All That Jazz


“When I hear Jazz, my first instinct is to lean over to the guy next to me and whisper, “Fourth floor, please.”

– Jared Kintz


Thursday October 19

We love Jazz…Louie Armstrong, Bennie Goodman, Dave Brubeck, St. Germain, Vince Guaraldi, our nephew Will…of course Jazz, like avant garde Art can, at the peripheries be as unsettling as nails on a chalkboard. We knew nothing about Jennifer Scott when we said yes to attending the concert. So, we looked her up……listened to some of her music on You Tube and now we're 'jazzed' about going.

We pick up what we hope is a lovely bottle of wine from the BC Liquor store in Sechelt. Alan, one of the store's outstanding staff has become our go-to guy for directing us to good, inexpensive wines. So far he has a batting average of .900 (superstar).

We explain to Alan that we're going to a Jazz Soirée and we want a first class wine at economy prices. He shows us a bottle of 'Shiraz Viogner-D'arenberg Laughing Magpie, 2008'. Alan says that it's one of the best he's tasted this year and for a top wine, very reasonably priced (i love this guy)

We drive into Bonniebrook and arrive at the cottage around five thirty. We have about an hour until we have to be at Bruce's and we fill it with a delicious wine spritzer (my first) and conversation with Jim.

Wendy uses the opportunity to get some photos of the cottage.


(she is full on stoked about the hanging pots and pans)




While we chat, Jim asks us if we can housesit with Miss Frida (their cat) this coming Tuesday to Wednesday. Yup. Can do. Sounds like fun.

Before you know it, it's time to go. I thank Jim for wearing a simple collared shirt and cargo pants…it matches my outfit (for every occasion).

It's pitch black outside and Jim leads. As we hike up the hill, the rays from his flashlight are suddenly joined by six to eight other dancing lightbeams approaching from another direction (think 'Children of the Corn'). Everyone is moving to the same destination and we all meet at Bruce's door.


Inside, the house is buzzing. The kitchen and front hallway are filled with people. We greet Bruce, meet David (the home's architect) and give up our coats. I'm unsure as to Jazz Soirée etiquette and there is a lot going on…so I stay close to Jim and follow his lead. We're introduced to Cory, she's one of Jim's neighbours and she's awesome. There are a lot of introductions but I can't remember anyone else's names…oops (must have been the spritzer).

I put our wine amongst the other bottles on a side counter. A bottle of Wolfblass Shiraz is already open so I pour myself a small glass…mmm, not bad.

The food table (located in one of the side rooms) groans under the weight of the snacks people have brought. There isn't a lot of room left for ours so I rearrange the table, remove a nearly empty plate of chocolate cake and…voila, ours fits. Solving that problem has however left me holding that nearly empty plate of cake. Hmmm…what do I do with this?

I eat the cake and put the dish in the kitchen.

I drink some Shiraz to wash down the cake and WOW…is that ever good. I did not know how well Chocolate cake and Shraz were together (philistine)

Oh, it's almost time for the music to begin.


Wendy, Jim and I head to the back of the room and find some seats. To our right is the other side room. A cozy couch and love seat are just inside (why can't we sit there?)

The lights over the audience dim and Bruce comes out to welcome us and introduce us to the trio, Jenifer Scott (piano and vocals), Bassist Rene Worst and guest guitarist Steve Giltrow. And with intros made…let the music begin


A pair of latecomers sneak in and are seated in the side room…on the cozy love seat (i'm coming late next time).

The first set lasts for just over an hour and these three are terrific. Jennifer's voice is clear and delightful and she can scat with the best of them. There is great communication going on between the musicians and it's fun to watch how much they appreciate each other's virtuosity.

A short intermission follows. Just long enough to hit one of the washrooms and grab another glass of wine. The only bottle that remains unopened is our Laughing Magpie…oh oh…did you steer us wrong Alan? (This will not help your average).

Oh well, I'll drink it. I pour myself a glass and with nary a second for it to breathe, I taste it.

How is it Moose? (You might ask)

As Brent (Leroy) would say…”It's heaven in a tube”.

Really…it is far and away the best wine I've tasted in a very long time (i never doubted you Al)

The call to return to our seats comes just in time to save me from eating all of the snack I brought…St. Andre triple cream Brie and a bag of 'Snack Factory Everything, Deli Style Prezel Crisps' (somebody stop me)



The second set is another hour and the trio remains tight (like a toiger). They shift easily from mood to mood and there's a lot of good humour…Rene says, “They're going to do 'Take Five', in Six Six time” (you had to be there).

After a rousing applause, the group gives us an encore. Jennifer refers to this song as having become the new Canadian Anthem…the song is, of course 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen.

Jennifer nails this baby and a very cool thing happens when during the first (and subsequent) chorus, the voices of the gathered join in, on key and at an appropriate sound level…almost as if rehearsed.

Concert over, everyone begins to drift away. Everyone except the neighbours, who now include Wendy and I. Wendle is up buying a CD from and chatting with Jennifer. I could join them or…I could be completely selfish and grab some more wine.

I go back and get some more of our wine. The bottle seems relatively untouched since my last visit (hallelujah is right Lennie).

I head over to the food table…c'mon lucky seven…OMG, there's some Brie and pretzels left (dude, buy a lottery ticket). I know…'it's totally bad for your heart'. Yours…yes…but not mine. I come from French, Irish, Ukranian and Polish stock…our arteries have developed to the size of a 4″ toilet drain (i've never found you more attractive)

Finally, and I only say this because I'm tired of standing, we head back to the cottage. It's really dark out here…remind me to bring a headlamp next time.

Neighbour Cory joins us for some more wine and chatter. Wendy, our driver, stopped drinking hours ago and by now, I'm drinking water. We have a blast until the wee hours and then it's time to go.

Jim, we'll see you Wednesday when you return and Miss Frida, we'll see you Tuesday afternoon.

What a cool evening. We listened to some great music, nailed the wine, enjoyed some wonderful food and met great new people. And that's no jazz.

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle




This is a special shout out to Shawn. We love you buddy. Now stop touching that nurse's butt




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