‘You got some brass’

Wednesday December 11

Someone from Moldova read yesterday’s Post. My gawd, I wonder what they made of that (where is Moldova anyway?)…umm…it’s between Romania and the Ukraine (he had to look it up)

“Hello Chișinău!”

We got a call from J.J. this morning. He needed some help to go into Sechelt to pick up a mattress. I said “absolutely” and J.J. said, “I’ll be right over”

On the way, he wanted to stop at Canadian Tire to return a compost container. I was happy to oblige

I love walking around Canadian Tire…or as it’s known in Canada, ‘Crappy Tire’ (c’mon, you know it is). If you’re Canadian, that name is uttered with the utmost fondness…because no matter how much Canadians bitch about it, they all shop at Canadian Tire

I’ve been buying crap there since I was a kid…the goalie mask that shattered when hit by a puck, the bicycle tire inner tubes that went flat the minute you filled them with air, we all have our stories. But…it’s Christmas and I need my C.T. fix

Ahhh…it’s good to be here

While J.J is returning his compost pot, I spot the flashlight stand. Eureka! I gave my favourite hand flashlight away and I keep forgetting to pick another one up. The only place they sell them…yeah that’s right, Canadian Tire (i rest my case)

Hmm…I wonder if they have any?

Oh My Gawd…there it is…the Energizer, Hardcase, Professional, LED Inspection Light, with rubber grip…much easier on the teeth when you have to go oral (my gawd you people have filthy minds). All that and two AAA alkaline batteries for only $17.00. I love you Crappy Tire, you’re so…Canadian (seriously, i love this place)

Energizer Hardcase in hand, we head into Sechelt, to the Salvation Army thrift store on Cowrie Street. They sell brand new, factory fresh mattresses (i did not know that) and J.J. is buying a double for a guest bed. Two twenty-five and it’s the kind you can flip over (old school)

We throw the mattress in the back of the Ranger and head on back to J.J.’s place. A couple of minutes later and the mattress sits atop the guest bed. J.J. drives me back to Roberts Creek. We’ll be seeing him again shortly, Wendy and I are going with him to a concert this afternoon. A brass quintet called, ‘Sunshine Brass’ is performing their Christmas Concert, at 2.00pm, at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery

Wendy and I pick J.J. up at 1.20 and head into Gibsons. En route, he tells us that he has found two tickets for us for the Orchestra’s Christmas Concert this Sunday. The Orchestra is…the Sunshine Coast Community Orchestra Association. Tickets are only ten bucks, but very hard to come by and J.J. has been keeping an eye open for us

We’re to pick the tickets up at a store named Gaia’s, in downtown Gibsons…but not right now…it’s one forty-five and we want to get a seat for today’s recital

Look at this chandelier that hangs in the Art Gallery…the glass is all hand blown (and the pic does not do the colours justice)

Alright…the concert is beginning…and we have a front row seat (i should be fully covered in spit by intermission)

J.J., is a former member of the main orchestra, he knows all of today’s musicians. This is Michael, the tuba player

The trumpet section

There is a really funny trombone player hiding behind the French Horn

The music is great…I mean, who doesn’t like Christmas music. It’s generally well written, it can be re-arranged for instrumentals, voice or both and it’s vastly underplayed (once a year…what’s with that?)

Once the concert is finished, Wendy, J.J. and I head over to Gaia’s to pick up our tickets

Gaia’s Fair Trade, is a very cool store…they sell just about everything (https://www.facebook.com/gaiasfairtrade)

Baskets from Ghana

Cotton tablecloths from Guatemala

Sandalwood sculptures from Mozambique

And tickets to Sunday’s concert (sweet)


We begin another move this week. Yup, it’s time to pack everything up and move it all to Bonniebrook. We’ll begin by packing on Friday, than I’ll take a load over and leave it with Jim. Saturday, we’ll take the rest over, clean up our sweet little coachouse in Roberts Creek and as of Satuday evening we’ll officially be residents of Gibsons

Saturday night we’re going to the beach at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park to watch the 2013 Christmas Carol Cruise (http://christmascarolcruise.ca/?p=121)

Boat owners (including kayakers) decorate their craft, sail up and down the Sechelt Inlet and sing Christmas Carols for those on shore. The beach at Porpoise Bay is reportedly a preferred viewing spot and…there’ll be hot cocoa and a huge bonfire. What a deal!

Sunday we’ll be unpacking and sorting and then there’s the big Christmas Concert…what I’m trying to say is we will be really busy over the weekend so, there may not be a Blog Post on Monday

Be Cool

You…Be Cool

Everybody…Be Cool

I said, “There ‘may not’ be”…we’ll do our best (just sayin)

In the meantime…relax…have another egg nog and watch a Yule log burn (it’s very soothing)


Oh…and if you’re free on Saturday…come out and help us move

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


If you’re living anywhere other than Canada and you think I’m making the whole ‘Crappy Tire’ thing up…just google it

(as an example)

From the Urban Dictionary

1. Crappy Tire

Slang term for Canadian hardware store chain Canadian Tire. One reason “Crappy” is the adjective used because it is not uncommon to purchase something from CT that has already been opened with parts missing.

Mike: Can I get a ride to Crappy Tire? I’m getting my car serviced. Steve: You took your car to Crappy Tire!?


Check out this winter photo…it was forwarded to me so I have no idea who snapped it or where it’s from…but WOW!

Photo Credits

Brass Quintet Instruments – http://www.cmsob.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/brass.jpg

Sunshine Brass – http://gibsonspublicartgallery.ca/?page_id=17

Winter wonderland Concert – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=537710609657823&set=oa.185588974980369&type=1

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Christmas Carol Cruise – http://christmascarolcruise.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/lightedboat2012.png


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