Agents of Destruction

“My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, 'You're tearing up the grass'; 'We're not raising grass,' Dad would reply. 'We're raising boys'”

– Harmon Killebrew


Let's start by beginning the tale of our trip back East to Toronto…

We leave Roberts Creek around 1.15pm on Sunday (November 17th) hoping to make the 2.30pm ferry to Vancouver. We've left a key under a planter for Luke, who will be housesitting for us (someone has to feed the dust bunnies)

As we arrive at the ferry dock, we are directed into one of the loading lanes and snuggle in behind an almost identical Civic (good omen)


Within minutes of turning off the engine, a disembodied voice announces, “Please return to your vehicles in preparation for loading (sweet)”

The ferry ride is smoothe sailing. Other than a morning smoothie, neither of us have eaten today, so we climb up four decks and grab some lunch in the ship's cafeteria. Gusts of freezing wind blast through the food court as passengers enter and exit through the promenade deck door…burger wrappers and paper menus fly past and ferry goers grab at them like children trying to snatch butterflies out of the air

Within forty five minutes we dock and unload. We are expected to be at Christine and Ivor's place around six so we have time to grab a coffee at the local Starbucks and make a quick stop at a downtown Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some Otravine

Why the Otravine you ask? Well…my first airplane flight ever was aboard a Wardair flight from Toronto to Vancouver. After we'd landed, I happened to purchase a copy of 'The Air Traveler's Handbook' at an airport bookstore. For the next two days, I was in excruciating pain from the effects of the pressure changes on my ears. When I began to read the handbook, I saw that they recommended that travelers sniff some Otrivin before flying. The book claimed that doing so would prevent the painful decompression within the sinus and ears. I've used it on every flight I've taken since…and it has always worked to perfection


Back in the present, we're walking along the busy downtown streets of Vancouver. Wendle, having noticed the well stocked boutique windows, says, “You know, I haven't missed the shopping at all but now that I see all these stores…I just want to get in there and shop” (oh, look at the time)

Wendle's GPS guides us almost to the door of Christine and Ivor's home. Christine comes out to wave us in to a perfect landing in front of the house. We grab our luggage…a suitcase and knapsack for Wendy and me with my knapsack. We're traveling light…we are after all picking up a whack of clothing in Oakville, so we don't need to carry much on this leg of the journey

Dinner is on hold until Ivor gets home, which gives us time to visit with Chrsitine and the 'Agents of Destruction', Aiden, Brennan and Connor (July 9 & 10 Posts)

Aiden and Brennan are in the living room watching videos on their IPad minis. I plop down on the grey flannel couch next to them. They look up, smile, and immediately begin to fill me in on what they've been up to…which includes showing me every toy they own

Suddenly, little Connor (looking very much like he's just finished a nap) comes downstairs and joins in. Connor doesn't say much (he's the strong silent type) but he sees Wendy and I, grunts his approval and chugs off to do his own thing


Ivor arrives to a tremendous reception and greets us all warmly. We head into the playroom…where Brennan and Connor take turns flying down the slide into a huge, fluffy pillow while Aiden, just hangs out



Christine has ordered dinner from a local Indian restaurant and the food is great…the Garlic Nan bread is a particularly pleasant surprise. There's also wine…and for dessert, some scrumptious 'Ben & Jerry's Half Baked' ice cream with chunks of fudge brownies and 'gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough' (i thought it was called, 'Ben & Jerry's i think my arteries are clogged')



Brennan hasn't come down for dinner and we soon discover that he went upstairs earlier and has conked out. (he's done like a dinner)

Connor and Aiden are still going strong however…jumping, going up and down the stairs, playing with toys (that they neatly stack on the stairwell)

Little by little, Connor starts to fade and then Christine takes him up to his room (he's a goner)

Aiden is the last AOD still roaming free…a 'Free Agent' of Destruction (barroom-boom). He's building some kind of model with cool blue, green and clear plastic pieces. Once finished, he's giddy with glee as he watches marbles tumble down through the structure


In a kid's world, the energy equation is simple…the quicker you spend it, the sooner you go to bed…and for Aiden, the end comes swiftly and as gently as laying your chin upon the dining table


And then there were none

The adults don't last much longer. Everyone has to be up early and our flight to T.O. is at 10am. We brush our teeth and head upstairs to the beautiful and cozy room that Christine has set aside for us. We should be asleep within minutes…so we'll take our leave now and get changed for bed

Goodnight all (hey…stop looking at my bum)

Moose and Wendle


Hey Christine and Ivor…

(just sayin)




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