. Don probably around the same time. She makes arrangements with us so we can get in on our own and dashes off for her morning walk.

I grab a shower…Wendle grabs a muffin…and we head out.

I'm driving again. (yeah baby…back in the saddle)

We're heading over to the Starbucks in Gibsons when an inspiring idea hits us…let's ask Dana, the woman whose house we're seeing, if she wants a coffee (i would. so…now you never have to 'wonder if')

Wendy calls her, Dana says no thanks… and giggles. We like her so far.

That's immediately followed by another great idea (and that's before coffee), we should see if Ellen would be interested in having Luke join us all for dinner.

We grab coffees (or in one case, a near likeness) and get back on the road.

As we're driving to Roberts Creek, Wendy texts Ellen about inviting Luke for dinner. Ellen is keen on the idea. Cool.

Then Wendle calls Luke…he's keen on the idea too. We tell him we'll pick him up at four. Very cool.

The place we're looking at in Roberts Creek is right on the road of that name. We'd like to spend October and November in the Creek. Get a sense of it. We have a taste of Halmoon Bay and Sechelt and we'll be in Gibsons by mid December.

Ah…there it is…a right turn into the driveway and wow…it's a long driveway, lots of trees, grasses, bamboo…

We pull up to the house (it's beautiful) and park the Civic. A young woman comes out to meet us…and yes, it's Dana.

Alright, so let's take a tour of the place with her…

To be continued….

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


No pictures today. We're just trying something new. Like the time the networks tried to televise football without any announcers. Kind of bland, eh? To make up for it we have a great story for you.

We were at Colin's one night….ages ago. He and Chris (Mancuso) we're listening to some funky stuff on Songza. Suddenly I hear “Bubble Butt, Bubble Butt, BubbleBubbleBubble Butt”. Oh man, that's catchy. Fun to say. And it sticks in the mind.

Ever since I first heard the song, I'll find myself singing it. Kind of like Peter with 'The Bird'.

What, you havent heard…

…I thought everyone had heard about The Bird


Wendy isn't thrilled because she says the song is stupid. Probably, I wouldn't know, the only words of the song that I know are “Bubble Butt, Bubble Butt, BubbleBubbleBubble Butt”.

Saturday, after dinner at Brian and Renee's, Brian put on some funky music…which leads to some music videos,…which leads to me ask if we can watch 'Bubblebutt'. Neither Brian nor Renee have heard of it.

What, you haven't heard?

I thought everyone had heard about the…

Neither Renee nor Brian are very impressed by it. 'That song is stupid'

As we were going to bed that night, Wendy says, “Sheesh, I can't believe you asked them to watch the Bubblebutt video.”

Sunday, during the birthday party, Wendle is outside with Brian and Chris Boutris (the mechanic) looking at the Vanagon. I'm sitting around the table with Daniel, Amelie and J.J. and Renee is puttering around the kitchen. All of a sudden she starts singing…

“Bubble Butt, Bubble Butt, BubbleBubbleBubble Butt”.


For responsible adults only…

Major Lazer – Bubble Butt (feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic) – Directed by Eric Wareheim



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