They’re Back

Monday November 25

Big day planned…some last minute errands and then pack

Right now we’re researching our air carrier’s luggage restrictions (no names but they’re Canadian eh)

As we understand it so far, we can each carry a ‘standard article’ (23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm, 10kg) and a ‘personal article’ (16 cm x 33 cm x 43 cm, 22kg) onto the plane as carry-on. That’s a small suitcase on wheels and two knapsacks…the luggage we brought East (wow, that was easy)

We have a lot of stuff to get back to BC…snowshoes, winter coats, boots, mitts, some clothes, books, the small TV that Keli and Paul gave us, the PS3…and I’m only bringing it so there is something to hook up to the TV (then why did you pack two PS3 games?). We weren’t sure whether to ship it or carry it. Will they let us on the plane with all this crap? Let’s see….


What about the snowshoes? Are they considered ‘Sports Equipment’? They aren’t listed…in fact they aren’t mentioned at all (and it’s a freakin Canadian airline eh). They won’t fit in the massive commercial suitcases that Paul has lent us…and are those suitcases oversized? (WTF)

As my old mom used to say…”Just Do It” (oh that’s right you ‘other guys’…she said it first). Good advice mom

While Wendy heads out to buy some packing tape and mail off ‘The Brain’ script to Harvard (oh, did i mention that…again?)…

…I start figuring out a way to securely wrap the snowshoes

I also take some time to enjoy my fluffy friends (i sure will miss these two)



By the time Wendy returns with tape, I’ve decided to pack the shoes into a jury-rigged cardboard crate…better let me have that box back Molly

(i think you just taped your hand to the box)


Wendle and I will each use one of the commercial suitcases and we’ll put the TV and PS3 into the carry-on bag…apparently you have to carry electronics onto the plane (that should make it fun at Security)

We take a break to call our brother and best friend Donald in L.A….it’s his birthday today (he’s 28). He tells us that he just left Toronto two days ago…what the hell…we missed him by that much. Donald also tells us about the typhoon destruction that has razed the Philippines. Whole forests…gone. Neighbourhoods of homes…gone. The Philippine government has said it will provide aid for a year and then…you’re on your own. With 1.9 million people homeless, will that be enough time to re-start entire lives? Of course not. It’s heartbreaking. Thank Gawd we don’t live in a land ravaged by the effects of a climate gone rogue (or do we?). Alarms are going off…are we waking up yet? (yeah, wake up stevie baby)

We have a lovely evening with Jill and Rosemary and we say our Thank You’s and goodbyes to Jillie (we’ll be up too early to do it tomorrow). We’re showered, packed and ready to go

We have booked an airport limo for 5.15am., our flight is at eight and we don’t want to get stuck in Toronto morning traffic. We set the alarm for 4.30am and crash

Tuesday November 26

Boy, getting up at 4.30am is like pulling a nose hair…it hurts, but only for awhile

5.15am and the limo is right on time. Hugs and kisses for Rosie and Molly and we’re off…dragging several tons of suitcases and gear

Look at this traffic…it’s 5.30am…what a crazy, big-ass city

We roll our baggage cart up to the check-in counter. The first bag we put on the scale is 18lbs overweight (Imelda’s shoes no doubt). The attendant is so supportive (another shoe lover?). She advises us to go and buy a cheap duffle bag and use it to balance out our luggage. Luckily, there is a shop just around the corner which sells said cheap duffle bags and…with some artful sorting, we once again think we’re good to go

We roll back to the scales and pass through easily…nailed it (i’m pretty sure it was more an act of extreme generosity by the attendant)…either way, we’re off to our Security Screening

Well, the security officers aren’t as friendly as in Vancouver but they are equally efficient and we pass through unscathed in a very reasonable time. Which means we have time to grab a Starbucks and a sandwich

Boarding time…we’re in Row 43 (window…called it)

I’m pretty excited about this plane. It’s a Boeing 777-300 and it looks a lot bigger than the Airbus we crowded into when we flew East. In a few minutes, I’ll know if my knees can fit or not

This plane is gorgeous…and spacious

(i wonder who gets to fly this baby?)

And my knees…’grrreat success-cess’

The fellow next to Wendy (let’s call him…’Lance’) is scrolling through the internet at the speed of light. When the announcement comes to turn off your phones…Lance doesn’t (perhaps his super-internet focus has prevented him from hearing the warning). When the stewardess comes by to visually check our row…he hides his phone and then pulls it back out and continues scrolling as soon as they’ve passed

“oh, that’s greasy”


Despite Lance’s attempt to screw with the microwaves, we make it safely into the air. Within ten minutes we’ve risen above the cloud cover, which now looks like a snowy landscape, marked with tire tracks and footprints

Fifty minutes into the flight and we’re over Sault Ste. Marie, ON at 36,000’…it’s truly amazing, by car that same trip is 716km and takes eight hours

As soon as we were airborne, Lance broke out his laptop. If the look he gives Wendy, as she excuses herself past him to go to the bathroom, is any indication…he’s working on something that is a) of national importance and b) extremely stressful (soldier on, lonely warrior, soldier on)

I’m just looking out the window and imagining what I’m perceiving (loo-ah-zer). You can join me, if you’d like. It’s also totally cool if you’re not interested…I’m pretty sure Lance is online, in a chat room…somewhere

this is the Eastern edge of the Rockies

a River? (the Great Wall of China)

check out the temperature outside…how freaking amazing is this!

cloud covered valleys

is that a road…a railway?

those clouds look like milk

cool, it looks like an old volcano…

We’re descending and flying ever closer to the mountains…


What an amazing experience. After leaving T.O. at eight, we’ve arrived in Vancouver at ten…a two hour flight

We’re the last ones out of our section…it takes longer, it’s very relaxing and we’re in no hurry (the world does not depend on us)

Here’s a shot of the bad boy that got us here…Boeing 777-300, you rock (yes Air Canada, so do you)

We’ve landed at Gate 44…the same gate we left from…Coincidence? (yes, it’s a coincidence)

Wendle stops to take pictures of the crew

…and the Captain (that is not how i pictured him at all)


Let’s head over to the baggage claim area

That one is definitely ours (it looks like Frankenbox)

Yup…those are ours

It’s funny, it looks like a lot more when you stack it together

Okay, we’re going to try and find the shuttle bus area…this might take awhile. We’ll see you back here tomorrow…and remember, we’re at the Domestic Terminal

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


I got nuthin. Hey, I’m trying to steer this freakin overloaded buggy around


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