The Whirlwind

I feel like the Wicked Witch of the East…after the house landed on her

You might recall, that the dusty old Kansas home that killed ‘Gingema’ (yes, that was her name) was chucked onto her by a tornado. So far, our trip to Ontario has felt like we are riding a whirlwind and tonight, in the calm of it’s center, we are resting…and enjoying the sudden stillness

Don’t get me wrong. The voyage has been amazing. We have treasured every moment of it. It’s just that squeezing so much doing, into such a short period of time, leaves very little opportunity for reflection. There has certainly been no time to blog and as a result, our readership numbers have suffered. We wish to thank those loyal subscribers who have stuck with us and today, we begin the process of making it up to you, by taking you directly into that storm (you’re welcome)

Monday November 18

I really like the baggage claim area at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. It’s spacious, the seats are comfy and roomy (are you listening airlines?) and once you have your bags, you walk through two doors and you’re out of the building

Within minutes, our good friend Paul Wybrow arrives to pick us up to take us to Oakville…and let us say, most sincerely…Thank You Paul (it was above and beyond the call)

It’s after six o’clock in the evening…which means it’s still the middle of rush hour in T.O. (gawd, how i’ve missed this madness). Paul navigates the tangled highways with ease…despite the slushy snow that is falling (hooray, it’s snowing!)

Paul drops us off right in front of our address in Bronte. We say adieu only…because we will see Paul (and Keli) again, for dinner, tomorrow evening

The door is unlocked, so we walk right in and greet Jill (our sister from another mister), Mookie (who rushes over to smother us with kisses), Molly the cat (holy moly has she grown) and soon thereafter, my sister Rose. All in all…it’s hugfest 2013



Dinner is great and a fantastic time to chat and catch up. All too early everyone heads off to bed…Jill has to work tomorrow and Wendy and I have to go to the storage unit to try and dig out our winter clothes, snowshoes and everything else we need to reside in BC

Tuesday November 19

Our intention today was to get up early and start retrieving our winter gear out of storage…but somehow, we have ended up on the couch, eating breakfast along with Rose (who has taken the morning off to be with us). We’re watching some Rob Ford news stories, drinking coffee and cuddling with Mookie and Molly. What a great start to the week

Around noon, Rose goes off to work and Wendy and I finally get up the gumption to put some clothes on and get at ‘er. We were under no illusion as to what was in store for us (barroom-boom) but seeing it in living colour still knocks our socks off

Fortunately, everything is dry, clean and safe…and we start to dig in like two kids in Grampa’s attic. I find my winter clothes right off the bat. I also discover a rare treasure…a copy of a shooting script for an old movie that I was once in…’The Brain’…which is really cool because I have only recently been contacted by the Project Archivist from the Harvard Film Archives, John Campopiano. John is working on a project which will result in a small collection relating to the film (which is apparently a cult favourite) and he is hoping that I might share some stories about the filming. I’m pretty sure John will be fully stoked to receive this twenty five-year-old script…which is in remarkably good shape (hey honey…i’m going to Harvard)

Tuesday evening is spent relaxing with Keli and Paul and enjoying a fantastic steak dinner at their kitchen table

After dinner, Paul leaves for his Hockey game while Keli, Wendy and I sip wine and chat. Keli bought a special bottle of organic wine just for Wendle…who appears to be enjoying herself more and more as the evening progresses (hmm, i wonder how that will play out?)

Wednesday November 20

I get up early, head downstairs to sit and watch the wildlife that is attracted to Keli’s backyard bird feeder. I’m joined by this five-month-old grey bandit (Louis)

We had tons of plans for today but Wendy woke up feeling terribly ill. Hmm…I wonder what is making her so violently sick (it’s not a toomah). Could it be a stomach flu…could it be food poisoning…could it be too much wine (bingo)


I leave Wendy on her cold, linoleum sickbed to go to see my good friend and Ace Chiropractor Dr. Rashaad Nauth-Ali. I leave Rash feeling even more in the pink than I did earlier (oh yes, he’s good)

By the time I return to Keli’s, Wendy has crawled back into a real bed and is sleeping peacefully

Dinner is great and we eat at the dining room table with Keli, Paul, Josh and Amy (Paul and Keli’s son and future daughter-in-law)

Would you like some wine Wendle? (ouch)


Thursday November 21

After a light breakfast with Keli, we say our goodbyes, grab a giant hockey bag (that Paul is giving our nephew Will), and a small, borrowed t.v. and head off to a morning meeting with Lubna, our CIBC banking advisor

Meeting over, we search high and low for a USB car charger (as Wendle’s phone needs charging asap), pick up a Starbucks, go to the drugstore, buy something to eat at Whole Foods and contact Rick from Westend Motors. Then…we head back to Marine Drive to eat, shower and pack for a night in Toronto with Emily and Ryan. We have to drive because we’re hauling a giant chest and a large box filled with Emily’s childhood mementos

A quick stop at the wine store and it’s four-thirty in the afternoon…time to get started on our drive into Toronto. We’re leaving early because we are expected for dinner at 6pm

Unfortunately, it’s rush hour in the GTA and what should be a thirty minute drive will in fact take us a very long two hours and forty minutes. Gawd it feels good to arrive (alive)

It’s really great to see Emmer and Ryan. Their apartment is in the Yonge and Eglinton area and they are thoroughly enjoying the experience. If you recall, they have a five-month-old kitten…named Louise. Isn’t she adorable

As soon as Ryan is done making the potatoes we can eat (peel faster dude, i’m starving)

After dinner we go out to the corner for a Starbucks and then head back up to watch Louise attack the television screen

Emily is off tomorrow but Ryan has to get up at four-thirty so he heads off to sleep. That cat is so damn cute that you just can’t resist picking her up and cuddling her…

…that is…

…when she’s not tangled up in the tree

Friday November 22

Wendy left at 8.30 this morning to meet with Maryam and Cean, a couple of her dear friends from her former job. Then she heads over to her Chiropractor, Dr. Darci Sinclair in downtown Toronto. Spine straightened, she pops over to a local cupcake shop to buy desert for our lunch later today (with Kimmy and her mom) and then hops a subway train back up to Emily’s apartment

Once she returns, the three of us (Emily is joining us for lunch), head down to the front desk to return the cot I slept on…grab a loading cart…unload the KIA of Emily’s red treasure chest (which weighs a ton)…bring it back upstairs…return the cart…and begin our drive back West to Brant Street and Lakeshore, in Burlington, where Kim and Lynda will be waiting

We arrive around two thirty, enjoy a fantastic greeting (they’re both great huggers) and sit down to a savoury lunch of nachos, Kim’s beanstravaganza and for desert…cupcakes

Kimmy and Lynda also have an awesome new cat…his name is Winston

Winston lives in a highrise kitten condo

What…it’s time to go…again?

Yup, we have to drive Emily to the GO station in Bronte in time for the 6.18pm train and we have to stop at Keli and Paul’s first because somehow…Paul and I have switched glasses and I can’t see a thing out of his

We make the switch seamlessly and pack two giant commercial suitcases that Paul is lending us to cart our stuff onto the plane. They take up most of the backseat (luckily Wendy doesn’t take up a lot of room). We get Emily to her train in lots of time (bye Emmer), and then head back to Marine Drive to have dinner with Jill and Rose


Tomorrow is Saturday…it’ll be another big day and we have lots of travel planned so…we should probably call it quits and head off to bed. We absolutely, positively, guarantee to pick up our story tomorrow

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Has it really been fifty years? (that is truly frightening)

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