Today we begin our quick look back at what we’ve been up to since we returned…so buckle up and please remain seated

Tuesday November 26

We arrived back in Gibsons, came off the ferry and picked up Luke at the local IGA. He has been housesitting for us while we were away and he popped into the store for laundry soap (oh, we’re gonna need that). One of the reasons he’s been staying at our place, is because the Gibsons marina has been threatening to throw he and Willow out on their keesters if he keeps sleeping on the boat (which is his home). Our hope was that by sleeping at our place for eight days, he’d be out of sight, out of mind and perhaps allow the tempest to pass

On the way home Luke tells us that the marina is now offering him a long-term berth for Willow and he’ll be allowed to sleep on board. The monthly cost is very fair but…they want the entire amount up front…and that’s an amount of money that would pretty much use up all of his savings. He’s worried, but handling the situation with aplomb

He’s still on the lam with regards to sleeping on his boat so we’ve offered him space for the next couple of days (‘sanctuary’). With that settled, we sit down, have a great dinner and watch a movie. Tomorrow will take care of itself

Wednesday November 27

We unpacked, did our laundry, got groceries and rested…oh, and one of us also went to the gym…no names (it was me)

“You’re exhausting”

Thursday November 28

Wendy and I head into Sechelt for Yoga (my gawd i need to stretch) and Luke comes along for the ride. He’s looking to obtain additional insurance for Willow and, if you’re a mariner, Sechelt is apparently the place to find it

Luke meets up with us at ‘Blissful Yoga’, just as class is ending. He’s had no luck at the insurance broker, he still hasn’t resolved Willow’s moorage issue and he’s feeling a little frustrated. We head over to the ‘Trail Bay Centre’ together to pick up some supplies for breakfast

While we’re there, we pop into Kirk’s store to say hi and introduce him to Luke. Kirk says, “Hey, you guys want to grab a coffee?” and we (is that the royal ‘we’?) give a unanimous roar of approval

The four of us head down the street to ‘The Carrot and Bean’ cafe…gathering Fender Bender from Kirk’s car as we pass

Kirk and Luke have hit it off and Kirk (an avid sailor himself) is quite interested in hearing all about Luke’s boat. Encouraged to relate his current mooring problems, Luke is inspired to hear from Kirk the number of positive solutions that can be actively and immediately pursued. Kirk also mentions a particularly efficient insurance broker who specializes in maritime insurance

“There ya go Luke, no need to chuck a wobbly” (he wasn’t, i just needed to say that in a sentence…just once)

Luke and Moose inside ‘The Carrot and Bean’

Then…Colin, who is in town on business…drops by and joins us all for coffee

Colin has places to be, namely home in Victoria…Kirk is taking Luke with him to explore some possible mooring locations…and Wendy and I head off on our own

Friday November 29

From 9.00am until 1.00pm, Wendy is out helping our buddy Jim at his catering event (the kitchentard’s attendance was not requested)

About two hours after she returns home, our friend Andrea arrives in town for a job interview. She’s going to stay with us until Tuesday and we begin her visit by immediately whisking her over to Kirk’s store for his ‘Black Friday, No Sale, Sale Event’ (you’re not allowed to purchase anything)

The event is a huge success. There’s wine, cheese, crackers and plenty of interested non-shoppers. It’s very civilized and, despite Kirk’s no-sale edict, it results in a very successful retail day. Genius!

