As you may already have realized, we are unbound by the illusion of time. That means that in our present reality, and despite what your calendar or clock might say, it's actually 7.00am on the morning of Monday, November 18…and Wendle and I have a plane to catch

Of course, it's a work and school day for the Luk household. Wendle and I head downstairs and enter into a bustling hive of activity. Ivor is looking fine in his business attire, Christine just looks fine and the three amigos are sitting around watching cartoons on their IPad minis. From Aidens IPad comes the unmistakeable sound of The Pink Panther theme (Dah-Dah, Dah-Dah)…ah, the classics

Christine and Wendy whip up a tasty morning smoothie for the adults and then Christine tries to find any form of food that will tempt the guys into eating something…anything. Brennan announces that he doesn't really want to go to pre-school today. He says something about it being a mental health day but Christine isn't buying it (hey Brennan, did i mention that i never have to go to school again? EVER)

We gather our gear, say goodbye to all, make plans for our return next week and then it's time to go

With the airport coordinates plugged into the GPS, we head off down the quiet street…make a right turn and find ourselves smack dab in the crush of Vancouver's morning rush hour (ahh…how i missed this)

Ivor has given us some outstanding directions advice and we arrive at the airport quickly and without too much stress. Our first priority is to find the Jet Set parking lot. It's the long term parking and Wendle has secured a great weekly rate for the Civic


We park the car, grab our bags and la-voila…there's the shuttle bus

Vancouver's airport is absolutely beautiful (as airports go). Sunlight streams into the vast space, highlighting the many stunning pieces of First Nations Art


Our next order of business is the find our airline counter. Wendle has secured our boarding passes online and all we have to do is get her suitcase checked

Our next goal is to breeze through security. We've planned well for this and we have removed every possible suspect item from our gear. The security staff are super friendly and efficient (kudos). One staffer takes particular interest in the charm bag hanging from my belt. He asks about it and actually listens with rapt attention as I describe it's meaning and display it's contents

There is no meal on our flight, so once we're clear of security, we head over to a kiosk to buy some water, juice and a sandwich (Holy Crapballs that's expensive!)

Food in hand, we grab our knapsacks and look for our Gate…hey, there it is!


Apparently a strong headwind has delayed our flight. We are advised that we'll be loading in about ten minutes

Time passes quickly. Then, an attendant announces that pre-boarding will now begin for those in 'First Class, Platinum Plus, Gold Club Members, Green Key Holders, Kiwanis and Shriners'. We don't belong to any of those so we have to wait

Once all of the high and mighty have boarded, the attendant comes back on the air and says, “we are now loading all passengers traveling in the following sections…Churl, Serf, Peon and Untouchables”

The response to this announcement is similar to the reaction of a herd of water buffalo after being set upon by a pride of lions (excuse me madam, could you kindly remove your elbow from my spleen)

Once we're inside the loading bridge, calm returns and we can start to relax


As we enter the aircraft we are greeted by the chief steward

I take a quick peek inside the cockpit (ooh, buttons)


Passing through the First Class cabin where the seats are huge and the food is free (very niiice). I've always been curious, what's the deal with the curtain dividing 1st Class from Economy (you mean it's not called 'Steerage' anymore?). Will that really stop us peasants from getting in?

Passing into Economy, which is…well…it may be functional, it's just not quite as elegant (although those lawn chairs do look comfortable)


We snuggle into our seats and strap on our seat belts. Now is the perfect time to acquaint myself with the emergency procedures brochure


I'm in a window seat, Wendy is in the middle seat and we're both curious to see who will sit in the aisle seat next to her (fingers crossed)

(well, at least he doesn't take up much room)

Nowadays the emergency procedures are flashed across the tiny video screens set into the rear of the headrests. The stewardesses, with nothing better to do, just stand idly, at the front of each compartment

We're ready to go. The pilot comes on to give us his pre-flight address


“Ahh…Good morning everyone and welcome aboard Flight 815 to Toronto…this is your Captain, Seth Norris. Ahh…we're about ready to depart and we do apologize for the delay. Ahh…we will be traveling today at 37,000 feet and despite our late departure, we expect that a strong tailwind from the West will still allow us to reach Toronto at our normal arrival time of 2.30pm. Have a good flight”

With that, the plane begins it's slow taxi out onto the airstrip. There is a momentary pause as Seth checks the various slats, flaps and ailerons…and then there's a tremendous surge of power as the engines roar into life. Capt. Seth still has his foot on the brake…and the plane begins to vibrate…then, brakes released, the mighty aircraft surges forward, our heads snap back into the headrests (the g-forces are too much) and…


Stay tuned tomorrow for the exciting conclusion…

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


We will post all photo credits in tomorrow's blog (so take a chill pill)




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