Home Again

If I could go back home, if I could go back home

If I’d never left, I’d never have known

We all dream of leaving, but wind up in the end

Spending all our time trying to get back home again”

– Elton John, ‘Home Again’


Tuesday November 26


…we’ve pulled all our luggage off the baggage ramps and, fully loaded, we begin the trek to the shuttle buses

Actually we have no idea where we’re going. Luckily, YVR is small, and within minutes, we’ve located and are standing at the ‘Jet Set’ shuttle stop. A few minutes later, a bus pulls up and we (and i’m using the royal ‘we’) haul everything aboard. Phew…time for a rest

La Grande Orange takes us right to the lane where the Civic is parked

A short walk and…

…Ba-Bam, we have Civic

It’s obvious that we have brought a lot of stuff back with us

It’s also obvious that we’ll need a bigger car if we decide to drive back East (or anywhere else)

Loaded up and ready to go

‘Say Wendy, where to?”…’What…Oh sure…I’ll drive to a Best Buy…but why?’

‘Because I (Wendy) order you to go to Best Buy and pick up a controller for the PS3. Make it so’

‘Yes Ma’am’

(at least, that’s the way he’ll remember the conversation)

Hey look…it’s Vancouver’s City Hall

We’re on Cambie Street…and it’s busy

(and you thought he was making it up)

Controller in hand we take a short walk down the street to a Starbucks. Now that we have much needed supplies (as Ditka said, “Coffee is the drink that drives the dreams of Champions”), we’re back on the road

It’s almost noon. Our plan is to make the 1.20pm ferry and we want to have a bite to eat first. We jump onto Hwy. 1A….and cross the Lions Gate bridge

Then onto 1W to Horseshoe Bay (just follow the signs for ‘Ferry’)

If we want real food, we have to drive into the Village (technically it’s West Vancouver but it’s also the Village of Horseshoe Bay). All we have to do to get there is to stay in the far left lane

It’s a lovely little community. There are plenty of shops and restaurants and despite the huge Ferry Terminal, the village is charming and scenic

Wendy heads into the ‘Olive and Anchor’ restaurant (6418 Bay Street). She’s been there before and she knows she can get a hot, gluten free meal. I’m going on ahead to the famous ‘Trolls Restaurant (home of yet another ‘World Famous’ Fish and Chips)

According to the internet reviews, Trolls (6408 Bay St.) is rapidly gaining a reputation for bad service (http://dinehere.ca/west-vancouver/trolls-at-horseshoe-ba), but my experience is fine. My food is delivered quickly and it looks crisp and tasty (unfortunately i can’t eat it until we’re on the ferry). I’d better go and roust Der Schmengel (Wendle)…it’s getting onto 12.30pm and she’s probably waiting for me


Although the Olive and Anchor is not what you’d call ‘busy’…

…it takes so long for Wendy’s food that I almost fall asleep (i don’t know about olive but i do feel anchored…to this barstool)

It must be some really exotic dish to take this long (almost a half hour)…

“Say Wendy…what did you order?”

“A burger with bacon, no bun and fries”


This might sound…invented…it’s not. For us to get from the restaurant to the Ferry Terminal (which is a block away) we have to drive back onto 1East, travel for two Exits, get back onto 1West and drive all the way back to Horseshoe Bay…only this time…we must avoid taking the Left Lane to the Village (now THAT…is solid city planning)

We’re going to Lane 7, Langdale…

…snuggle up into a loading lane, turn the car off and wait

We’ve decided to stay in the car on this crossing. It’s the most comfortable seat aboard, we have some fine dining on our laps and a panoramic view

‘No…you can’t have any of my fries’

It’s not worth what they charged but the fish and chips are good. I’m sure they’re even better when they’re hot and still crispy. Hmm…Wendy’s fries look much better than mine…

“Wendy…can I try some of your fries?”

‘What What Whaaat?’

Underway, cold sea air snapping at our faces (thank gawd we have our parkas on) we sit and enjoy the stillness

and watch the world rush past

A most enjoyable 45 minutes later, we pull into port and follow the traffic off the ferry, out of the terminal and onto Highway 101 towards Roberts Creek…

…and Home

To all of our many dear friends back East…Thank You…for everything you mean to us and everything you do for us. We look forward to being in your presence again

As Luke would say…”We’ll see ya when we’re looking at ya”

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle



To everyone in the Service Industry whom we were fortunate enough to meet along our journey…Thank You. By caring about the job you do and about the people you do it for…you honour yourselves, your service and your community (all of us). Despite what the überlords might have you believe…YOU are the backbone of this country. You’re the best (and you know who you are)


That’s Old School


One thought on “Home Again

  1. I’ve been to Trolls in Horseshoe bay, before we would pick up the kids for camp we always had time to eat over there!! I actually really loved going to this pizza place up the street, it was fresh and delicious and you could take your pizza and sit by the wa
    ter and watch the ferry come and go!!!

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