Okay, there are reasons we didn't do a post the last few days (so don't be hatin).

To make it up to you, we're doing this 'Collector's Edition' (i have no idea why it's called that)

Monday October 21

After an early dinner with Richard, we drive into Sechelt and spend an evening visiting with Dave and Jeanette. They are the owners of the apartment that we looked at and then later recommended to Derek (newly arrived from Ontario) who viewed, loved and then rented it (September 28 Post).

We have an excellent visit. Dave's homemade smoked salmon (with cream cheese) and wine are terrific and, as Van Morrison would say, “the craic was good”.

Usually, Dave would be away five months of the year as the captain of a fishing boat…but he recently got a full-time job here in Sechelt and he and Jeannette are enjoying their first full year 'together' in a very long time. Dave worked up in the northern waters of BC and he showed us some amazing photos of dolphins, eagles, whales, seals and sharks. We have some here but we recommend you go to Langara's photo site and see them all for yourself. Fantastic






Tuesday October 22

Today is the day we're going over to housesit at Jim and Blondie's cottage (October 19 Post). Jim is going to the mainland to visit his dear friend and mentor, and will return tomorrow afternoon. We have promised to go over today, to ensure that Miss Fryda (their cat) is kept fat and contented. We'll be moving into the cottage mid-December and it'll be fun to have this trial run.

We promised to be there by 2.00 – 2.30pm and we prep, pack and arrive right on time.

Jim and Blondie did all of the work renovating this century old cottage and they're darned proud of the results. C'mon, we'll show you around…

So, here's the view from the front yard…the ocean, just past those distant trees, is covered in fog today.


And here is the front yard (hmm..i wonder who will be using that rocking chair?)


Here's the front of the cottage. We're going to head up the little path…that door next to the flower pot (sitting on the milkcan) is a small storage area.


Here is the back patio….watch yourself here as we go down the steps


The view from the back porch


Leave your shoes here and we'll go in


We took some of these photos the other night but they'll help us show you around the house.

Here is the dinner table


And the kitchen…bathroom is just past that door (just in case ya gotta go)…and remember to duck if you're more than six feet high!


And the hanging pots and pans that Wendle covets


Look to your left as we leave the kitchen and you'll see a wonderful bookcase and computer area (duck under the glass wind chimes)


Here's that same area from inside the living room


On the other side of the living room is the old fireplace…it doesn't work anymore, the painting in front hides Miss Fryda Mae's toilet facilities. As previously mentioned, every one of the fireplace stones was carried by Bruce's mother when she was a little girl (or was it his gramma?)…either way, they're all the right size for tiny wee hands.

Fryda's wicker throne is to your left. Please…Do Not Approach The Throne Unless She Asks


This is the couch along the living room wall. It's unbelievably comfortable. Jim says that napping on it is unbeatable. I will have to test that theory (yeah, if you ever get out of that rocking chair)


Looking into the little sun room at the front of the house. The bed is comfy and the view is serene (particularly when you can see the ocean)


The master bedroom. Jim stands by his claim that this bed is amazingly comfortable…Wendy and I have short-tested it and we believe him. This will be our spot for tonight. There's a t.v. in this room….unfortunately the World Series doesn't start until tomorrow night (dang)


Miss Fryda is none too happy to see us. Upon arrival, we both go over to pay homage to her as she sits upon her wicker throne. She moans pejoratively at our presence and quiets only after we have scuttled back and away to a distant couch.

Fryda's reticence flies out the window as soon as she gets hungry. She comes into the kitchen and makes herself very friendly. “Waaaa…waaaa…waaant foood”, she says as she rubs up against our legs.

“Ahhhh…who's a good baby cat”. We load her up good.

Later in the afternoon, Miss Fryda comes into the living room and gets super friendly again. Wendy gives her some of her little kitty snacks which Fryda gobbles up appreciatively. Wendy then reaches out her hand to pet Fryda…who promptly gives her a whack and a look that clearly communicates, “Oh no you didn't”

During dinner, Fryda who is looking for handouts, tries to make up. Did she get anything you ask?


Miss Fryda during a 'funny half hour' (spent running and sliding around)


Wednesday October 23

We went to the gym, at the Gibsons Community Center, today. We've been doing a lot of Yoga and although that keeps our spines healthy and bodies limber, we have become a bit concerned about losing muscle and bone mass (that happens when you're twenty-nine)

After eating a muffin and feeding Miss Fryda, we drive into Gibsons and park in the Community Center lot



The facility is called a 'weight room'…which is a tad of an overstatement considering there are few weights but tons of cardio machinery (treadmills, bikes, rowers). There's enough to get the job done however and an hour later we emerge…still looking like 'little girly men' but feeling pumped.


After the workout, we grab a Starbucks and drive back to the cottage for breakfast. Then we clean up, re-pack, give Miss Fryda some treats and head home to Roberts Creek.

Later in the day…around five…Luke arrives. He's come over for dinner. Chris (Mancuso!) and Colin will be over a little later and we'll all eat together.

Okay, dishes are done….Luke has gone back to his overnight housesitting home down the road and Colin, Chris, Wendle and I are sitting down to play some Euchre.

Colin and I are partners and we're feeling good about our chances to take a best of three series…speaking of which…Red Sox win game one 8-0. Whoa, guess we didn't miss much of a contest. Oh well, like I said, we're going to play some cards…and I'm sure you've got better things to do than watch us have fun. So…we'll see you Monday with another adventure. You have yourself a great today

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


A 'Collector's Edition' Special Bonus

This is from our soul sister Ellen in Burlington, Ontario






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