Garage Sale



Sunday January 19

Wendle and I have been very busy all of this past week. We can't provide details yet, so you'll just have to trust us…we were

Of course being fully occupied with one thing, precluded us from doing much of anything else…and certainly nothing blog worthy

Luckily, today is Sunday and we're thinking of having an online blog, garage sale

Whenever we're posting, and researching things online, we stumble onto the weird and wonderful. Some of it just gets stored away in an e-mail or in a photo album. Today, Wendle said, 'You just go and put all of that stuff out by the curb and let people rummage through it.'

So, here you go

Hey, you never know…you might find the exact thing you've been looking for…and it won't cost you a cent


Inspired by people doing some good


Less noble is a country not taking care of it's own


We have toys…for the kids


Every kid loves My Little Pony


Hello Kitty


This little fella was voted 'Worlds Ugliest Dog'

(i said it would be free…not pretty)

Here's a poster for all of you Star Wars fans…and for Caleb (who loves puns)


How about a nice mural (genius!)


Or some wine advice…


Teddy bears

Haven't seen anything you like yet? No problem, we might have something better tomorrow


But I wouldn't count on it

That's it. Our cupboards are bare. Time to go out and find some more 'treasures'

We're going to bed. Another big day tomorrow (gawd i wish i could tell you about it)

Goodnight all


Some Best of 'Thoughts to Ponder'

Ants kill 25 people a year; thus marijuana is safer than ANTS!

But it’s a gateway drug…yeah, a gateway to the fucking fridge.

I told the waitress I was in the mood for a quickie. Then Liz reminded me it's pronounced “quiche”.


If you want to hold a family meeting, just turn off the WiFi off and wait in the room where the router is kept.

DOG FOOD LID backwards is DILDO OF GOD. I have way too much time on my hands.


Summoning the omnipotent demon Lord of Darkness just became an app.

Back before Walmart you used to have to buy a ticket to the fair to see a bearded woman.

“One man's trash is another man's treasure” is probably not a good way to tell your daughter she was adopted.


Apparently, when you donate blood, it has to be YOUR blood.


If you lose one sense your other senses are enhanced. That's why people with no sense of humor have such a strong sense of self importance


It's so cold that the local flasher was caught describing himself to women.




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