‘As It Is’

Adv. 'as it is' – in the actual state of affairs and often contrary to expectations


Chris was over Sunday night for dinner. After we ate, we played Cribbage…I won both games, including a come from behind win in the second game (Mancuso!). We played a lot of Euchre too. That was a fun ending to a very good day. Let me fill you in on the details…


…Saturday evening Luke came over for dinner. We ate and watched a couple of old movies… 'Ned Kelly' starring Heath Ledger (Red Kelly, the hockey player?)

C'mon, surely you've heard of Ned Kelly…he was the notorious Aussie outlaw / folk hero who fought against English ruling class oppression by robbing banks and inadvertently killing a few folks. At least that's how Heath portrayed it. It really is an incredibly interesting story and we do recommend the movie


We also watched 'Master and Commander'. All three of us love this film. By the time the movie was done, it was too late for Luke to get back to Gibsons so he crashed on the Therm-A-Rest

Sunday morning, we got up, had breakfast and then J.J. called to tell us that Shakuhachi Grand Master Bodo would be performing today at 2.30pm, at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery. We thought the concert was next Sunday so we were very appreciative of J.J,'s phone call

We quickly altered our plans to include picking J.J. up 1.30pm. After showering, we piled into the car and headed down Lower Road to J.J.'s house. With J.J. in the backseat with Luke, we drove into Gibsons

As we entered town we stopped at a traffic light. As soon as it turned green, all four of us clearly heard a male voice say, “Move it Ontario”. We all turned to look behind us and saw a young guy and his girl…on a moped. We laughed our asses off

Having dropped Luke off at the Marina (he's working today at four so he can't attend the recital with us), we headed over to the art gallery

Today's event is part of the gallery's celebration of it's tenth anniversary. The last time we were here was to attend Ellen's book reading and watch Don and Ellen's presentation of their trip to India (October 12 Post)

This is Master Bodo's first public appearance and therein lies an interesting story. As mentioned in our October 24th Post, Fuke monks, or 'Komuso' (priests of nothingness) would use their Shakuhachi to play 'Honkyoku' as a way to practice breath meditation (Suizen)

Master Bodo trained at the Japan Shakuhachi Academy. In 1977, Todo Kaneyasu, the founder of the Academy, “made a strict rule prohibiting students from making a living from playing the sacred Shakuhachi. Master Bodo has observed that decree until now.” http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Bodo

As today is his first public concert, the place is packed

The space within which Master Bodo will perform is simple and serene

check out the amazing Bonsai tree

We took no photos go Master Bodo but we can tell you that he was 125lbs (his own estimate), absolutely adorable and his music was divine

If you are looking for some fantastic meditative music, might we recommend 'As It Is', Master Bodo's first CD. The tracks of him playing live, accompanied by a mountain brook, are indescribably delicious


After the concert I had an opportunity to meet Mike, a flute player who is the original possessor of the flute that J.J. gifted to me at Brian and Renee's Halloween party (October 27 Post). It was great to get some tips from Mike…such as, 'occasionally blowing spit out of the flute, will allow you to extend your playing time' (i did not know that). Mike was gratified to see that the flute had found a good home

We dropped J.J. off at his place, bought some food and a bottle of wine and ba…bam, dinner with Chris

In other news…

Wendle and I are heading East. Relax Sunshine Coast…(LOL)…we'll be back. We're going home to Ontario for nine days…actually seven because two of those will be travel days. We miss our family, all of our friends, there's a certain dog and cat that we're dying to see and this will be a great chance to visit with everyone

There are other reasons too…It's getting colder here and we want our winter clothes. Dakota Ridge begins early December and we need our winter clothes (basically we're freezing our heinies off). We have business to take care of back home. We want to see our chiro (get your table ready Rash). We want to see Emily and Ryan's kitten

And…we will get in some 'Berg time (say, isn't Christmas Town on now?)

We'd originally planned to go early December but it's worked out that now is the right time so…we changed our plans and went with the flow

We leave Vancouver, 10.00am next Monday, November 18th, and arrive in T.O. at 5.30pm, the same day

We plan to see our family right off the bat. Then, starting Tuesday, we will get our business done while we spend whatever time we can with whomever wants to share theirs with us

We leave Toronto 8.00am on Tuesday, November 26th and arrive back here the same morning…two hours later

Well, that's all for today. Before we go, we'd like to give another shout out to our cuz…Shawn. He's back, in the pink and we're thrilled because he is a gentle anarchist with a tremendous wit and wisdom and the world is much better off with him on the scene. Shawn occasionally shares his take on life by sending us tidbits of waggery. We'll share some in today's P.S. but we want you to be aware that some of these are Shawn's and some are purloined because they struck his humerus…and we have no idea which is which. We've kept some of the funniest and raciest off the page because our blog has a PG rating (hey kids, if you'd like to see those, let us know and we'll e-mail them to you directly)

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Shawn's…'Random Thoughts'

What if PETA are actually meat promoters, whose job it is to make vegetarians look like raving lunatics

Being an adult is the dumbest thing I've ever done

If I were to give up sarcasm, that would leave interpretive dance as my only means of communicating

Last night I woke up and reached for my liquid Viagra, but took a huge swig of Whiteout instead. This morning I woke up with a HUGE correction

A short girlfriend once asked, “Why wasn't I born a 6ft tall model?”…I said, “Cause you would have gotten stuck in your mom's vagina.”

Regular naps prevent old age, especially if you take them while driving

Wouldn't it be great if the slums in Italy were called “spaghettos

My idea of a 'Happy Meal' is a beer, a doobie and a chocolate chip cookie

The brain is the most important organ you have….according to the brain

I got banned from laser tag for trying to use a knife to save ammo

Believing in karma means I can rest easy at night knowing all the people I treated like shit had it coming

Wouldn't it be great to sit next to a stranger on a park bench, slide over an envelope containing a random photo, and whisper, “Make it look like an accident”. Then walk off



One thought on “‘As It Is’

  1. Hi there. I’m trying to reach Steve Mousseau re: a movie he was in back in ’88 titled, THE BRAIN. If someone could pass this note on to Steve and let him know that I’d love to ask him some questions about the film I’d really appreciate it! Best wishes from Boston, MA

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