Waiting in Line

“It would be great when you enter the DMV, someone just hiding there comes out and punches you in the face….. *argh* well, waiting in line ain't so bad after the punch in the face.”

Dane Cook, http://www.zimbio.com/Dane+Cook+Quotes/notes/3/List+of+Dane+Cook+Quotes




Friday January 24

We have BC Drivers Licences and…the Civic has a BC registration and shiny new License Plates


Wow, what a journey that was eh?

What's that?

Oh rigghht…we didn't tell you the rest of the story yet

Well, if you insist

We pick up on yesterday's tale (Thursday January 23 Post…watta'ya mean you didn't read it…go, do it now, i'll wait…)


We've just discovered from an Insurance Broker in Sechelt that, contrary to the information provided online by the ICBC website, we actually have to get our BC Drivers License before we can get our Vehicle Registration and License Plates. We leave the broker and, still without food, are now contemplating going directly to an ICBC Office to get said D.L.

(i'm starving!)

I loathe having to spend the next two hours in the airless, joyless, lifeless, overcrowded, fortress of bureaucratic ineptitude that is your standard MTO Office…and they're probably the same in every Country (i.e. the DMV)…and Province


And don't get me started on the wait times…'Take a Number'…what is this, a freakin bakery?


(oh thanks for mentioning food…'hellooo…i'm starvin here')

Breathe…Enter the Now from Here

After a quick strategy huddle on the sidewalk, Wendle and I decide to go directly to the ICBC Office in Gibsons, which is closer to home. We'll eat after


But we're going to stop along the way for a Starbucks

(oh thank gawd…the elixir of life comes to the rescue)

Coffee in hand, we head to Gibsons

We park the car on South Fletcher Road and walk down to #474. The ICBC Office is inside the 'Gibsons Municipal Hall'

One last stop at the front door….remember to breathe…dreary or not, it won't last forever…everything passes

We enter…


(Note: not an accurate portrayal of the Gibsons Municipal Offices)
It's lovely
It's so friendly and homey, I feel like I'm in Mayberry (wow, an Andy Griffith reference…dude, you are seriously old)
The room is filled by the light of the many windows which range the length of the wall facing us…and beyond the windows…a gorgeous view of the marina and the coast
(Note: closer to accurate…but not…and also not our picture)
And…most miraculously, no one else is here…no lineup, no 'take a number' (sweet). Civilization
Wendle and I have the pleasure and privilege of being assisted by Wendy and Mary, two most gracious and wonderful people. They are fantastic representatives of their community's spirit
One thing they clear up, once and for all, conclusively, is to explain how someone from another province goes about becoming an insured and fully licensed BC motorist. Here's how (as we understand it)
Step 1: You have 30 Days to change your Vehicle Registration and obtain BC License Plates

To do this you will have to take; the required Identification, your Vehicle Registraion and your 'Passed' Vehicle Report (from a Designated Inspection Facility), into an ICBC Broker and they will insure and register your vehicle and give you new plates

NOTE – take that tint off your two front, driver and passenger side windows, before you go, or the vehicle will fail. Go to this link (http://www.icbc.com/registration-licensing/register-vehicle) to confirm what forms of Identification are considered acceptable and to find a BC Designated Inspection Facility near you

Several factors will affect the premium you pay and they are clearly explained at this link (http://www.icbc.com/autoplan/costs)

If you can prove that you are accident free for the past eight years, you will receive a 40% discount on your insurance premium. Be sure to bring a confirmation letter from the Insurance Company (or Companies) that has insured you for the past eight years…and that letter MUST be dated within two weeks of your application for BC Insurance (so plan ahead)

If you'd prefer, you can pay your premium in monthly instalments. Be advised however, ICBC does not do online withdrawals (is it true that they're still using DOS?), so bring a checkbook (did we bring a checkbook?)

“Ahhh g–damn it. We didn't bring a checkbook”

“That's okay”, says Wendy (our service representative) “let's get you guys a new drivers license today.”

Step 2: You have 90 Days to obtain a BC Drivers License (in the meantime, you can use the one you already have)

Bring the required Identification and remember to check the vehicle registration link (http://www.icbc.com/registration-licensing/register-vehicle) for a list of acceptable forms of I.D. (we had our Passports, Birth Certificates and Ontario D.L.)

You'll also want to bring your current Drivers License…which you will hand in and not get back (never liked that picture anyway), some means of paying the fee and 'proof of two years driving experience'. It says online that a letter will suffice ('steve's a great driver. signed, steve's mom') but we were advised to bring the original and official document containing our Ontario Drivers Record

Note: please do yourself a favour and bring it with you as you travel (we didn't and waited five weeks for ours to arrive)

After handing over our license, Wendy (no, not Wendle…Wendy) asks us to step over to the Eye Tester

(cool…I wanna see inside)

I lean in and take a peek

(by far the most inaccurate representation of actual events to date)

The eye exam was pretty cool and…even better, we both passed

The photos Mary took of us were amazing

(i look very suave in mine)

(and don't get me started on Wendle's)


With tremendous and good humoured assistance from Mary and Wendy, we walked out the door with our new BC Drivers License (a yellow piece of folded paper)…and feeling fantastic (thank you ladies)

Holy crapballs, I just looked at the length of this post…hmm…maybe I should just condense the rest…

“We have BC Drivers Licences and the Civic has a BC registration and shiny new License Plates”


Wow, what a journey that was eh?

What's that?

Oh rigghht…Goodnight all

Moose and Wendle




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