Down the Road

Down this road that never seems to end,

Where new adventure lies just around the bend.

So if you want to join me for a while,

Just grab your hat, come travel light, that’s hobo style”

‘Maybe Tomorrow’, (The Littlest Hobo)

Saturday December 14

Moving Day

I’ve been feeling fractious lately. Ill natured even. There is no apparent reason for it (it could be that today is moving day). That could be it…I do loathe moving. Maybe it’s the moon. Whatever it is, it’s powerful…it feels like a high pressure system rolling in

J.J. has offered us the use of his truck today. He’s also offered to put the cap on the truck bed so none of our stuff gets wet. We’ve gratefully accepted…even though we’re just moving down the road, it’ll save us having to do two loads

Luckily, we packed almost everything last night so today’s effort is just a matter of; hauling stuff down to the Civic and the Ranger, driving them over to Bonniebrook, hauling everything into the new house and then returning J.J.’s truck

Boy, was that easy eh…twenty-five words later and we’ve finished moving. Everything seems less dreadful in your rear view mirror (except that T. Rex that’s gaining on you)

It sure was fun driving J.J.’s Ford Ranger. We used to have one, also with a manual transmission…what a hoot

All done by 4.30pm means we should be able to make it to the Christmas Carol Cruise extravaganza at Porpoise Bay Park. Wendle texts Renee and Bryan…we will meet them there by six

We’re both starving so, we eat dinner. Nothing fancy, but it has caused us to run late…oops. Of course we we are also running on Creek Time (which is sloooow) and since we are no longer living in the Creek we have another fifteen minutes added to our drive. We’re going to be really late

The boats are scheduled to leave Sechelt at six, make their way up the Sechelt Inlet, pass the beach at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park (where the bonfire and cocoa is) and then head further up the inlet to Tuwanek before returning to the Government docks at Sechelt. If possible, we’d like to see them as they go past the park the first time…besides, we’re eager to see Bryan and Renee

We arrive at the park around 6.20 (i say later, Wendle says earlier). We park at the furthest end of a very large lot and hike down to the beach (even if it was earlier, we’re late-r now)

The first thing we see is a beach full of people singing Carols around a very large bonfire…that and a theatre style popcorn machine (oh my gawd, i’m swooning from the smell of that popcorn)…keep walking gut, I want to see the boats

Yes, and there they are…just passing…off to our right…one, two, three…eight colourfully decorated boats with Christmas Carols ringing out from loudspeakers. I can’t wait to see the next one

I look left and see…nothing. What! That’s it? Oh gawd dammit!! We missed the whole damn show

Not quite all. Several kayaks, lit up with Christmas lights, approach the beach and land

Well…this is a pant load

I can feel the storm hit inside. Whatever has caused this sudden shift of temperament…it’s in full swing now

Of course Bryan, Renee and their kids are going to head out now to get something to eat (geez, eating ‘after’ does seem like a much smarter idea), Renee asks us if we’d like to come along. I can see that Wendy wants to go, she’d like to enjoy their company longer. I would too, but it doesn’t feel right to inflict myself on them (‘you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry’). Besides, there is no freakin way I am moving off this beach until I see some Christmas boats and hear some carols. Somebody better start singing soon

And…miracle of miracles…just as Bryan and Renee leave for sushi (ah man…i love city sushi)…the beach carolers begin to sing again

God bless Wendle…she says, “Hey, let’s get our lawn chairs out of the trunk, buy some of that popcorn and sit and wait for the boats to return. Now THAT, is a helluva an idea

Sitting here on this beautiful sandy beach, listening to the waves lapping against the shore…ahhh…the skies are black and clear and the moon is waxing gibbous…and this popcorn is fanfreakintastic…ahhhh

(actual moon from December 14)

Someone has been handing out those fluorescent glow sticks. Three very industrious girls have gone around collecting them from people who are leaving. They’ve woven their haul into a magical blacklight show

It’s a long trek up to Tuwanek and back…particularly at the speed the boats were traveling. The carolers sing every Christmas song ever written and leave. We eat a second bag of popcorn. Then, the glow children depart. Only us diehards are left now

And then, maybe an hour later, the boats return. At first we can barely see them…small dots of light across the inlet from us. Having cruised past the park on the outgoing leg of their journey, they return by the other shore

It doesn’t matter…’White Christmas’ cascades across the water in wonderfully rich, almost syrupy tones…ahhh ‘Der Bingle’ (hallo Deutschland). It’s pretty freakin awesome

The boats pass, still along the distant shore. The lead boat shuts off it’s sound system and darkened, heads off towards the Sechelt docks. That was great, well worth waiting around for

Then, one of the larger boats turns towards us and comes across the inlet. It comes close to the beach, toots it’s horn and flashes it’s lights. Those of us who are left, stand up and wave, shout and flash our flashlights back in reply (thank gawd for the Energizer, Hardcase, Professional, LED Inspection Light, with rubber grip)

That was totally worth the wait…or maybe the wait was well worth that…either way, I feel a calm now where before there was only bad weather. I can’t say the storm is over, but that’s okay too…it is what it is, and right now, the hulkster is at rest…all is calm, all is bright

On the way off the beach, the popcorn lady offers me two free bags

Like my old mom used to say, ‘even when it’s not all good…it’s all good’

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


First Snow in Oakville Saturday. Mookie loooves the snow

Photo Credits

Hulk –

December 14 Moon –

Cute Kitten –

Mookie – Rosemary Mousseau



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