Birthday Wishes

Tuesday December 10

Today…is Der Schmengle’s Birthday…

“Happy Birthday Wendy!”

We started celebrating last night…by going to see a movie at the Heritage Playhouse (662 North Road, Gibsons). J.J. told us about this movie called ‘Intouchables’, that’s French for… ‘Above the Law’ (maybe it’s a French Stephen Segal movie). It also can mean ‘Untouchables’, as in Pariah

It’s based on a true story. A very rich, French aristocrat named Phillipe, becomes a Tetraplegic as a result of a hangliding accident. He hires an ex con from the Parisian ghettos to be his valet / caregiver


J.J. is very high on the film, which was making a rare appearance at the Heritage

The Playhouse was worth seeing in it’s own right. Built in 1929 to house the recently formed ‘Howe Sound Women’s Institute’ (a woman’s community service organization), this building has been well used over the years…

”To pay off their debt the H.S.W.I. booked the Hall at every opportunity. Any occasion was an excuse for a banquet or celebration. In the summer a dance was held each Wednesday and Saturday night. In the winter the Hall was used for dramas, basket ball games, town meetings, bazaars, bake sales and fairs.’

It was very cold outside and some were forecasting snow (another rarity on the Sunshine Coast). We drove by J.J.’s, picked him up, and continued on to the theatre

It’s a very cool place

The entire building was gutted and renovated in the 1990’s

‘This 146 seat auditorium, containing Art Deco style seats rescued from the Starlight Cinema in Vancouver, each with a perfect view of the stage. The seats were re-upholstered locally to bring them to their original glory and comfort’

It has a huge stage, a great lighting system and the seats are very roomy and comfortable (are you listening airlines). To preserve the antique seats, there is a total ban on food and drink in the theatre…no Popcorn allowed (heresy i say)

Shhh…it’s starting

Well, the movie was really enjoyable. There were a few laugh out loud moments and the acting was superb. Wendle and I recommend it highly

As we exited the Playhouse, we discovered not snow…but a healthy sheet of ice had covered the walks around the building. We made it out safely but one woman slipped and tweaked her ankle. We stayed around to help (she is not light) and then headed home

Today, Wendy got up early…she’s treating herself to a Birthday Yoga class at Blissful Yoga. I didn’t go, I have other things to do…namely, organizing a small get together later at Chris’ new place in Bonniebrook. We would have had it here at our place but that would have restricted it to five people max. Even so, I’m not able to invite many of the great new friends we’ve met…and that’s a bummer

I’ve invited everyone at 7.00pm, for a very informal evening with coffee / tea and cake. The gathering is not a surprise but Colin flying into town to attend is…Wendle has no idea about that

While she’s in Sechelt, Wendy drops off some complimentary cookies at the offices of The Coast Reporter (i like cookies Jim)


Wendle is insisting on making her own gluten, wheat, yeast and dairy free cake and spends part of the afternoon creating that chocolate treat (it looks pretty good)

I receive a text from Colin…I don’t have to pick him up at 3.30pm as planned. He has to take the ferry instead and Chris will pick him up around 6.30pm

Hmmm…if Chris is out picking up Colin, then how will we get into his house. I make arrangements with Chris for him to leave a key under the mat

We pick up J.J. about 6.15 and drive into Gibsons. I have to get some wine and Wendy wants to buy some items to make a non-dairy whipped cream. I go into the liquor store, she heads into the grocers. I come out with a bottle of red, she comes out with ice cream (what, what whaat). That’s okay, I love ice cream

We arrive at Chris place and Brian, Renee, Owen and Soleil are already there. Chris and Colin have just arrived and Wendy still hasn’t noticed her brother. He waits patiently to surprise her as she walks up the path to the house. When she sees him she bursts into tears and jumps into his arms. Mission accomplished (you done good kid)

It seems everyone has pretty much arrived together…

Moose, Jim and Don

Richard, Wendy, Renee and J.J.

J.J. has also brought one of his world famous apple pies. That pie is giving me come-hither looks…I think it wants me to devour it (‘oh behave’). Soon my sweet

Actually, the cake and pie are huge successes…as is the pizza that Chris and Colin brought, the wine and the ever fabulous (and crystal clean) Gibsons water that flows right from the tap

I’m taking pictures in Wendy’s stead (c’mon, it’s her Birthday) and, being a bit of a rookie, I keep missing important moments (oops)

I do get a pic of some of her gifts though…local artist’s greeting cards (with original art), garlic from J.J.’s garden and fresh eggs from his and Daniel’s chickens (there are some beautiful plants too but ‘someone’ forgot to photograph them)

Chris (on yuke), Colin (on guitar) and J.J. (on flute) provide some outstanding improvisational jams, while I get intimately acquainted with the pie (and the cake…and ice cream)

Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder. J.J. is cutting in on me…well, he did bring her (what a tarte!)

All in all it’s a very special evening…and for Wendy, a most memorable and blessing filled day

We’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating…we have the greatest friends. And for all of those who could not celebrate with us, in person, tonight…we feel the Love. Thank You

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Because it’s your Birthday (and because it’s so damned cute)


Look who else was born on December 10th (freakin awesome)

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