A Mountsberg Christmas

Hey Billie, did you know that for five weeks just before Christmas…Santa lives at Mountsberg Conservation Area (of course he does…that sounds completely logical)


Oh yeah…and while Santa’s there, people come from all over the world to visit with him. You can too…in fact, you can even bring your Mom and Dad (as long as they promise not to be so bossy)


While you’re waiting for your horse drawn wagon to arrive, you can hone your Elfing skills at the ‘Elf Academy’. Then, a staff member will guide you across the railway tracks (remember, never stop on the tracks, even if your crazy aunt Lucy does want to take your picture)

Your carriage awaits. It’s drawn by two massive black Percheron horses (the kind the Knights used to ride)

“What are their names?”

Odyssey and Vegas

The wagon, decorated with twinkling coloured Christmas lights, will take you deep into the park and along the Lake Trail (while you listen to Christmas Carols and watch for reindeer doing their ‘over-water flight training’)

You’ll ride through snow covered pine forests and get dropped off right in front of the Parcel Pick-Up. That’s where the toys are wrapped and readied for the big night (hey, there’s one with your name on it)

“Pick Me, Pick Me”

“Daddy…what is Santa doing in Tijuana?”

I’ve told you before Billy, what happens in Tijuana…stays in Tijuana

“Look mommy, it’s Gavin, Wendy and Falcon Lady”

C’mon guys, let’s head over to Mrs. Claus’ kitchen…

We can warm up by the woodstove, drink cocoa and have one of Mrs. Claus’ famous Christmas cookies…oh, and there’s usually a fun Craft to keep your little brother (or sister) busy

C’mon, let’s go in…


“Look…Santa’s drying his underwear by the fire”

“Hey, while we’re waiting to see Santa, can we have our picture taken on his sleigh?”

“Look…it’s the ‘Flight Academy’…that’s where the Elves qualify for their their C License”

“Is that an Elf?”

(no Billy, it’s a crazy west coast hippie lady)

“Oh My Gawd…real Elves…and they’re making toys”

“I wanna see the big man”

“Geez daddy, he’s really fat”

(hey kid…don’t piss Santa off before Christmas)

Hey, while everyone is finishing up here with Santa, why don’t we go over to the barn? There’s always lots to see there

No Billy, you don’t want to go in that door…that’s the Playbarn. The horses are around back, in the working barn

“Look mommy…there’s Ollie…she pulled our wagon during Maple season…she’s beautiful”

“Look at those gorgeous eyes”

“Look at the size of those horse collars”…”Is that a Hobbit?”

“Mommy, that goat just tried to eat my sleeve”

“What happened to that sheep’s coat?”

One of the goats gnawed it off her back (i kid you not)


“What kind of bird is that?”

That’s a Bantam Chicken…also known as a ‘Banty’

Look, Eric is bringing the team into the barn

“Boy…are they ever huge”

Now Ed (as he is called), will take their harness off…

…and then he’ll put them to bed (goodnight Odyssey)

Say Billie…let’s go over to the Resource Center and see what they have in the store


“That lady sure is nice daddy”

Yes she is Billy (she’s freakin awesome)

“Mommy…Stranger Danger”

Relax Billy. That’s no stranger…that’s Gavin

Oh oh…here comes Amy to lock up. Grab your socks Billy, it’s time to go

“Goodnight Christmas Town”

Goodnight Gavin

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Christmas Town is a major fundraising event for Mountsberg (which is an integral part of the Halton Region watershed and flood control system)


You call that a reindeer?

Now THIS…is a reindeer

Photo Credits

Moose in Harness – http://www.prospectequinefarms.com/images/memories/harness.jpg


7 thoughts on “A Mountsberg Christmas

  1. Wow, thanks for all the pictures of Christmastown! It is sure strange for me to not be at Christmastown this year. I mentioned it to a few people here what I do at Christmas, but they don’t get how special it is. I remember last year when you two came by and surprised me when I was working in the kitchen- best night from last year, I came and hung out with you all after my shift at Sandra & Brian’s!!! Then there was the year that you and me were sweeping the floors, our backs were hurting after working ALL DAY & we kept wondering WHY are we doing this???!! hehe!!! ohhh..the memories!!! It makes me happy to see you made it again this year & made some of our special friends’ day by surprising them!!!!!

  2. These pictures of this beautiful place are very interesting
    could you tell us how to fine your location with directions from Munster Ontario Canada

    • Hwy. 401 to Guelph Line. Exit Southbound to Campbellville Road and turn right (West). Follow Campbellville Rd. West to Millborough Line (several km) and turn right (North). About 1.5km up, on the west side, just before the tracks. Park opens at nine every day but Christmas. Enjoy the drive and your day

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