Where The Wind Blows

“A mate of mine once said, dourly, after fartichokes, and I don’t mean to offend…Farts are like children. You like your own”

– Woifey, Co. Meath, Ireland (http://www.rivercottage.net/users/Woifey/)


Sunday November 3

We ate Jerusalem Artichokes for dinner tonight. You know…Sunchokes, Sunroot, Earth Apple and as it’s known in Britain…the Fartichoke (i did not know that)

Neither did we.

And now we do.

The last time we saw him, our brother Caleb gave us a whack of these tubers to plant when we got home. Caleb, who some of you know from his outdoor skills school…Canadian Bushcraft, is Mississauga Ojibway and his people have been eating these things for years (try centuries)



Caleb told us all about the little tuber…a species of sunflower native to Eastern North America…they grow easily and can be cooked in a myriad of tasty ways…they’re really healthy for you…

“…high in minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium, plus an array of B vitamins. Jerusalem artichokes are also a good source of ‘inulin’, a prebiotic that fuels the healthy bacteria in your gut. This helps to keep your intestines clean and your belly flat”

Dr. Oz


…ah yes, the cleaning of the intestines. Forgot to mention that, didn’t ya Caleb. We probably should have done additional research on our own before pounding back a heapin helpin for dinner tonight…but we didn’t. And now the two of us are sitting here, stomachs growling menacingly

John Goodyer’s entry for Jerusalem artichoke in the 1633 edition of Gerard’s Herball concluded: ‘In my judgement, which way soever they be dressed and eaten, they stir up and cause a filthie loathsome stinking wind within the body, thereby causing the belly to be much pained and tormented”

– Stephen Nottingham’s Food Blog


Yes they do John…Yes they do

(but man are they tasty)

We ate dinner after we got back from Gibsons. We’d dropped by to say hi to Luke (he’s fine). We found him down by ‘Smitty’s Oyster Bar’. It’s at water’s edge, just below Molly’s Reach, in Gibsons. It’s quite interesting down there. It looks and feels like downtown ‘Seawater’ (what are you…the ancient mariner).

‘I yam what I yam’

Wow, look at all those oyster shells

‘Hey, there’s Luke’ (oh no, she’s taking another picture of us)

We looked for Luke at Gibsons Marina. He wasn’t there but it was such a beautiful day, we just enjoyed the sun and sea air for awhile

We were in Gibsons buying groceries…oh…and we were at the Dollar Store, to find some rubber matting to lay under the rug. Everything in the store is $1.25 or less. That includes everything in this display of books…that price seems reasonable…I mean seasonable (on the advice of my lawyers i will let you draw the inference)


Sunday afternoon, we did our recycling. I‘ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again…they sure do recycling the right way, here on the coast. You drop off your own recycling, sort it, pay for some of it (styrofoam) get paid for others (wine bottles, almond milk boxes) and everything that is re-useable is left on site, to be sold at little stalls. Doing this chore yourself really reminds you to keep it simple and use less wherever possible

The reason we had more than our usual amount of waste is because Colin, Teddy and Zohan stayed with us for the weekend. We didn’t create any new garbage today though, because before the kids and Colin left, we went for breakfast at the Gumboot (don’t judge, it ain’t any cheaper feeding two kids at home)

Zohan finally got to ride her new scooter…from our place to the restaurant. It’s the first day she’s been able to get outside on it because of all the rain. Today is a new day however, and it’s fresh and glorious


They’re leaving today after breakfast, having spent the weekend. It’s been raining cats and dogs and, since there were no local activities planned for kids, Wendle had to have indoor activities galore (to supplement TinTin, Reading Rainbows and the perennially favourite…Batman)

Zohan likes to read…so that’s good (something by Clausewitz, i’m sure)

Craft paper books for each of them and permanent markers

Everything you need to create your own snowman


Wendy took the two kids to the craft store Saturday afternoon to buy some tools and every time she turned her back Zohan filled the cart with armloads of supplies…a jug of every possible poster paint colour…four packs of pipe cleaners and fuzzy balls…glue, felt, bows, paintbrushes. Most of that was returned to the shelf but what arrived back at our house was still substantial

Chris provided some first class entertainment when he did a ‘bang your head’ pratfall in exchange for a piece of Zohan’s Halloween candy


She’s been pretty successful selling candy to us adults…a piece at a time. Peanut butter cups (large size) are going for three bucks (out of my price range) but Starburst and M&Ms are immensely affordable at a buck each. Teddy tried to sell his too but fifty-three dollars for two Twizzlers is a little steep (even for Dad)

The kids have actually made a bundle off of their sugar haul. After trick or treating they traded a whack of candy to the ‘Cavity Monster’…you know, it’s like ‘guns for cash’, except this time the parents eat the guns (geez, my mom just stole our candy when we went to sleep). Zohan traded for a scooter, which because of the rain, she’s only been able to stare at (longingly)

She spent part of Friday evening laying out the remainder of her candy, categorizing it, pricing it, creating a menu and then presenting the menu to Colin, Wendy and I. A retail genius


This candy is pure gold baby…Zohan created a ‘Candy Hider’ to store hers in. It’s with her at all times…and don’t try breaking into it, there’s enough gaffer tape covering this thing to make it both bullet and jimmy proof


It’s actually ‘Lego, Legends of Chima’ but Teddy keeps repeating “LegoChima, LegoChima”. It’s what he acquired in trade for his Halloween loot. Once Teddy puts it together, it’s a thing of beauty…I’m not sure what the freakin thing is supposed to be but it has enough guy stuff on it to please every five-year-old boy


This Lego kit is quite challenging to put together (it’s rated ages 7-14) but Teddy is doing just fine on his own and he’s just looking at the pictures in the instructional handbook


Colin helps Teddy get all of the parts out of the box and separated by colour…and then sets Teddy loose


“LegoChima, LegoChima”…the first words out of Teddy’s mouth Friday afternoon. Whatever this stuff is, it’s powerful enough to keep Teddy in a wild-eyed state of frenzied excitement (i think he’s speaking in tongues)


Ahhh Teddy and Zohan. Fluttering like a breeze across our faces and then, like the fragrance of the sweetest Rose…passing…to where the wind blows
Speaking of which…
(quick open the window)
Goodnight all
Moose and Wendle

A correction

In our October 27 Post, we mentioned Scott’s film about the Sechelt Indian Band’s Run-Of-River Hydro Project. It was actually filmed by Scott and Kellei…and Scott’s dad did audio. Scott says,

We do video production as a team. Kellei is our principal photographer. I know most people on the coast know her primarily for her First Aid related work and that’s probably why all too often the work she does in other areas gets missed.”

Not this time big guy. Great work Kellei!


On Earth Hour, March 31st, 2012…Wendy, Sandra and I were spending a lovely evening with our brother Brian and his son (little brother) Gavin. When the lights went out, Gavin and Brian put on a little concert for us. Gav on guitar and Brian improvising on his native flute. Wendy filmed the performance and since then, the video has only been seen or heard in public once…until today.

Gavin is honouring his pops, and the music that brings us all together, by putting the tune up on You Tube for everyone to enjoy. Perhaps you’d enjoy sharing it too. There’s no video but we believe that the pic Gavin has selected does much justice to Wee Brian.

Miss ya bro



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