“Yeah, and we’ll be swingin, yes, we’ll be swinging.

Little Charlotte she’s as pretty as the angels when they sang,

I can’t believe I’m out here on the front porch in the swang,


John Anderson, ‘Swingin’

It’s weird…I pay attention to daily experiences much differently if I’m blogging about them. Descriptive synonyms pop into mind…(like sharp, explosive, bursts of creative effervescence)…moments freeze, like pictographs, and are easily recalled later (while writing) just by browsing through Wendle’s photos

Unfortunately, not blogging for almost a month caused my brain to shift into the role of mere spectator…with a much reduced and far less interesting inner dialogue

As a result…I don’t remember much of what we did while we were on our electronically imposed hiatus. Hmmm…let me think…

Oh yeah! Colin and the kids visited with us for five days over New Years. The kids slept here for four nights while Colin stayed over at Chris’ place (Mancuso!). It’s mostly a blur…although I do recall being really exhausted by the end of each day

There were Christmas presents still under the tree of course and it was fun to watch the kids open theirs

A new hairbrush for Zohan (hey, she really wanted one)

What’s in the box dude?

And dudette?

101 things to make out of duct tape and eight rolls of multi-coloured tape


Toys that pay homage to our fascination with steroid abusers


(chris, batman, teddy and bane)

One afternoon, everyone but me (catching up on some zzz’s) scooted down the beach

(‘live to ride’)

Zohan laid stuff out on a drift log…

…while Teddy and Colin played on a tree rope

(‘and we’ll be swangin’)

Each night, everyone pitched in to feed a horde of six

(i’m hungry aunt Wendy)

New Years Eve we had our own swinging, mini ‘Hoopla’…

The kids made party hats, we had fireworks on the beach…then we got the kids all liquored up on a bottle of ‘limonade bubbly’ (that’s franglais) and celebrated the birth of 2014

Happy New Year!

And in bed by ten (not bad)

On Thursday (January 2), the gang returned to Chicktoria (i don’t make up the nicknames, i just report them). Wendle, Frida and I let out a deep sigh…and relaxed into the silence


After a week of rain, Saturday January 4 was a beautiful day, so we got busy removing the tint from our two front, side windows. We have to certify the Civic in order to get a BC permit and it won’t pass with tint on those particular windows so…off they come

(what a pane)

How to:

Heat with heat gun or hair dryer until able to peel…


and remove…

…then, scrape excess glue off window using heat gun (to soften) and razor blades (to scrape). Be careful to avoid overheating the glue or scratching glass (have a good supply of fresh blades)

Alright…we’re BC legal, we have the certification in hand and we still have sixty days left to get that permit changed (just waiting on those Ontario Drivers Abstracts)

Tomorrow (Sunday January 5), we’re going kayaking with Dave and Laurie

We were thinking dinner originally…and then Laurie recommended a kayak excursion followed by a BBQ and campfire. That being such an outstanding idea, we immediately bought in

It’ll be my first time in a kayak (what…you don’t normally float on the ocean in a small, coffin-sized tube?) and Wendle’s second (if you count her faux kayak ride at Six Mile Lake, in Ontario)

Clear and sunny skies are being forecast for tomorrow (perfect weather for beginner kayakers) and today’s sunset seems to confirm that promising outlook

You guys enjoy the sunset…we’re hitting the hay

Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle


It’s good to be back




Photo Credits

Tape it and make it – http://www.wired.com/geekdad/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Screen-Shot-2012-10-05-at-2.00.06-PM-660×519.png

Batman and Bane – http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-r6HX2d7V5wo/UZFHuD56sWI/AAAAAAAAUFA/N69Uzbg-35M/s1600/BM_AA_BaneBatman_2Pack.tif

Waldo Finds Himself – http://i.imgur.com/IFpSte0.jpg

Song Credit

‘Swingin’ – http://artists.letssingit.com/john-anderson-lyrics-swingin-kqblqz7


One thought on “Swingin

  1. HI Steve and Wendy,

    Happy New Year! Sorry did not get around to it earlier. Carol spent News years day with appendicitis which should have been simple op but instrument malfunctioned and second op and well, bit of a nightmare for her but she is now home and hopefully will recover but instead of a few days, more like six weeks now for recovery . Amazing to see you all out at beach with jackets on, we, as you can imagine are slowly warming up, minus 26 this morning but it has been brutal with minus 51, 47 etc tec, really its a typical Thunder Bay winter , not the type of winter weather one can really enjoy!

    Good to see you back in action!

    Much love, Julia Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2014 21:20:05 +0000 To: jrgrierson@hotmail.com

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