“Nature shows us only the tail of the lion. But I do not doubt that the lion belongs to it even though he cannot at once reveal himself because of his enormous size”

– Albert Einstein

Sunday October 13

Wendy woke up first…at least between us two. Don was already up doing Yoga in the living room and Ellen was in her room reading. Seeing this, Wendy comes back into our room and wakes me up…mostly because she's hungry. She's also mumbling something about 'gotta get the turkey in'

Once I'm up, I want to eat too. Luckily by the time Wendle has rousted me off the floor, Don and Ellen are finished their activities and also hungry

Ellen had bought some special bacon and Don is in the kitchen slicing it (mmm…it looks fantastic). I grab a coffee, sit down and start yacking with Don…which of course slows everything…to a standstill. Wendy takes over and soon, all four of us are talking while the bacon sizzles (whoa…women can do two things at once)

After breakfast, Don and I do up the dishes and then, Wendy and I have to get ready to go. We're having that Thanksgiving dinner at Richard's place this evening and there is still a lot to do

After thanking Don and Ellen, we wave so long and head off in the Civic back into downtown Gibsons. We're picking up Luke at Gramma's Pub, which should be…hey, there he is.

“Luke, over here”

With Luke and his bottle of wine in the car, the three of us head out of town and begin the drive to Richard's. Wendy is still speaking in tongues “Turkey in. I must get the turkey in.” I have no idea what it means but it sounds important.

We arrive at Richard's around 1.30 in the afternoon. Richard has cooked the wild rice. Wendle, still uttering incantations to the great fowl god, 'Meleagris Gallopavo', begins the high ritual known as 'Fartim'. Luke assists in the ceremony. It's quite invasive…and before you know it, both of our high priests are buried up the elbow in Meleagris Gallopavo

Not being a convert, I stay clear of the altar (he means kitchen) and sit in the living room with Richard and Deva…who seems to have decided that I am okay (for a human). I accept that as a high honor.

Okay, it's just three o'clock and we're done here. The bird is stuffed and in the oven and we're returning to Roberts Creek to move back into our place.

We empty the car of as much as we can, grab the bins we stored in the garage and haul everything back inside the apartment. It's going a lot quicker because Luke is helping.

Whew. I am so glad that's over. We won't have to move our stuff again until December. We are well and truly home (for now).

Wendy and I clean up and change into our best clothing while Luke naps on the sofa. We get him up just as we're ready to go (yeah, he's low maintenance now)…oh…that's right, we forgot to tell you…Luke cut his dreads off and he's going very streamlined. He looks great

5pm and we're on our way to Clayton's for pumpkin pie and whipped cream (oh baby…come to papa). Then we stop over at the wine store and pick up a bottle of red to pair up with the white Luke brought.

Do we have everything?


Good…let's go eat.

We're back at Richard's by 5.40pm. Chris has dropped off potatoes and brussel sprouts and Richard has cleaned and prepped them. When we arrive, Wendy popped them into the oven and now, we're just sitting around, sipping wine and waiting for…


Is that dinner?

No. It's Chris. He grabs a glass of wine and joins in the living room conversation.

Six forty-five…ahhh…dinner is served. It looks and smells fantastic. It's got everything. Turkey, wild rice stuffing, squash, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, gravy…the works!

(the squash)

Luke says a few beautiful words that mirror the Thanks we all feel in our hearts. Our Gratitude for the meal we are about to receive and to be sharing this moment in friendship.

Everyone has eaten responsibly and no one is groaning from over stuffing themselves. The other plus side of that is that there is plenty of leftover turkey to split up between the five of us. After Chris and I cleaned up and did the pots and pans, we had our pumpkin pie and then Wendle did her Solomon thing and split the bird up evenly. Everyone will be leaving happy

Chris leaves early…he has another meal to go to tomorrow and he wants to get his rest. Luke, Richard, Wendy and I stick around and talk. It's good. We'd stay longer but we still have to drive Luke back to 'Willow', in Gibsons. So, around twelve thirty, we pack up our gear, grab our leftovers and hit the road.

We get Luke aboard by around 1.17 and we get back to our place by ten to two. Whew!

It's been an awesome day and we have plenty to be Thankful for. We are. It's difficult to describe this feeling we call Gratitude. It extends into so many aspects of our life. It is very powerful though and most probably a force for good.

On this Thanksgiving Day, Wendy and I wish to Thank You, for sharing this powerful good feeling with us.

Happy Thanksgiving

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle





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