The Crib

“May your home always be to small to hold all of your friends”

– Irish Blessing


If you're just joining us…we slept over at Don and Ellen's last night. Tonight, we are, at the very least, having dinner with them and Luke, who…we will pick up at 4pm. Right now, Dana is going to show us this apartment, in Roberts Creek. Whew. (why weren't you that brief yesterday)

So, let's see the apartment.

Looks great from the outside. Wood facing…beautifully done, parking for two cars right next to the wooden stairs…it's a coachouse…the kind people in movies are always stuffing their Mother-In Laws in (hey, i don't make 'em, i just refer to them)

Whoa, nice porch…two lovely deck chairs and a beautiful view. It smells good here too.

Hi Neighbour!


Let's go inside…you first Dana. We like Dana. She's gentle.

It's beautifully bright inside the apartment…even though it's raining out. There is a skylight in the foyer and it let's in copious amounts of light.

To our left…the bathroom…deep tub, modern plumbing, good towels. It feels like a guest washroom, which of course it is. Normally the apartment is rented for short term stays. With the busy season winding down, Alun and Dana are, for their first time ever, renting it out for a longer term…in our case, it would be for two or so months.

The apartment is the size of a one family cabin. A small but well equipped bedroom to our right…Queen size bed, large closet and two little end tables with lamps.

In the hallway, a small washer and dryer. Dana says to be aware that the dryer sucks out moisture as opposed to applying heat…the clothes will be only mostly dry.

Out into the main living area. To our left, the kitchen…Wendy pores over it like the Inspector General. Large counters, double sink with a flexible hose, dishwasher, fridge, stove and ooh…what's this…a convection oven / microwave.


Wendle is very impressed.

I ask, “What's so cool about a convection microwave?”

Both Wendy and Dana try to explain.

I hear, “Blah blah confection…blah blah oven…blah blah blah cook food”

(i like food) I nod approvingly…while I'm pondering a response, I hear my voice say, “Wow, Space Age Technology” ('what a maroon')

That is pretty funny…unfortunately, I'm the only one laughing

I look around for some help, “Oh wow, a coffee maker.”

Wendy turns and sees the coffee maker, kettle and (!) plastic cooking spoons.


Also on the left side of the room, beyond the kitchen, is a lovely antique drop-leaf table and two high back wooden chairs. Dana shows us how to work the table.

There are two large windows on the back wall, one on either side of the main support beam. The view is very cool…lots of trees, a tree house and an area where Dana's son is building a trail bike, torture course.


On the right side of the room are two couches facing each other with a coffee table in between. The floor is hardwood and Dana says, “I can bring a rug up for under that table. It'll help keep the room warm.”

The apartment has everything we would need, compost bucket, recycle bin, silverware, dinnerware, pots. Dana shows us the broom and says, “We have central air and it's attached up here. When you sweep, you don't need a dustpan, you just do this”…and she flips a switch with her foot. Suddenly, from a port along the floor, we hear the sound of a powerful suction. Oh, that's sweet.

It feels right. Dana feels right. Martin has vouched for them…in fact, he also vouched for us.

It feels like a good place to be.

“We'll take it”

“Well, there are a couple of things”, says Dana.

She tells us about the two dogs…how they like to run headlong at the car but are super friendly. Certain areas of the yard that her family would like to remain private. How we may hear a loud clump when anyone shuts the garage door.

“We'll take it”

“We do have it already booked for October second, third and twelfth…you'll have to move out for those dates. Would you be okay with that?” Dana asks.

“Yup. We'll stay with friends or get a room…It's only three days”

We rent the space for October and November and possibly to the middle of December.

Be it ever so humble…there is no place like home.


Gotta fly. We have to get to Colin's, pick up our stuff, bring it back here, drop it off and pick up Luke by four. We say farewell to Dana, hop into the Civic and carry on.

Colin is busy cleaning his stove. Looking good. Virginie is moving in later this afternoon and he's on the last leg of his cleaning. We tell him about our find, give him some hugs and, after piling everything into the Civic, head back out to Roberts Creek.

As we pull into the yard, we hear the deep barking of two dogs…and here they come, running towards us. We stop and hop out to say hi. Boy are they friendly. They're fair sized and energetically affectionate, getting a picture of them won't be easy. They don't fuss with us long. Just a really great 'how d'ya do' and then they're off to other things. We're going to love these guys.

We pile a bunch of stuff in the room and head back out.


We have a new home and we're driving to pick up one new friend, to go to dinner with two more. What a marvel life is. In just one week we have experienced the serendipity of life, through death and renewal. We shared it with our family and friends and all of you have in turn, shared your blessings with us. We feel it. Thank You.

As if to punctuate the moment, the Sun blasts through a cloud and shines down upon the Water. We stop the car. Yes, what a marvel Life is


Goodnight all.

Moose and Wendle


You may be wondering what happened at dinner. Nothing really. Everyone had a wonderful time. Luke started the evening off right by giving Ellen a big hug. The food really was superb and the conversation ran the gamut from sailing to some weird but true tales of our personal medical emergencies. The one true thing we did share was community. And that was awesome! Thank you Don, Ellen and Luke for making us part of that.

When we got home I tried on my new long johns. They fit…and they're only a large (attabe big guy). Thanks guys!




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