Twenty-Four Hours of the Pugilist

(sometimes referred to as…’Boxing Day’)

Christmas Eve…while I was at the gym in Gibsons, Wendle went for a walk along the beach

What a gorgeous view

While she was watching the water, she saw something on the large, drifting log that floats (semi-permanently) about one hundred yards offshore (yeah, that’s right, i said yards…do the math)

It turned out to be a seal, eating a fish dinner (healthy lifestyle choice)

Christmas Day dawned early…Frida, who was excited to see what Santa had brought her, woke us up. And what, you ask, did she get? A Barbie compact (what every little girl wants)…yes, but not every little girl gets one that is stuffed with catnip

Wendle and I each got a ‘Toaks’, 750ml titanium cooking pot. It’s uber light, has a hook so you can hang it off a branch over the fire, a lid (with holes for steam) and foldaway handles so you can hold onto it to eat your goop (or drink coffee)

Santa also brought me a very cool hat…from Nepal. It’s sort of the Nepalese version of a toque…(and who gave you the cool book Moose?)…Der Bazmi and G-Unit (i thank you)

Then, Wendle and I called (skyped) home. Hi Guys…Merry Christmas

(Rose, Will and Ed…Jill is outside with Mookie)

While we did that, Frida played with her compact

Then, we sent out Christmas wishes to all of our friends, called Aunt Marg, skyped with Colin and the kids

Richard and Chris came over and, around seven (ish), we ate the Christmas dinner Wendy had prepared. The turkey and trimmings were fantastic and the pumpkin pie Richard brought was scrumptious…particularly with a dab of homemade whipped cream…dang, I wish I’d thought of doing that (you weren’t far off)

Of course, by dinner time Frida had moved on to her other Christmas toys…such as the shopping bag from Wendle’s ‘footsies’ P.J.’s (photo available upon request)

It was an early night…Wendle and I had to be up at dawn for our first shift on Dakota Ridge

The payoff to waking up at 6.15am is to see the sun rising in a glorious burst of colours, shadows and diffused light (i’d really enjoy it too…if i could ratchet my eyes open wide enough to see)

We meet Bryan and Renee at eight, at Strait Coffee (which is closed), pile into the Liberty and head up the mountain. The roads are icy…or snow packed (depending on your tastes)…either way, they are slippery as hell

We’re the first ones on the ridge and that means we are responsible for opening huts, collecting radios and 1st Aid kit, calling in; weather, trail and road conditions (is it icy…or snow packed?)

Renee, with a little help from our homemade wax-ball fire starters, gets a fire blazing in the warming hut’s wood stove…it’s only one degree outside but a low hanging cloud has brought a wet nip to the air and the fire is very comforting

While Renee takes care of the fire, the Brian supervises (hmmm…swarthy)

While Wendle and I greet visitors and check passes, Bryan and Renee monitor the trails

Then, it’s time to switch…our turn to go for a hike

Oh Baby!

Thursday evening, after our shift (and a nap) we headed over to Don and Ellen’s for dinner. It was great to see them. Their Christmas tree comes from their yard and was raised from a sprig

Bronwyn (Don and Ellen’s daughter) was visiting…she’s sweet, super bright and very droll…we liked her a lot (she was ‘nice’). Bronwyn’s buddy Sven, was there too…a campaign manager for ‘Forest Ethics’, Sven is a fascinating and enjoyable dude (we liked him a lot too)

On the way home, Wendy noticed that the Persephone was all ‘decked’ out in Christmas Lights…ya know…the Persephone…from Beachcombers

Whew…what a day. Now it’s time to cozy up with Miss Frieda and read a good book

Well…that’s the way we saw the world for Christmas and Boxing Day. We’re still without internet so blogging will continue to be spotty as we search for WiFi access (we’re sitting in a Starbucks to post this edition). Thanks to everyone who is sticking with us through our imposed electronic down time. We really appreciate your stalwart support and we are doing our best to hook up some internet for the house asap. Until that happens, keep checking in as we will be posting whenever (and wherever) we can

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the big ice storm…hang tough and be generous with each other…together, you can overcome anything

Particularly hard hit were our pals at Mountsberg Conservation Area…downed trees and power lines forced the park to close…

…and forced Sandra to evacuate her home

There is no power or water for either the Raptor Centre (Sandra and Lara are coming in to care for the birds any way they can) and the horse barn (Bob and Bill, who’s own home is without power) are coming in to rotate pairs of horses out to the paddock just to get some water

How could you not LOVE these people (stay frosty guys)


Here’s a shot of an old sea dog, currently ashore, at Martin’s ‘Up The Creek’ hostel in Roberts Creek (the only thing missing is the peg leg)

Hiya Luke!


3 thoughts on “Twenty-Four Hours of the Pugilist

  1. Was just curious as to whether or not the Vodka made it to Ontario in time for Christmas?
    We use that trick to smuggle Vodka and white Rum back on to the cruise ships.LOL
    Happy New Year cuz !

  2. I don’t get on Linkd often so your and Wendy’s whereabouts is ‘news’ – so how long have you been in BC? Whazzup??


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