(Andrea in Kirk’s Store)

We’ve arrived shortly before closing and everyone is hungry. Andrea recommends buying us dinner and, being polite, we can hardly say no. Wendy recommends ‘Smitty’s Oyster House’ in Gibsons. It’s supposed to be good, it’s ‘tres coast’ and we can visit Luke, who is working tonight. Kirk will meet us there around around seven

Smitty’s is down by the water’s edge and you have to walk right past ‘Molly’s Reach’ to get to it…and if you don’t know what Molly’s is, then you need to find some old ‘Beachcomber’ episodes and get yourself up to date (and you call yourself a Canadian)

We settle in at Smitty’s and order up some grub (that’s seafarer talk)

The appetizers; mussels, chicken wings, shrimp, are very good. The main courses…not so much. The bar is cool though and the staff is outstanding. Our sassy waitress is a real pisser

Pisser, (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pisser)

(Australia, slang) An extremely amusing person

(US, slang) something special or outstanding

After dinner Andrea asks us to pose for photos. This is Wendle and I in front of Molly’s Reach

Saturday November 30

Colin is coming back into town today to help Chris (Mancuso!) move into his new place in Bonniebrook (we’re going to be neighbours), and he’s bringing the young’uns. Wendy has agreed to be their companion for today and tomorrow. She’s picking Colin, Zohan and Teddy up at the ferry at 2pm

She arrives back home with the crew and a Starbucks. I’m pretty excited and as soon as they arrive I rush to the door to embrace…my coffee

‘Oh, hi kids’

One cool thing, Zohan tells me that I have a new nickname…’Sleepy Steve’

(“And that’s Uncle Joe, he’s a movin’ kind of slow at the junction. Petticoat Junction”)

The plan for the afternoon is for the Gang of Four (Andrea, Teddy, Wendy and Zohan) to go out to the Dollar Store, buy some more craft stuff and then come home and make Christmas decorations. It’s a genius plan (in that it involves no direct energy expenditure on my behalf). The kids have a blast and the decorations are insanely creative (i kill me)

(the mark of Zohan)

After dinner Wendy and Anrea pile the kids into the car and head over to Chris’ place in Halfmoon Bay. Teddy and Zohan will spend the night with Colin and then he’ll drop them off here again tomorrow morning around eleven

Sunday December 1

I head off to Yoga alone…Wendy can’t come because she is waiting for delivery of the little ones and they’ll be dropped off at our place before Yoga is finished

After Yoga, I stop by the Starbucks in Sechelt for a cup ‘o joe. While I’m paying, I notice Chris standing in line. He says that the rest of the crew (Colin and the kids) will be in shortly. I look at the clock…it’s almost noon, hmm…I guess Wendle could have gone with me after all

I take Zohan and Teddy with me back to Roberts Creek and surprise Wendy (oh, you bet she was surprised)

Andrea meanwhile has been at her morning, job interview. When she returns, she’s ecstatic. The interview went amazingly well and she’s feeling like she got the job. In fact, she’s going with her new (dare we say) boss, tomorrow to meet one of the families she might be working with

Wendy and Andrea head off with the kids to get some groceries and then to drop Teddy off at a friend’s place for a play date

Shopping at Gibsons IGA

Afterwards, the three girls go and do some recycling…and then, some shopping at the ‘Prancing Pony Community Thrift Shop’ where Zohan gets a new toy

(that will NOT play out well)


Teddy’s friend lives in the Roberts Creek Co-Housing. Andrea and Wendle are pretty jazzed about how awesome the place is. The homes are like small, rustic cabins in the woods. I have to check this out

(is that a Hobbit?)

By the time they get home, Teddy is in an incredibly foul mood. He doesn’t communicate why he’s so upset, he just sulks (gawd little kids are adorable). After some serious hangdog time, Wendy discovers that Teddy is angry because Zohan got a new toy and he didn’t (ohh…Snap!). An apology, a hug and a promise later and Teddy’s back to normal

Wendy and Andrea take the kids back over to Chris’ new place in Gibsons. They get the full tour, say goodbye to Colin and the varmints and vamoose back home for dinner (bye guys!)

After a lovely culinary treat, the three of us are lounging and sipping tea. We have no idea that an emergency will arise within the next couple of hours that will have Wendy and I standing out in the icy rain, deeply worried about a friend

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part Two of ‘Flashback’

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Ah Christmas

Photo Credits

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